Do not reclaim the store after the festival gifts wine

China is a country with great emphasis on etiquette, and the Spring Festival can be said to be the most important festival of the year. Therefore, many people will receive a lot of gifts during the spring festival. The small make up in this proposal, in the festival business, we must not recycle gift cigarettes, gift wine.

Spring Festival is the peak of gifts. After the Spring Festival, some consumers began to deal with some of the gifts they do not need. At this time, we can not because of cheap retail customers or due to human recovery of these gifts, otherwise you may suffer a great deal.

I’ve had this lesson. The year before the day after the Spring Festival, a distant cousin brought several high-grade cigarette, let me help. "". At that time, because of the sensibilities, I buy down. Soon afterwards, a customer comes to my shop to buy high-grade cigarette, I will take this opportunity to sell this a few cigarettes. read more

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What are the small investment return project

all the people in the era of business, everyone has a dream of entrepreneurs want to tap the right business opportunities. If you are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, want to find a small investment projects, should choose what good? This kind of project needs to dig carey, Xiao Bian provides a few reference, I hope you can help, come and see.

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Community shops selling fruits and vegetables is not only convenient for customers and achieve their

is now a lot of people go to work during the day, the evening also need to go back to buy food, even in the home market is still very far away from home, which undoubtedly makes many people feel inconvenient. And I think the small community retail business of fruits and vegetables can provide convenience to consumers, but also to increase the popularity of other shops, driven by sales of goods, the formation of the store all in one service, is a good way to revitalize the shop.

fruits and vegetables is a mass of essential, relatively large consumption of goods. For such goods, many customers have such shopping requirements: affordable, the nearest purchase. If the store in the area of vegetables and fruits and affordable, they do not have to go to the big supermarket to buy, for them to save time and effort. Therefore, there are still a lot of advantages in the management of vegetables and fruits. read more

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Doing business is helping others

shop to do business, many people will be able to provide some help to others, but may not be able to understand, to help others, more often still help themselves. Shop early, I was admitted to the township hospital for cholecystitis attack. In the hospital ward, I discovered that one of his roommate’s family always heave great sighs and occasionally Yanmianerqi.

after understanding that the patient was due to illness. In order to raise fees by almost all the relatives and friends. The hospital sold only a few old hens at home, or failed to pay the hospital deposit. At this point, my sympathy for his wife from the store to arise spontaneously, was the best-selling "the K" blood agent gave him her body, gave him 400 dollars to let him go to the solution as pressing danger.

my little kindness touched the hospital leadership, they learned that the patient’s situation, and soon decided to reduce all of his hospitalization expenses and part of the cost of drugs and materials. Later, the man regarded me as a benefactor, not only the mobilization of his friends and relatives and neighbors to my shop to shopping, also not to mind taking the trouble he knew and didn’t know who to help promote my deeds, persuade them to my shop to buy things. I did not expect, inadvertently a small move to get such a big return on the truth, but also led to the idea of helping others. read more

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Rockstar Games宣布他们即将到来的冠军的一个新的预告片的发布,侠盗五


侠盗猎车手5看起来非常棒以其广泛的开放和深入的在线提供侠盗在线。它将被释放的Xbox 360和PlayStation 3上9月17日,


游戏将从明天起出售育碧PS Vita游戏。




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论坛。 read more

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Good ideas for Rural Entrepreneurship

is suitable for different regions, different business, just like you in the center of Shanghai to sell LV, known for, but if you will open a shop in the mountains of poverty in rural areas, the products you have bought? Rural areas is a big market, as long as a good grasp, we will be able to earn millions of dollars, the following Xiaobian to recommend some good ideas for rural entrepreneurship!

bring money, many farmers will associate to engage in farming, raising rare plants or go out to work, but seldom pay attention to those inconspicuous, low cost and stable profitable small businesses.

every summer, fruit large market, whether the total selling cannot do without stored fruit unmarketable box. Guangdong province Hepu County Tao Lake Township, a farmer found this opportunity, will own the longan orchard subcontract, fruit packing business start. Every summer, litchi, longan export, he put himself or to sell to the bulk of the fruit packaging boxes sold to nearby farmers, and some foreign farmers also made a special trip to book, he made a big. read more

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Happy pizza pizza market development good earnings do not worry

pizza has been the most popular in the food and beverage market, an international cuisine, and is also the best food in many international cuisine. As to the venture entrepreneurs, enter the pizza industry, is a very good choice, today Xiaobian to recommend a very good start a brand, the LAF pizza franchise the brand, superior strength, professional R & D team launched a series of pizza, delicious food, very attractive, market development is very hot. Choose the join venture Lefu pizza, the strength of the brand to create wealth more simple.

How about

‘s pizza? Why can it bring new ideas to the masses of consumers? The LAF pizza with a new way of collocation in the product, so that customers enjoy themselves to taste, and not only in taste significantly, but also make people feel creative products, will bring freshness to the consumers interested in the product. read more

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Clothing industry has the skills to broaden the network marketing channels necessary

2013, the global economic recovery, the garment industry production and investment recovery, the leading network of brand planning, brand promotion agency – day exhibition network broadcast, channel and model innovation will become the main line through the clothing market development in 2013. With the expansion of the network market, the apparel industry network consumer population scale and the base is expanding, but the market competition is gradually warming, so clothing enterprises are necessary to expand marketing channels, network brand network show suggested clothing enterprises should focus on the development of network marketing channels in addition to the traditional channels.

the garment industry is seeking to increase sales and inventory, production and marketing mode of garment enterprises reform, the most imminent task is to "open source". In the era of network, clothing enterprises should open up an important source of sales is the network marketing. After the investigation found that the brand network, since 2009, China’s apparel online shopping market transaction size is increasing year by year, in which the growth rate in 2010 is particularly alarming, the transaction size increased by up to 100.8%. June 2013 Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released a report in 2012, China clothing online shopping market transactions amounted to 305 billion yuan, an increase of 49.9%, the network marketing has become an irresistible trend in the apparel industry. read more

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After operation three Analysis

during the Spring Festival, the store business simply do not worry, just need to do a good job of customer reception. However, after the Spring Festival, store crowds obviously see less hot scenes. Retail customers how best to continue during the festival business momentum, the following three may wish to learn about:

a, keep the festive atmosphere. After a little light Business Festival, might as well use their leisure time to clean up, focusing on cleaning up the dust on the holiday decorations, so as to continue to play a festive atmosphere. In particular, the face of a happy no less, the service also can not be discounted. Some customers feel that after the festival business is not busy, you can relax, the results of quality of service decline, the delivery is not sent to the customer to promote the momentum of goods is also small. This will not only affect the immediate business, but also affect the image of the store. read more

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Which brand is good – the whole of tire

development of the automotive industry, driven by the continuous progress of automobile tire industry, for people, car tire quality, can make the car more smoothly, now many owners love choose high-quality tires, so tire which brand is good? The whole will bring tire brand rankings for everyone, to help entrepreneurs better choose a brand.

said Michelin tire card is known to every family, friends is not the first thought of rice fat label on the LOGO for Michelin? Also value rather China market, in 1988 on the establishment of the sales company in Hongkong, founded in 1995 by the end of the Michelin Shenyang Tire Co. Ltd., 2001 Michelin (Chinese) Investment Company Limited was established in Shanghai. read more

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Cost killer Zheng Nanyan’s success

saves the cost, can make your net profit more, this is like countless entrepreneurs are a little pursuit, but in multiple consumer, a lot of people is difficult to achieve, but Zheng Nanyan was successful, but also a very high reputation, let’s see how successful he is.

Zheng Nanyan file:

1992, founder of labor industry computer company; 2000, general manager and vice president of Ctrip Travel Network Chinese area; in 2005, founded the "7 days" hotel chain, chief executive, known as the cost of the youngest head of Econo Hotel, the hotel industry.

2005 in March to create a "7 days" Hotel, just two years, the number of stores exceeded 100, and plans for the year reached 150, in the city center Econo Hotel has become saturated today, such a rapid development speed amazing. The chief executive officer of commercial secrets revealed Zheng Nanyan’s trip to Chengdu, it sounds simple but mysterious. read more

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Greedy big business become taboo

once really embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, countless people in the temptation of money, think of their own business bigger and bigger, stronger, and involved in the field is more and more widely, which is ultimately a are not taken into account, but to fail, so the record industry the most taboo Tandaqiuquan, examples and small series to bring you the real.

"entrepreneurship must not Tandaqiuquan, what want to earn points, which often results do not come." In the vicinity of Ganjingzi District large run dry cleaners Xiao Zheng summed up his entrepreneurial experience said. She had been in the dry cleaner for a year, but it was not until recently.

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Entrepreneurs how to manage the six Golden Rule

entrepreneurship is not easy, if you want to make your entrepreneurial path is not so difficult, you have to know some of the skills of the management team. You know, entrepreneurship can not be a person’s thing, but a group of people in an entrepreneurial project services and hard work, we put this group of people who strive for a goal called the team. As an entrepreneur, how to manage the team? Recommended for you the six Golden rule.

1, a clear architecture

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Brand children’s clothing can join to follow what skills

brand children’s clothing to join should seize the opportunity, you need to choose a good, which includes all aspects of good choice to bring a better experience, children’s clothing industry has a good market prospects, before investing in stores, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, in the choice of brand is also a lot of skill to follow together, look at the specific analysis of this paper!


in the selection of children’s clothing brand to join, must choose an easy call, easy to remember, easy and loud pronunciation brand name, a good name is often necessary for business success factors. Secondly, it is about the culture and idea of joining the brand enterprise management: to have the guidance of advanced, practical and enterprise operation. This is also very important. read more

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Large customer service mainly in what areas

different customers, the service requirements for the store will be different. If the store wants to attract more customers, it is also necessary to understand the needs of large customer service. The retail business is to serve the society, we want to do business, it must provide excellent service for consumers, only through quality service, to win the heart of the customer, make customer satisfaction, and can better absorb resources management.

and for big clients, service is one of the most important ways for us to win their favor. Now in the fierce market competition, many retail customers are trying to develop large customers, absorb consortia in the idea, and at the same price of goods today, businesses want to win customers especially at large customers, we must think of ways in the service, how to take measures. read more

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