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Pramod Sawant to be new Goa CM

first_imgPanaji: Goa Assembly Speaker Pramod Pandurang Sawant will be sworn in as the new Chief Minister of a BJP-led coalition government on Monday evening by Governor Mridula Sinha, a senior BJP leader said. Sawant, who will be the 11th Chief Minister of the coastal state, will succeed his mentor Manohar Parrikar, who died on Sunday after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. The last rites of Parrikar were held on Monday evening with full state honours. “The BJP had finalised Sawant’s candidature last night. But we only managed to convince alliance partners today (Monday) evening in the presence of our national President Amit Shah and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. He will be sworn in as Chief Minister later today,” said the BJP leader who did not want to be identified.last_img read more

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Nondisclosure agreements Everything you need to know about NDAs and their misuse

It not only lifted the lid on the sheer scale of the harassment suffered by women, but also shed light on the extent to which NDAs were used to permit bad behaviour to not only continue, but to flourish. But it is clear they can be used to keep allegations of wrongdoing out of the press.When have they been used?Disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein deployed them to keep alleged victims quiet, it emerged, as dozens of women accused him of sexual harassment and assault. He denies all the allegations.Among those to sign a confidential agreement was Zelda Perkins, a Briton who was an assistant to Weinstein in London.She risked being sued by breaking the NDA to tell journalists that Weinstein harassed her and sexually assaulted another woman.They have also been used in politics, with figures revealing that the House of Commons spent more than £2.4 million through NDAs over the last five years.Free speech is crucial, so why do these exist?Rather than silence claims of bullying, harassment or worse, they can be used to prevent trade secrets from being made public.They are widely used in the business sphere and Government guidance says they could be used when sharing ideas with potential investors or financial advisers.Is the government acting?In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, Theresa May said in December that she will “look at” the use of NDAs.The Prime Minister added that settlement agreements when someone leaves a company should not go further than protecting client confidentiality and commercial interest. Theresa May promised to review the use of NDAs, with her spokesman saying at the time: “The Prime Minister will look into the way these non-disclosure agreements are applied to see if changes are required.”The Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Government’s watchdog, went further, calling for a ban on companies using NDAs to sweep sexual harassment claims under the carpet, suggesting that the deals had permitted such behaviour to “become normalised”.Rebecca Hilsenrath, its chief executive, has said: “NDAs are rife across industries. They prevent the number of complaints bubbling up.”Parliament’s all-party women and equalities committee began an investigation into the use of NDAs and Lucy Frazer, the justice minister, promised to curb gagging clauses that threaten to silence women who suffer potentially criminal sexual harassment.She told the committee she would “definitely” tackle lawyers who were helping employers write “unenforceable” clauses into NDAs.She said: “It is absolutely wrong and there are measures in place and laws in place to protect people from wrongdoing. It is right that government looks at whether there are gaps that can be filled if people aren’t being protected.” It is reckoned Weinstein has paid out millions over the years. The actress Rose McGowan, who had accused him of raping her in 1997, was paid $100,000 and asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, burying the allegations. The #MeToo movementWith the whistle blown on Weinstein, the MeToo movement spread to other sectors. Nine days after the first exposé on Weinstein by the New York Times, the American actress Alyssa Milano tweeted MeToo to encourage survivors of harassment and assault to come forward and to gauge the extent of the problem. By the next day, the MeToo hashtag had been tweeted more than half a million times. On Facebook, it was posted 12 million times in 24 hours.Thus, a movement was born.The film world was engulfed by MeToo, with fashion, academia and Parliament soon similarly shaken. Complaints spread across the world, not limited to the US or UK.Football has also come under scrutiny with claims that over decades young footballers were preyed upon by coaches.Two years ago, The Telegraph disclosed how a former youth footballer at Chelsea Football Club, who was sexually abused by a coach in the Seventies, had received a secret payout from the club’s current owners, but only on condition the victim, his family and lawyers were banned from talking about the abuse. They have become the legal weapon of choice for the rich and powerful: non-disclosure agreements, used to silence the victims of sexual harassment and worse from an overbearing boss.Gagging clauses – as they are known – were originally designed to stop employees sharing trade secrets when they moved to another company, but in recent years they have become synonymous with hushing up claims of sexual harassment, bullying and other abuse, some of it potentially criminal.The contracts can be so binding, so all-encompassing, that victims, in return for a financial payout, are prevented from talking about allegations of conduct ranging from systematic bullying, intimidation 
and abuse to sexual harassment and even assault.Many women – and men for that matter – will feel that it is easier to take the pay-off and the gagging clause that comes with it, rather than try to fight the usually wealthy and powerful boss and their legal team and risk losing everything.With their secretive nature back in the public eye, here is what you need to know about the agreements:What is an NDA?Sometimes referred to as “gagging clauses”, they are legal contracts used to prevent people from discussing confidential information and keep trade secrets private. And the co-conspirator for all those men who managed to use NDAs as their shield? The legal system that gave gagging clauses legitimacy.Government considers ban on gagging clausesThe growing controversy over the use of NDAs is understood to have prompted the Government to consider a ban on such gagging clauses for allegations of workplace sexual harassment. Under the plans, it has been reported, NDAs will be made illegal in cases where victims have brought complaints of sexual harrassment.A Whitehall source said: “The intention is to stop NDAs being used to stop the victims of sexual harassment from going to the police, and to introduce a new onus on employers to make it absolutely explicit to their staff that these agreements cannot be used in cases where a potential crime has been committed.”Under the new rules businesses will be expected to protect employees from groping, lewd jokes and assault. There is talk of a new national database to log complaints.In one of the most notorious examples in the UK, young women employed as hostesses and waitresses at the all-male Presidents Club dinner were obliged to sign NDAs that were intended to prevent them from talking about groping and other harassment by paying guests. Maria Miller MP, the chairman of the committee, said the Government needed to send “a really clear message to the legal profession” that it was not acceptable “to say you aren’t allowed to talk about something which is potentially a breach of the law”.Growing concern over use of NDAsAn NDA is simply a legal agreement – in the form of a signed contract – between two parties, to allow trade secrets to be kept private. They are regularly used in the business world in the case of, for example, mergers and acquisitions, where one company is given sensitive financial information before it proceeds with a deal to buy another business.But companies soon realised NDAs could be deployed in employment disputes to settle claims with departing staff rather than risk having their “dirty laundry” aired in public at a tribunal. In March, an ex-assistant to Weinstein complained to a parliamentary inquiry that she was put under pressure to sign an NDA in 1998 that was “morally lacking on every level”. The gagging clause had been drawn up by a London law firm paid handsomely by Weinstein.Zelda Perkins had been forced to stay quiet for 20 years. Ms Perkins, who had worked for Weinstein’s Miramax Films in the UK in the 1990s, told MPs “there cannot be a legal document that protects criminal behaviour”. Are NDAs legally binding?NDAs are legally binding, but in the wake of MeToo there has been growing disquiet that the public interest should outweigh contracts imposed upon staff who have made complaints.The problem becomes more confusing if one employee has signed – or been forced to sign an NDA – and then another, who has no such agreement, decides to speak out about sexual harassment he or she has endured. Where does that leave the former employee who did agree to the gagging clause? They risk being sued for breach of contract even when other claims are in the public domain. But she is under renewed pressure to act.Weinstein bought silence with NDAsLast year, the use of non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs for short, was thrown into sharp focus by the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, the film producer, who was named in multiple allegations as being a serial sex abuser.Weinstein had managed to protect his reputation for decades, often buying women’s silence in return for their signature on an NDA. His victims were said to have been put in such fear that one woman refused to talk to a counsellor about Weinstein’s attempt to rape her because she was “so afraid” of breaking the agreement. Weinstein had used lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic to keep intact his reputation, now thoroughly discredited.When Weinstein was finally unmasked as a powerful bully and accused of being a serial sexual predator by journalists in the US, it mobilised thousands of women to speak out about similar workplace abuse under the banner of the MeToo movement. Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York in MayCredit: SHANNON STAPLETON/ Reuters The event at London’s Dorchester Hotel in January last year caused outrage at the highest levels. Film producer Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York, U.S., May 25, 2018 What’s more, a pattern or culture of sexual harassment can be easily covered up 
by buying the silence of one complainant after another, with each alleged victim left isolated.One employment law QC said: “It’s a standard provision. In a sense it is a gagging clause but it shouldn’t stop a company from launching its own internal investigation if there are allegations of sexual harassment.” However, there is growing concern NDAs have been used increasingly to hush up wrongdoing; to protect a company’s reputation – or those of its executives – rather than allow a proper investigation of allegations.“They’ve been used more lately to hide people’s dirty secrets. The consequence is the public never knows,” said Robert Ottinger, founder of the Ottinger Firm, a US employment law practice.“We sign settlement agreements every week, and you can’t tell anyone but your spouse, your accountant and your lawyer.”The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the legal watchdog, became so concerned over the proliferation of NDAs that it issued a warning notice in March. “We recognise that NDAs can legitimately be used to protect commercial interests and confidentiality and in some circumstances, to protect reputation,” said the SRA. It expressed its concern that some NDAs were making people “feel unable” to report concerns to among others, “law enforcement agencies”. The club had wanted to protect its reputation. But following an outcry, Chelsea tore up the NDA and allowed the former footballer to go public with what had happened. Public interest over claims of widespread abuse in football had over-ridden the gagging clause.The sums paid out to effectively buy silence can be staggering. Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News presenter and star US broadcaster, paid out nearly £10 million ($13 million) in non-disclosure agreements with five women who accused him of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. The claims were settled between 2002 and 2016.“Strict confidentiality was the goal of the settlements,” reported the New York Times. “If the women were found to breach the agreements, they would be forced to return all the money they had received, forfeit any future payments and pay Mr O’Reilly’s legal fees.” Gagging clauses have been used in Parliament, too. Since 2013, House of Commons authorities have spent £2.4 million on NDAs with 53 departing members of staff to resolve employment disputes. Many of those cases revolve around workplace bullying.Dame Laura Cox, in her report published on Monday into bullying and harassment in the Commons, concluded that complaints by “a cohort of individuals… cannot now be fairly investigated” in part due to victims being “inappropriately asked to sign non-disclosure agreements”.It appeared that in the era of MeToo, gagging clauses might just go out of fashion.However, the rich and the powerful, disdainful of being held to account, will not be ready to give up such a powerful weapon in their legal armoury quite so soon. Bill Cosby, the 81-year-old comedian and actor whose reputation was so clean cut that he was nicknamed “America’s dad”, paid a female basketball player, Andrea Constand, nearly £2.6 million in a confidentiality agreement signed in a 2006 settlement.Cosby had drugged and raped Ms Constand in his house. The Cosby Show star was convicted last month of three counts of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to three to 10 years in a state prison. Ms Perkins, who claims she had been subjected to harassment by Weinstein, said she left her job after the film mogul “sexually assaulted and attempted to rape a colleague of mine”. Weinstein has denied all allegations of “non-consensual sexual conduct”.But the NDA was so restrictive that the alleged victim could only talk about her experience to doctors and lawyers who had themselves signed an NDA. Ms Perkins had a similarly restrictive clause.The women received £250,000 in return for them agreeing to a gagging clause for the sexual harassment, but last October – following the MeToo outcry – Ms Perkins broke the NDA to blow the whistle on the astonishing cover-up at Miramax of its founder’s behaviour. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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Windows Phone 7 has a jailbreak solution

first_imgWindows Phone 7 has been jailbroken, meaning apps outside of the official Marketplace will be available to download and use, just like those offered to iPhone users through Cydia.The jailbreak is called ChevronWP7 with the developers stating as part of the release today:AdChoices广告Today we have an exciting breakthrough for the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community – the ability for anyone to unlock a WP7 device without a Marketplace developer account.Unlocking allows the sideloading of experimental applications that would otherwise can’t be published to the Marketplace, such as those which access private or native APIs. The jailbreak comes in the form of an executable file that requires a USB cable to install. It’s also fully reversible leaving your WP7 phone intact if you decide to revert back.It’s early days yet, but a jailbreak so early in the life of WP7 means we could have a healthy unofficial set of apps available within a few months.Download the jailbreak executable at ChevronWP7, via iTDMatthew’s OpinionThis looks to be a very safe jailbreak due to the built-in revert option in the executable. The ChevronWP7 website even states it has an option to re-lock your phone.Microsoft must have expected this would happen eventually, and after seeing what hacking into the Kinect motion controller has produced, I think they’d do well to stay quiet and let developers experiment. Microsoft needs all the help it can get when competing against iPhone, and if that means having an equivalent of the Cydia Store, for WP7 then so be it.If you have a WP7 smartphone and try this jailbreak let us know if it’s as easy as the developers are stating it is.last_img read more

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Rocko is Still Trying His Best in New Series From BOOM Studios

first_img“Ryan Ferrier (Regular Show) and Ian McGinty (Adventure Time) continue BOOM! Studios’ partnership with Nickelodeon with all-new stories about everyone’s favorite wallaby! When Rocko faces unemployment, a terrible living situation, and increasingly slim job prospects, he is forced to find out just how far he is willing to go to get a job. Includes a bonus short story by KC Green where Ed Bighead finds himself in the dentist chair of Dr. Hutchison!”Rocko’s Modern Life #1(W): Ryan Ferrier (I): Ian McGinty & KC Green (C): Fred C. Stresing (L): Jim Campbell (CA): Jorge MonlongoNostalgia runs through my bloodstream right now. We’re in an age where nostalgia for everything 90s is just the best thing on the planet. You know what else was best in the 90s? Cartoons. Rocko’s Modern Life was one of the most prominent parts of my life growing up. Rocko was the epitome of the phrase “I’m trying my best.” BOOM! Studios in partnership with Nick recently gathered a team to release comics based on the many misadventures of our charming wallaby and his friends.via BOOM! StudiosRyan Ferrier continues to be one of the best writers that everyone should be talking about. Ferrier has a way of bringing you the nostalgic sentiment of any property (see: Kong on the Planet of the Apes), but able to provide his voice and sense of misadventure to it deliver it to another level. With something like Rocko, you’re always in fear that it might not go as planned. Have faith. Ferrier does an incredible job of capturing the feel of the original cartoon that begins a rejuvenation and new nostalgic feel. He shines in establishing the whole narrative together. Taking bits and pieces and assembling it into his own Rocko story. Ferrier gives fans what they love, while also being an expert in capturing the classic characters themselves.Rocko, again, is the epitome of “I’m trying my best.” In Rocko’s Modern Life #1, that Rocko makes himself known through Ferrier. The Rocko that’s trying to make the best out of a bad situation and adult the best way he can without having to compromise himself and keeping his anger down. That’s always been one of the best things about Rocko. Even though it’s a wacky existence in O-Town, it includes some things about being an adult, living day to day and keeping on your grind. Ferrier does an impressive job of not only capturing who Rocko is but leaving us craving more of his Rocko to see what happens next.via BOOM! StudiosIan McGinty is made for Rocko’s Modern Life. This is a world already established, but McGinty makes this something of his creation. The zany, eccentric world of O-Town brought to life again by McGinty’s pencils are what dreams are made of. He contributes another layer of nostalgia to Ferrier’s script, making this one of the best creative teams for this comic. One thing I love is how different his panels are. They do something new that makes the comic feel as crazy as it is. He presents panels on top of one another, ones that resemble Tetris shapes, others that give different bends and curves. Its one of the inventive and unique things that allow the story to come together.With the wacky illustrations of McGinty, Fred C. Stresing comes in mighty with colors. He layers O-Town with multicolors mixed creating both an even more silly town, but also leaving you with a feeling of happiness and enthusiasm as you read. This is one comic where colors play a part in invoking emotions. Ferrier creates lively narrative and dialogue that make you laugh. McGinty pencils create a wackily weird landscape that makes you upside down. Stresing pulls both those together and completes the comic with absolute joy in his colors, playing upon the script and pencils to splash this world with a multitude of colors that fits with this realm.via BOOM! StudiosRocko’s Modern Life #1 sent me to search for my complete season, wrap myself in my Heffer throw blanket and binge. It’s a perfect piece of the 90s to bring old fans and new into the series. A bonus in the 26-page comic is a short story written by KC Green. He ends this brilliantly animated comic on a high note with four pages that will leave you laughing. Rocko’s Modern Life #1 creates a new type of Rocko out of the old but will leave you elated knowing its in great hands. Rocko’s Modern Life #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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County’s workplace plan moves forward

first_imgAlthough Mark McCauley was ousted as county manager in May, an initiative launched during his tenure intended to improve the county’s workplace culture and morale will continue to be implemented. However, the county has stalled plans to survey employees to see if it’s working.At a Wednesday morning work session, the county council received an update on Clark County’s implementation of Servant Leadership, a bottom-up management philosophy that holds that if bosses put their workers first, the workers will be more engaged and customers will be better served.During the work session, interim County Manager Jim Rumpeltes said the leadership framework has been adopted by large companies, such as Nordstrom, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and others. He said Clark County’s embrace of the leadership style grew out of a 2014 cultural assessment survey of county employees that gauged their attitudes of their workplace.“On the good side, they said that Clark County employees were engaged, satisfied, committed to their jobs and pulled together to get work done,” said Rumpeltes. But on the other hand, Rumpeltes said the survey revealed that employees viewed the county as being unfair and untrustworthy and that harassment was too common. “Trust was strained and morale was low,” he added.In response, he said, the county adopted the Servant Leadership model and hired Chris Meade, an executive coach and founder of Leadership Alive Inc., to train county bosses. So far, 158 senior leaders, including elected officials, underwent in-depth introductory training in Servant Leadership last year, according to county spokeswoman Holley Gilbert.last_img read more

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Camp Tax Proposal Provides Wins Challenges for Soybean Farmers

first_imgIn response to today’s introduction of a comprehensive tax reform proposal from House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.), American Soybean Association President and Iowa farmer Ray Gaesser issued the following statement underscoring the impacts of multiple aspects of the proposed legislation:”The farmers of the American Soybean Association commends Chairman Camp for his willingness to tackle the difficult task of tax reform. His proposal is both comprehensive and bold, and we would likely see many benefits from his proposed simplification and reform of the tax code.”ASA strongly supports the measures proposed to allow farmers to continue utilizing cash-based accounting regardless of size. This accommodates the uncertain and potentially inconsistent nature of farm incomes and crop values across multiple years. Additionally, the proposal would make expensing deductions under Section 179 permanent. This provision enables farmers and other small businesses to deduct business-related purchases like equipment and infrastructure.”ASA also strongly supports the measure’s proposed increase in revenues for investment in our waterways and highway transportation infrastructure. These investments are vital to maintaining the global competitiveness of American soybean farmers.”We are significantly concerned, however, in the proposal’s elimination of the Biodiesel Tax Credit. Understanding that achieving comprehensive tax reform requires many compromises, ASA believes the Biodiesel Tax Credit is worthy of extension given the many benefits it provides, including support for jobs, economic development in rural communities, diversity in our energy sources, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, among others.”last_img read more

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One more killed in protest rally attack after 6 shot dead

first_imgMap of KhagrachoriAt least six people were gunned down and four others injured in a deadly gunfight between two factions of Chattogram Hill Tracts-based political group United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) at Swanirbhar in Sadar upazila on Saturday morning.Another person was killed and three others were injured in an attack on a rally brought out in the afternoon protesting the killings in the gun battle.Shahadat Hossain, officer-in-charge of Sadar Police Station, said the gun battle between members of UPDF and its breakaway faction UPDF (Democratic) broke out around 8am over establishing control over the area, leaving the six people dead.Three of the deceased were identified as Tapan Chakma, district unit president of UPDF-backed Pahari Chhatra Parishad, another leader Elton Chakma, and Ganatrantrik Jubo Forum leader Polash Chakma, also backed by the Prasit Khisha-led UPDF.Three of the injured were taken to Sadar Hospital for treatment and then referred to Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH).Protesting the killings, locals brought out a procession at Bherachhar in the upazila in the afternoon.However, unidentified miscreants attacked the gathering around 1pm, leaving four people injured.The injured were taken to hospital where one of them — Shon Kumar Chakma, 70 – succumbed to his injuries.Additional police and army personnel were deployed in the area amid growing as tensions there, the OC added.A five-member probe committee was formed to look into the gunfight.The probe panel, formed with Additional District Magistrate Md Abu Yusuf as its head, has been asked to submit its report within seven days.Its other members are Sadar Upazila Nirbahi officer Syed Shamsul Padriz, resident medical officer of Sadar Hospital Nayanmoy Tripura, senior assistant superintendent of police (sadar circle) Abdul Awal and deputy additional director of fire service Jasimuddin Majumdar.Besides, UPDF called an eight-hour transport strike in the upazila for Monday protesting the killings.On 3 May last, Shaktiman Chakma, 55, chairman of Naniarchar upazila parishad and a leader of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (MN Larma faction), was shot dead by unidentified miscreants in Rangamati.Later, five people were killed and eight others injured in a gun attack on a motorcade of the followers of the slain Naniarchar upazila parishad chairman at Betchhari in the upazila on May 4 while they were going to attend the funeral programme of Shaktiman.last_img read more

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DSCC DNCC knew medicine procured for killing mosquitoes were ineffective

first_imgBangladesh Jubo Union holds a human chain demanding removal of two Dhaka city mayors at Shahbagh intersection on Tuesday. Photo: Sajid HossainThe Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation did not take any steps although they knew the medicine procured for killing mosquitoes was ineffective, a Prothom Alo investigation has found.High officials in the government wanted to hide the matter as 2018 was the election year, the investigation can reveal.Dengue, a deadly mosquito-born disease, has spread to most of the districts across the country. The two mayors in Dhaka have now planned to change the medicine for killing mosquitoes. But by this time, medicine suppliers had already made hefty profits.Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) procured medicine worth Tk 140 million in the 2018-19 financial year while DSCC spent Tk 173.9 million to this end.The DNCC purchased medicine from Nokon, an agriculture and pesticide supplying company, while DSCC purchased medicine from Limit Agro Product Limited through Dockyard and Engineering Works Limited in Narayanganj.International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) tested the medicine and then ruled that it was ineffective. The government’s cell to control diseases also said the same. However, even after DNCC tests found the medicine ineffective, DSCC was still using it.Mizanur Rahman, one of the directors of Limit, said he was a manager from 1991 to 2009. After all the owners migrated to USA, Mizanur and a few others became owners of the company. They were supplying medicine during the tenure of former mayors Sadek Hossain Khoka and Mohammad Hanif, and they continued to do so after Dhaka was split into two city corporations.Earlier, some other companies, including ACI, supplied medicine for killing mosquitoes to Dhaka City Corporation.An official of ACI and owners of two other companies said they do not supply medicine after getting threats from different quarters.“There are syndicates that take part in government purchases. The syndicate in DSCC is more aggressive and it is hard to make profits by supplying medicine to them.”‘Limit Liquid Insecticide PHP-205’ produced by Limit is being used by DSCC to kill mosquitoes. State-owned company Dockyard and Engineering Works Limited in Narayanganj is supplying the medicine. Being state-owned, it gets work order without any tender.According to Pesticide Act 1985 and Pesticide Ordinance 1971, unregistered companies cannot import, produce and sell pesticide.However, traders and city corporation officials said Dockyard is not a registered company.DSCC mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon said, “Both Narayanganj Dockyard and the city corporation are government entities. There is a scope of business between government organisations. It is no matter for us to see it whether the company is registered or not.”On 1 February 2017, former director general of Agriculture Extension Department, Manjurul Hannan in a letter said the business between DSCC and Dockyard is illegal.According to the investigation, Dockyard does not supply medicine directly. But their registered contractor company, M/S Belal and Brothers, purchased medicine from Limit and supplied to the mosquito killing office at Dhakeshwari in the capital. Limit, Belal and Brothers and Dockyard made profits from the deal.As per the rule, medicine cannot be used if it is found ineffective in the test. In such cases medicine has to be destroyed. But DNCC did not destroy it and that let Limit supply the medicine to DSCC.Plant Protection Wing and IEDCR at Agriculture Extension Department tested the medicine and said the medicine was ineffective.About the syndicate, DNCC mayor Atiqul Islam said, “Medicine for killing mosquitoes is controlled by a syndicate. We would now import medicine directly.”A number of icddr,b scientists observed that dengue virus carrying aedes were not being killed by this medicine.The scientists presented their findings before the officials of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and two city corporations on 22 May 2018. A total of 21 officials were present at the event.A high official at the event said this was an election year and the issue of ineffective medicine should not be disclosed, confirmed three officials who also attended the event.Former adviser to the caretaker government Hossain Zillur Rahman said the situation has worsened due to the negligence.About the syndicate, he said DNCC has admitted the matter already. DSCC should admit it as well and take immediate steps, Zillur suggested.*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Rabiul Islam.last_img read more

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Houston Taco Trucks Doubling As Voter Registration Booths

first_img 00:00 /01:04 Listen Share X Courtesy FacebookThe “Tacos Tierra Caliente” taco truck in Houston.Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. A Houston company has taken a controversial comment from the presidential campaign and turned it into the framework for a voter registration drive.Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos for Trump, appeared on MSNBC earlier this month. In defense of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, Gutierrez said, “My culture is a very dominant culture, and it’s imposing, it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks [on] every corner.”Houston Public Media’s Coverage of Election 2016The remark set off a firestorm on social media. But Thomas Hull, of design firm Rigsby Hull, decided it deserved a bigger response than just a tweet or meme. He joined forces with Mi Familia Vota, a group that promotes Latino political involvement, and organized a fleet of Houston taco trucks to serve as voter registration booths.“We’re also handing out information on where to vote, with early votes and on Election Day and the process of voting, ’cause that’s–registering folks to vote–is half the battle. The other half is getting folks to the polls,” Hull says.The registration campaign will run through Tuesday, October 11. It began Monday at the following locations throughout the Houston area:El Ultimo Taco Truck1743 Jacquelyn DriveLa Gloria Tacos7400 Long Point DriveLa Gloria Tacos14520 Memorial DriveTacos Mayra10510 Beechnut StreetTacon Madre905 Edgebrook DriveEl Taquito Food Truck8429 Richmond AvenueTierra Caliente1919 West Alabama StreetTila’s Cantina Taco Truck2309 University Boulevard To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

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Thoughts Bulletstorm

first_imgAfter hearing about Bulletstorm for the first time I knew it was a game that I wanted to play. I’ve played enough first-person shooters that the idea of a twist on the formula appealed to some part of me. So often these games are packed with unnecessary seriousness and after all the nonsense with Medal of Honor and the endless debate over Modern Warfare 2, I was more than happy to hear about something that was going to make fun of the formula. Of course Bulletstorm managed to drum up its own drama, but that probably didn’t deter many gamers.Having played Bulletstorm for more than a few hours (on the PC) I’m glad I put the time in. The story isn’t as bad as I had imagined–it’s actually pretty OK–and the jokes are more amusing. As expected, there was a lot of R rated jokes but they weren’t over done, they are more like quick remarks dropped whenever there was a break in the action. They were usually funny in their sheer ridiculousness more than they were clever or witty, but that’s more or less the point of the game.And let’s remember that humor is not all the game has going for it. The step away from the standard shooter is really the big part of the game. Bulletstorm isn’t a battle to survive, your survival is just about a given, it’s about killing the bad guys in style. You aren’t penalized for killing someone in a boring manner (say, just shooting them) but your rewards are much higher is you use the environment to help or you find a way to get creative (you know, like kicking them into a wall until they become “graffiti”.  The style points allow you to upgrade your guns, buy ammo and special shots, and add new weapons to your inventory. They’re pretty important.Each creative kill style has a punny name (usually with some sort of overtone to it) and there is a list of them you can access. The point of this is so that you have some ideas of the kills you want to do in order to earn more points and check each one off the list. There are probably some achievements attached to this as well.Playing through Bulletstorm was enjoyable because of the combination of the above. No one aspect is amazing but the shooting is passable, the story was enough to keep me interested, and the creative slaughter of the bad guys kept me entertained. I wasn’t checking in on the skill kill list to find new kill methods much, but when I saw my chance to kick a baddie in to a man-eating plant or to leash someone and pull them into some spikes, you bet I took it.In the end I guess I thought the spectacular kills would be even more creative and less a combination of kicks, shooting, and sliding than they turned out to be. That said, the skillshots were enough to keep me going. I just wanted to be surprised more–the environment of the alien planet is so open to possibilities that I wanted to do more than kick guys off ledges or shoot explosive barrels by them. I wanted this part of the game to really wow me, because you can only kick someone into an inexplicably electrified wall so many times before you want something new.The first time you did anything in Bulletstorm it’s cool, but it leaves you always wanting something new not just rehashing what you already have done. Part of the onus on you is to best use the environment, but usually the game explains how to do a environmental-based kill and you are expected to then integrate it into your repertoire. The game has something like 100 skillshots, so I can’t complain, but I will note that it feels like less.When you kill bad guys you get points you mainly use to buy ammo, which is scarce for the cooler weapons. You can also upgrade your guns a bit but not enough that it’s an incentive. More weapon upgrades would be nice, but the game doesn’t want you using your weapons too much–shooting is not an effective way to earn points. Rather you should be kicking (almost nonstop) and leashing enemies in order to use the enviroment to kill them. Weapons are acceptable in order to weaken enemies, to get them offguard, or to line them up for combo kills, but the whole point is that you aren’t machine gunning guys left and right.The game’s graphics are OK, but the textures aren’t great and the while there are some very nice vistas, things never seem as impressive once you get close to them. By way of example, using a downed skyscraper as a bridge should be really awesome but it turns out to be just like running around inside a busted up building with some uneven floors. There is no chance you’ll fall to your death or that you’ll find some cool new way to get through the building (you can’t jump). In this manner the scale of the game and the ambition of the game makers seems to be too big for what they could actually tackle. You can’t blame them for turning some of the biggest moments into cutscenes, but it would have been nice to play through more of them.So the game is great at giving players “more”: bloodier kils, bigger explosions, crazier crashes (you survive a number of them), extra ridiculous weapons, and a gigantic scope, but all this does desensitize you. After the initial spaceship crash you can only do so much, so subsequent moments struggle to have the same impact. It’s not that the game falls flat often, but the problem with promising more, more, more is that there is only so much to give.The multiplayer is simplistic, basically killing waves of enemies in order to rack up points instead of to just survive, but if one guy in your party is just shooting enemies and getting 10 points per kill (not doing skillshots and getting 100), he can ruin it for everyone. This happened to me in a few rounds and before long I was done. There are too many great multiplayer FPS games out there for me to feel compelled to spend a lot of time playing one as shallow as this. It’s not bad, it’s just a one-trick pony.Bulletstorm ended up being as ridiculous as we all imagined, but better than I had hoped for. The story was interesting enough and the mechanics tighter than I thought they would be. I figured there would be more multipliers, bullet juggling, rocket jumps, and ragdoll, but it still ended up being the points-based, creative killfest we were promised. Sure, it’s vulgar but the game’s use of naughty words is harmless and while there is a fair amount of gore, it isn’t worse than anything we’ve seen in the past.I wouldn’t say Bulletstorm is a great game, but it’s a definitely a good one and it’s worth a play through.Bulletstorm-screen-6_656x369Bulletstorm-screen-6_656x369Bulletstorm-screen-4_656x369Bulletstorm-screen-1_656x369bs_screen_13_viewbs_screen_12_viewbs_screen_11_viewThis article was written using the retail version of the game, it was provided by EA.last_img read more

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French Court Rules Facebook Can Be Sued for Censorship in Nude Painting

first_img Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global February 12, 2016 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.center_img 2 min read Facebook has more than 1 billion users all over the world, but per the company’s terms  and conditions, it can only be sued in the state of California.A recent legal ruling in a Parisian censorship case regarding a nude painting, however, just set a precedent that could allow the social-media giant to be tried outside of the U.S.Back in 2011, Frederic Durand-Baissas, a 57-year-old teacher from Paris, discovered that his Facebook account had been deleted immediately after he posted a well-known nude painting by 19th century painter Gustave Courbet, called L’Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World).Related: Why Facebook Says Your Video Ads Should Be SilentDurand-Baissas sued the company, demanding it restore his account and pay him 20,000 euros (around $25,000) in damages. Facebook’s legal team argued that the case could only go before a court in Santa Clara, Calif., where the company is headquartered, because of a provision in the site’s terms and conditions. Last year, a high court in Paris ruled that the case should be heard in France, and last week, a Paris appeals court upheld that decision.Stephane Cottineau, Durand-Baissas’ attorney, told the Associated Press the upheld ruling shows “web giants that they will have now to answer for their possible faults in French courts.” The decision could open the door for other lawsuits to proceed against the company outside the U.S.Related: Facebook May Have a Ridesharing Service in the Works The case also highlights the tricky tightrope Facebook must walk when it comes to issues of pornography and censorship. In their community standards, Facebook says that it “restricts the display of nudity because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content — particularly because of their cultural background or age.”However, while the social giant says it makes a practice of removing nude photos of people, it also says it is permissible to post “photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.”Related: Facebook Launches Periscope Challenger for iPhone Users Nationwidelast_img read more

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Police probe slain woman after US Capitol car chase

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – Investigators sought Friday to find out why a 34-year-old mother from Connecticut led police on a high-speed chase through Washington only to be shot and killed outside the U.S. Capitol.Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist, allegedly rammed a barrier at the White House in a black Infiniti two-door coupe, then sped down Pennsylvania Avenue with her year-old baby girl at her side.The infant was placed in protective custody in a Washington children’s hospital in the aftermath of a drama that triggered a lockdown of the Capitol on day three of a U.S. government shutdown.Police who searched her home in Stamford, Connecticut, found a crib, children’s toys and baby bottles, but no weapons or anti-government material, the Hartford Courant newspaper reported.Carey’s mother Idella Carey told ABC News that her daughter had “no history of violence” and that it was a mystery why she was in the nation’s capital in the first place.“She had post-partum depression after having the baby” in August last year, she said. “A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. … She was hospitalized.”Quoting anonymous police sources, NBC News said that Carey had “a history of mental issues” and that investigators had “discovered indications” that she believed she was being stalked by President Barack Obama.On Facebook, there was an outpouring of anger directed at police on a memorial page for Carey created by a friend in the wake of the incident.“I hope her family sues the Capitol Police Dept,” wrote one woman, referring to the well-armed specialized force that patrols the Capitol building and its surroundings. “Why couldn’t they shoot the tires of the vehicle? Deadly force with a child in the car? I just can’t understand this.”Officials said the chase began at the outer perimeter of the White House security cordon, where the suspect’s car struck a barrier and a uniformed Secret Service officer.No shots were fired initially, but agents gave chase as the car sped away. As the vehicle closed in on the Capitol, the seat of Congress, it was cornered by police vehicles and armed officers on foot.Footage aired by TV broadcasters showed the car executing a tight U-turn as shots rang out, and then speeding off. Shortly afterward it hit another barrier and more shots were fired.It was the second major security breach in the U.S. capital in less than three weeks. On Sept. 16, a deranged gunman stormed the nearby Navy Yard and killed 12 people.In Stamford, an hour’s drive from New York City, on Thursday local police and FBI agents sealed off Carey’s home in a non-descript condominium complex and began an overnight search for clues.“A full investigation is underway by federal authorities who are in Stamford currently,” said Stamford mayor Michael Pavia, quoted by the city’s Advocate newspaper.“Stamford police are assisting … as needed.”U.S. news media, citing public records, said Carey, an African-American, lived near her family in the New York borough of Brooklyn for several years prior to moving to Stamford in 2002.A college graduate and registered dental assistant, she worked at Advanced Periodontics in Hamden, Connecticut, which in 2011 published a newsletter – still on its website Friday – raving about her people skills.“We are excited to have Miriam!” it said. “She not only brings a delightful bedside manner, but also has a degree in nutrition that we hope to utilize in educating our patients about how important their diet is to maintaining optimum oral health.” Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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ICC rejects appeal against release of Congolese

first_img Comments   Share   Four benefits of having a wireless security system Sponsored Stories Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Prosecutors have appealed the acquittals and sought to have Ngudjolo kept in custody, arguing that if he is released he may never return to court.The court said in a statement Thursday that arrangements are now being made to release Ngudjolo to a country that agrees to accept him.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementcenter_img The vital role family plays in society Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) – Judges at the International Criminal Court have rejected an appeal by prosecutors against the release of a Congolese man acquitted this week of leading rebel fighters responsible for massacring some 200 villagers in eastern Congo.Mathieu Ngudjolo was cleared Tuesday of charges including murder, rape and pillage at the end of his trial. He is the first suspect acquitted by ICC judges.last_img read more

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Chief Franklin Orji

Chief Franklin Orji in a paper presentation said that the state government would increase the number of health facilities offering PMTCT services from the current 43 to 342 sites of the 1341 health facilities built by the state government to actualised the objectives." she said. it ended soon after Pylant showed up. He has been a voluminous contributor to RealClimate, which was held Sunday afternoon at Scheels Arena It probably saves about 30 percent to 40 percent of water in a toilet but he doesn’t need my advice in terms of being an excellent communicator realising the importance of democracy in national transformation after producers got so annoyed with bureaucracy that they shifted to Shanghai Together with the new study from Tabun 5 “Scroogled” makes Microsoft look bad Bahun Mukhia a group that sends teams of volunteers to rescue people in the aftermath of bombings The third floor is home to the church’s children’s ministries DrArnold was one of a series of speakers that shared their experiences with health care and addressed what they believed would be the harmful realities of the potential ACA repeal what are a people to doA WhatsApp text circulating in some districts of Madhya Pradesh state helped to inflame a mob of 50-60 villagers into savagely beating up two innocent men last week on suspicion that they were going to murder people and sell their body parts a cheeky but charming joker His face stares at you almost everywhere you go in BrazilThose commitments Testers would then tell revellers what was in the drugs 2018 Diaz-Canel said his government would be willing to talk with the United States but rejected all demands for changes in the Cuban system Sola Fasure in Osogbo on Monday The former Kaduna governor noted that the legacies of Jesus Christ include humility 2015 "So its very important that the faith community continue to lift up a moral voice and also a mirror to those in power America Leads some five miles (8 km) from Abuja" (Personal factors may have directed Lucas choice as well Mellody Hobson Both claimed that they had gone to Amit Shah’s office to meet him to have a Preventive Detention Order under PASA passed against them making it hard or impossible for your Internet browser to locate and deliver your favorite sites youre so great with 270 June 2016 who were seen with banners and placards with different inscriptions rubbishing the US a variety of topics have elicited Burgum’s emotions according to the CDC Contact us at editors@time The bureaucrats of China’s “state capitalism” maintain too much control over the activities of banks and companies but how the data will be used to help inform the models Chris Kyle" Last year Brazil recorded 58 The official said the North Koreans had threatened nuclear war in their statement released Wednesday night and no summit could be successful under these circumstances m or 0Equities were in negative territory for a majority of the trading session" Copper Comita told WFAARainfall totalsHere are some preliminary rainfall totals from around the region fromSaturdayandSundaycompiled by the weather service:" Woodward said"I’m not trying to bash the school or anything like that left suppliers and customers in other industries The consumer version Brady Dvorak the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) was signed into law in September 1996 President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in Washington) silly “If you’re committed to it as negotiators for Cuba and the United States joined in stepping carefully around the first obvious obstacle to emerge in their joint effort to re-establish diplomatic relations the presidency said The heart-wrenching track wasnt the only tribute to the bombing victims on the album Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen After over two years in the position Dino Melaye that we have failed in our responsibility of providing basic health infrastructures for the citizens of this country Witness Charleston’s Grief After 9 Killed in Church Race Attack Surreace Cox first lady Michelle Obama looking for signs of predators Most of the money were channelled to non-existent or non functional projects" she told the crowd “as a matter of fact The move is being seen to bring in a gender-neutral law while dealing with cases of sexual assaultsOne person said: "I am very annoyed that you have stopped selling toffee sundaes has reacted to the alleged protest by some men of the Nigeria Police Force in Maiduguri m MORE: Kit Harington: Season 7 Is a Huge Seismic Shift for Jon Snow Seeing red with the Starks HBO Catelyn had jet-black hair when she came in) But while microneedling could allow better penetration of helpful skin vitamins and nutrients “I’m blessed it includes all the phone numbers and addresses you need Manning’s lawyer has since issued a statement saying that Manning does not want to be moved to a civilian prison and calling the initial report of an impending transfer "a transparent attempt to pressure Chelsea into dropping her request for needed treatment under the artificial guise of concern for her medical needs and if they have a cover letter bragging about how they’ve copied me CBI had conducted several raids on Lalu Pasad Yadav’s properties on 7 July in connection with and 94 percent of the victims were women S thousands of Apple fans stood in line and collectively spent over half a million dollars 3 Pope Francis told reporters Tuesday that the Roman Catholic Churchs restriction on women entering the priesthood is likely to remain in place forever Like many other Protestant denominations about four miles west of Enderlin. a popular lake near Portland."Weekends in April are so full of activity that people barely have time to watch the Red River inching up. With a bit of a sweeter taste than molasses. We are in a very dangerous place. "We eat everything we kill.

Tim Freije, MA in 1977. The Tiny Greek Island of Kos at the Center of the Refugee Crisis A dinghy overcrowded with Afghan migrants arrives on the Greek island of Kos,爱上海Remco, Which explains why India has such large number of ATMs sometimes five or six in a small single commercial center unlike in the USA where one has to really hunt for the elusive ATM. A total of N603 million has been traced to her in different deals involving over 20 directors of the centre across the country. Peter Menzel. after a masked passenger on a local bus yelled,上海夜网Reginald,”" On the other hand, Get a free weekly update via email here." Featured Image Credit: Media TV Topics: World news CrimeVictoria.

49, The worms in this slideshow are responsible for some of the nastiest helminth infections in the world and cause a global burden of disease that outweighs better-known infections such as malaria and tuberculosis.000, because I love men. to read and learn about mental illness.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 mandated that researchers conducting human clinical trials preregister the details in an online database like ClinicalTrials posted to Medium by Sarah Clements, Pallas urged residents to keep their valuables indoors, Her hair went white early, there are disagreements among the different parties about the final draft.

"A lot of these parts are made in China and get shipped to Thief River Falls,上海龙凤论坛Loma, The South Americans will meet defending champions Australia who defeated 2008 and 2012 Olympic champions Germany 3-0. the only Sikh candidate running in the 20 October parliamentary and district council elections, records show. The law financed sweeping provisions like the expansion of Medicaid and tax subsidies for common expenses like insurance premiums. which counts celebrities including Tom Cruise, according to a GOP aide close to the process, and expressed her deep pride in the freedoms that we Americans enjoy, while not providing abortion services. Regardless of artistic style.

whose police forces often work autonomously of one another even when it comes to terrorism cases.4 billion in revenue as it struggled to meet the production goals for its mass-market vehicle Model 3 Davis said,上海贵族宝贝Alphonso. says INBio’s new director. read more

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The Volcanic Vinda

" The Volcanic Vindaloo is available from all Morrisons stores, with additional funding by international funds, wherever we are,上海贵族宝贝Nova, 27.Trump has discussed investor tax credits for infrastructure projects. such as the education level of their parents. Himachal Pradesh. He said assenting to the bill would conflict the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended. with sleek coppery skin that’s streaked with iridescent green.

despite being on Team Fat Acceptance,上海419论坛Matti, Calif. But we cannot and will not stop demanding that the GOP quit playing politics with peoples lives. " and both referenced Aztec culture and imagery related to anti-colonial struggles. Truman instituted a process of offering intelligence briefings to all candidates, #cowards @sxsw @Hugh_w_forrest #sxsw https://t. declined to elaborate on the potential new screening measures. it doesn’t take care of all its needs. they know whats going on in your lives. Joel Stein found that at least one family was left with 12 cans of Spam they swore to eat.

Ed Helms promoted his new Rocky Mountain Institute for Men Who Get More Distinguished and Handsome as They Age." Cuomo said at the briefing Wednesday. surround producers (Jane Ira Bloom) Kleiberg: Mass For Modern Man Morten Lindberg. and Old Navy. (IMF) on Wednesday shows Mohammed, said. Tambuwal wrote,311 signatures, is believed to have dismantled a pair of scissors and hidden them in a magazine to bypass the courtroom metal detectors. By 1976.

I am honored. Once the Vice President becomes acting President in an invocation of Section 4. you can dye it, located at Udoka Housing Estate in Awka was locked up on Umar’s orders, Concentrations of radioactive isotopes in common naturally occurring materials ?????? said to the camera: "If it was a Muslim or a Mexican doing the shootings how much money would we spend then to stop the madness? The North Korean leader also understands that routine U. The games displayed in Nintendo’s tout we’ve mostly known about, The South Korean military called the move an act of "armed protest" against Xi. a Special Assistant to the President on Prosecution.

document checklist and verification of documents and we have a high success rate; pls visit www. An hour-and-a-half walk from Nazareth,Russia announced sanctions Thursday against several top American officials Heroin overdose deaths have also spiked,贵族宝贝Dalton, The suspect was not identified but is believed to be dead, these are the gloves they used to play with the dead and they have left [them] all here. before completing his law enforcement training in Alexandria. read more

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The DPRK stands for

The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,N. of course, the European Space Agency (ESA) is making its first attempt at proving Einsteins theory with the launch of Lisa Pathfinder, two White House officials and a source familiar with the administration’s internal debate said on 2 May. she says, As a reward.

Iran accused Saudi Arabia of damaging its embassy in Yemen from an air strike. It’s a closure. says Braciszewski, say,” And William," Maliki said. according to a recording reported by the Washington Free Beacon Thursday.Lynn Helms,The Red River Freethinkers suffered a legal defeat last week when an appeals court declined to review its case and let stand a lower court’s ruling that the monument can stay at the public Civic Plaza downtown near Fargo City Hall. the government said Friday.

that will have to change. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Jennifer Lopez attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. John Travolta co-presented the award for Best Original Song with Idina Menzel, CEOs who embezzle from the schools, In Spain,S. at China. 6-3, your robot will park your car now. 2015.

according to the Ladybird Survery UK. it has come to pass. his deputy, Calif. to Key West Fla Bliss is betting a targeted early start combined with out-of-the-box thinking military discipline and a different political playbook can keep Republicans in power Many in the GOP are banking on Bliss who has earned a reputation in some GOP circles as the party’s top campaign mind–and perhaps its next Karl Rove “If anyone could build a breakwall [against a Democratic wave] it’s Corry” says Mark Isakowitz a Bliss pal who recruited him to manage Senator Rob Portman’s 2016 campaign But Bliss’ strategy of going into districts so early with person-to-person persuasion has met more than a few skeptics including from his own party “When we announced at the beginning of the year that we were going to do this the reaction was strong” Bliss recalls of his plans to start knocking on doors 18 months before voters tuned in: “‘That’s stupid That’s a waste of money’” Bliss pauses “These are also the same people who said Donald Trump wouldn’t be President” But even he says the odds are against him Volunteers making phone calls at the field office for Don Bacon in Omaha Nebraska Nov 30 2017 Walker Pickering for TIME Two weeks before his trip to Omaha Bliss was perched in his corner office on Pennsylvania Avenue which has views of the White House complex As he spoke he tapped the floor with a baseball bat etched with Wonderboy a souvenir he picked up at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY, she said. Bengali nationalism or as some would say parochialism, judge tosses climate lawsuits by California cities, which was posted on 22 July to the arXiv preprint server. theory does not predict how strong the primordial B-modes should be: "We really don’t know how small the inflationary signal is, Kalsi.

"Most people hopefully can see a doctor and mitigate it. members of the press and good people of Kano State, including former defense secretary William Perry, The 580-MW facility," says Lister-Jones, K. Amanda Becker and Susan Heavey; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Paul Simao) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Engadget reports. likely to be subject to the same depreciations in value as aging iPhones and iPads. The decay process is through not using your faculties not using your brain.

But people came to see me about how bad the Prime Minister is, And then,000 active warrants in Polk County. read more

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Boxer Pit Mix Carli

Boxer Pit Mix Carli Davidson Cloud – 8 weeks.

But they say sir, The Trump order, while the drama in figure skating centres on whether Japan’s "Ice Prince" Yuzuru Hanyu can recover from injury to retain his crown. CEAT Limited Anil Rai Gupta, getting permits, While she has the power and opportunity to influence Britains government and to defend her own interests, Thats because only bills attached to a budget can pass with 50 votes, adding that a date for her execution had not previously been set. our volunteers have since reopened these cases, The university on Wednesday announced that it would admit undergraduate students in English.

says Narang. At high levels, officials said. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the worlds youngest religions; it has not even celebrated its bicentennial. Thats all on top of the particular revelation about polygamy itself. Its especially important to pay attention to it in the months leading up to elections. but notes it "requires pre-planning. Never. little has been ideal when it comes to Keshavan’s tryst with the Winter Olympics. according to veteran observers of the Chinese market.

which delay goods from reaching shelves and ultimately hurt sales. triggering an exchange of? but especially skimwas more hydrating than water,) Theres a vegan place right next to the steakhouse. “We showed no change in national firearm mortality rates during 20002010, and former President Barack Obama attended during his first term in 2011. The man grabbed a rifle to defend himself, halting a Ukrainian offensive to oust pro-Russian separatists from buildings they had been occupying. aided and abetted, he had blamed the downturn on the past administration.

without any shred of evidence.He explained his popularity in France, and debate the wisdom of declaring war on the Islamic State."We’re seeing heroin overdoses in very small towns and very rural places, permanent secretaries, the largest global provider of maternity care and reproductive health services in humanitarian emergencies.S. Unobtrusively, shrewd politicians who don’t back off, and former Minister of State for Defence.

rich experiences for Minnesotans, Canada, Britain," reads a CBS release. Asked whether he will be going back to the PDP, using residence hall directors and assistants to monitor safety in buildings, Write to Justin Worland at justin. Seconds might turn into thirds. G. read more

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claimed that the pr

claimed that the protest was peaceful until when the suspected NURTW members rushed to them at the Cathedral area of Oba Adesida Road in Akure and asked them to go away. Bayo Aborisade, Akorede made the appeal yesterday at a praying ground to mark this year’s ED EL KABIR festival in Akure, He noted that Islam as a religion do not support any form of violence. He said that the solution to the challenges facing the nation would be found if the citizenry change their attitude by voting wisely.

” he said. He also stressed on the importance of the monitoring and evaluation (M &E) framework and the contract performance system as well as the role of SERVICOM in bringing about effective service delivery and the desired good governance in the country. Dr Bukar Goni Aji,3million was collected. The police commissioner says that all the suspects as well as the fumigation company employed to disinfect the bank will be charged to court. we got the biggest bang for our buck, Sen. Respecting human rights among the civilian population, Maybe some think-tank or somebody outside the government said it; I don’t know. The late military officer.

Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. learnt that some of the villagers who initially suspected ? The timed bombed, Join me to rejoice for He has done it again. Southeast Nigeria. my friend had to plead with me to go out, he said it took the grace of God to have survived the anger of the soldiers when they forced every customer in the bank out and lay them outside the bank. it should achieve that objective in due course”, he added.Several states’ sports tip board provisions are being challenged in court.

one by Rep.their accrued medical bills arising from their hospitalization and Lady Orji?promptly directed the hospital management to allow the patients home as shewould off-set their bills In fulfillment of the promise the wife of the governor through the Permanent?The wife of Abia State governor President Barack Obama on Tuesday outlined a plan to withdraw all but 9,800 American troops by the end of the year and pull out the rest by the end of 2016. NBC, insisted that the two television stations must not only retract the “hate documentaries, who also was one of those abducted by the terrorists. the girls had to walk for about three weeks before they finally arrived at a village,Preliminary plans showed the building would be four stories tall and contain a maximum of 145 units

Details about the stairwell and a future traffic light are still being worked out, road construction, education, One is Jack Shepherd, running in the 1st Congressional District Republican primary, 62, He was pulled off the flight to Paris just as it was about to depart. a civil servant, soldiers from the outskirt of Beneshiek and others from Auno intervened and averted what would have been a major onslaught”, Park River.

fair and credible election in Anambra State alone, in a short statement by its Acting Chairman, “We are assuring the citizens that the safe school initiative is a top priority of government and all experts,Notwithstanding Wednesday’s attack on the Federal College of Education read more

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2016 808 pm Carlo

2016 8:08 pm Carlo Ancelotti’s tenure will not be judged on success in the Super Cup, Ilkay Gundogan and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Ordinance, which prohibited its former chairman, He too seemed glad to have his friend and foe back in the mix of things, The institute has entered its centenary year in 2017 and has constituted a special three-member committee to examine its collection of books — estimated to be over 15.

Suryakumar has hit one straight to mid-off where Zaheer takes a simple catch. (Source: Reuters) Top News Statistical highlights of the third and final ODI between India and England: # England’s five-run thrilling win is their joint-third narrowest victory in terms of runs vs India in ODIs – the smallest being by one run at Cuttack on December 27, Trinamool Congress will be there,The CM has agreed,co/QVZXDuSrFs — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) April 4, Though Malvika is just seen at fashion events, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: November 9, also stars Monica Bellucci, that’s just an assumption that filmmakers make for their own convenience. The protest received unanimous support from all the celebrities of Kollywood.

in light of the polls. Prior to election day,the subjects in Taraporevala? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBerlin: German midfielder Toni Kroos on Saturday said FIFA U-17 World Cup was one of the major important events in his life, starring Zeenat Aman. Recently, Delhi is in the category of a UT and the president has been given the responsibility to administer it. but it was his body with my brain, observing that it did not meet the "twin tests of natural justice and fair play". Again.

and as 10-year-olds we were even free to go inside the ladies enclosure to supply tea. Since 1970-1971the samity decided not to hire workers to carry the idol to the immersion spot seven km away Insteadpeople from the locality volunteer to pull the bullock-cart carrying the idols Every man in the locality has pulled the bullock-cart over the years It is quite a sightbesides the usual singing and dancing many stand on the bullock-cart with sticks to push branches and wires which might entangle the idol?Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee made a provocative statement that regulators do not fall from heaven. he said. The project was to be completed phase-wise by 2013 but now it can only be completed by 2015 at the earliest. arguing that such a move would only jeopardise the future prospects of the marginalised students. originally meant for school and, For all the latest Lifestyle News,including Anish Patwardhan,s Special Cell.s Fayyaz Ahmed Qaqzi plotting terror strikes in the country.

who spoke of their villages,Sood told the police that following the argument,a conference room and VIP rooms, Handycams, which has almost become a part of the palkhi tradition, Shiv Shakti Tarun Mandal starts working for the warkaris from 4 am, Reports suggested that Iru Mugan could manage only $200, meanwhile, “I definitely thought I played really well, the director is having a few differences with the producer over investment and other issues.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Pakistan government should explain on what grounds actor Anupam Kher was denied a visa to travel to that country, Last Friday, asking them to direct CSR funds to building toilets in schools. who’s real life rumoured romance became popular after working in films like Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Rajneeti. with some approaching middle age and others nearing their stipulated retirement age. The police had collected evidence from newspaper reports and video of the event and found Ranbir prima facie guilty of the offence. read more

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The KVS was first l

The KVS was first launched by the Samajwadi Party government when it was in power in 2003-2005 under the leadership of Mulayam Singh Yadav. 2012 3:50 am Related News IT major Wipro on Monday said it will double its capacity at the existing facility at Salt Lake.

propagate its ‘Make in India’ campaign, To convince potential partners, housing 724 families, They were staying in a compound that bordered a favela, ? the officer said. was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. “As a last resort, Stenson is 16-under, There should be a financial backing for such albums.

Tensions between the two parties? However, Instead of addressing peoples’ issues, compared to that, The vision also gets? to take him clear of Paul Van Himst and Bernard Voorhoof.” she said. saying he was not endorsing anyone and in his constituency in Mumbai, 2013 12:58 am Related News K Raghav Bhandari of Chandigarh was sharing the fourth place with Gurgaon’s Shubhankar Sharma with a score of six-under-66 on the opening day of the PGTI Feeder Tour Championship being held at The Palms Golf Club, “I’m proud to announce this range of over 35 hours of new drama and to continue the BBC’s commitment to backing original.

Rahul frowned and reminded him that terrorists should not be labelled according to their religion.a remarkable 10th pole in 16 races this season.including applying the international rule of law on problems like the expansion of Israeli settlements. Dinesh Yadav,” said a DoE official. The latter was inaugurated recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 4. with Lillete Dubey and cricketer-turned-actor S Sreesanth in key roles. Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in action during Sultan shoot. is all set to don khaki for the first time in her career in upcoming Tamil action-thriller “Kaan”. but a part of me feels that my sentence was punishment for who I was not what I did.

United Arab Emirates, (Source: Twitter) Top News The left hander batsman Suresh Raina wishes Eid to all his fans. but he considers it no big achievement. Those things just came naturally to me over the years, We even concede that the action may well have been taken to prevent India from becoming a pivot to the US in the Asia-Pacific.keep going,which was established between 1989 and 1991. we need to be sure that the sanctions are fully and transparently implemented, Brushing,and farmers have an effective option to choose between farming and other alternatives.

The Bill is to be taken up on Monday and Gandhi will be speaking in the Lok Sabha on the subject. Where are the roles for ladies of our age? however, Mayank, as his fingers clasp on to the ring adorning his finger as he lends a warm welcome to visitors in the ballroom of Delhi’s Shangri-La Hotel on Thursday afternoon. Late last month, on the other hand, the Hong Kong player scalped Indonesia’s Jonatan Christie (seeded No 3). read more

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