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Tesla Model 3 Sales Shatter All Records In December 2018

first_img Tesla Model 3 Sales Against Its Nearest Rivals Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on January 2, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Tesla Model 3 sales soared to new, record-shattering heights.Never before has a single plug-in electric car sold at this high level of volume in a single month.The big Tesla Model 3 push was definitely on as Q4 came to an end. Tesla Model 3 Sales Beyond Expectations: New Record In Septembercenter_img More Model 3 Sales Info Tesla Model 3 Sales Charge Way Past Milestone Of 100,000 In U.S. In both May and June, Tesla Model 3 sales exceeded 6,000 units, but that’s tiny compared to the explosion of sales in July, which amounted to 14,250. Then, in August, sales shot up to 17,800. Then, September closed out Q3 with a real blast as sales hit 22,250 units.Q4 started out predictably softer with Tesla Model 3 sales at 17,750 in the U.S. in October. For November, InsideEVs estimates Tesla sold 18,650 Model 3 in the U.S.Well, now it’s end-of-quarter reporting time so we return back to a sales explosion. InsideEVs estimates that Tesla sold an astounding 25,250 Model 3 in December 2018 (*this figure doesn’t include Canada). That’s a new all-time high for the Model 3 and the single highest monthly figure for a plug-in electric car ever. Let that sink in for a moment…Year-Over-YearIf we look at year-over-year for the Model 3, the gains are ridiculous. In December 2017, Tesla sold 1,060 Model 3. Compare that to last month’s 25,250 and you’ll notice there’s more than just a wee bit of growth there.The YTD tally is in now too for the Model 3. That figure for all of 2018 checks in at stands at 139,782. Cumulative sales now stand at 141,546, which is way higher than all of the plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2015.The highest previous volume of sales ever for an electric car in a single year was back in 2014 when LEAF sales hit 30,200, so the Model 3 obliterated that record and almost matched that number in a single month.Moving on to the Tesla Model S and Model XFor December, we estimate the following for U.S. sales of these two Teslas:Tesla Model S – 3,250Tesla Model X – 4,100More Model S & X sales info for December hereAutomotive Group 2018 Yearly SalesTesla easily grabs the YTD win. Our tally puts the automaker at a combined total of 191,627 sold (Model 3, S & X) in the U.S. for all of 2018. We need not even list any other automaker here, as none were even close.last_img

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