Two one-time living allowance will be issued

December 29th, Hao Peng chaired a provincial executive meeting, listen to the "13th Five-Year" plan drafting reports on the situation, research to accelerate the development of multi-level capital market and the modern insurance services, people’s livelihood and the livelihood security work at the beginning of the year.

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The first deaf deaf youth sign language summer camp in Qinghai successfully concluded

Sponsored by the Shandong deaf deaf sign language research center, the city’s deaf school hosted the first deaf deaf youth sign language summer camp in Xining recently ended in Qinghai

sponsored by the Shandong deaf deaf sign language research center, the city’s deaf school hosted the first deaf deaf youth sign language summer camp in Xining recently ended in Qinghai. Shandong Kai Yantai special education school was the school, Xining school for the deaf, Datong 52 deaf students with deaf friends from all over the country took part in the summer camp activities.

During the

summer camp, the organizers invited the experts studying in America, South Korea, the use of sign language made a special speech brilliant, with the campers to jointly explore the charm of sign language and deaf culture, through the success of deaf deaf children to establish the deeds of lectures, encourage the optimistic life attitude and self-confidence, the courage to pursue their dreams. To participate in the summer camp students also learn art design, the experts and scholars have made handmade cloth hairpin and cooking courses, learn some daily sign language of the United States and South Korea, to feel the charm of different foreign language. A variety of game competitions, seminars and exchange activities, so that the activities of deaf students to broaden their horizons, increased confidence, deepen friendship, enhance the spirit of teamwork. read more

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The snow leopard Prince in Anhui Premiere

the evening of May 19th, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly organized, and the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Anhui province and the acrobatic troupe rehearsal of the common project in 2015 the National Arts Fund – vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard Prince" first performances at the Anhui Grand Theater, audience of more than 1200. Deputy director of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, deputy director general and Secretary General of the National Arts Fund Zhao Shaohua attended the show and give a high degree of evaluation of the successful debut of the play.

snow leopard Prince lasted two years of planning, a row. Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Anhui performing arts group has repeatedly into the Xining, Yushu and other places to carry out folk songs. The play was listed as the ten largest performing arts brand in Anhui in year 2016. read more

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Xining City area propped up food and drug safety umbrella

restaurant demonstration street, you can see in the lobby Houchu, business households of Hot pot bottom material for publicity, pharmacy business documents are complete and standard management…… This is the staff in the district health and food and Drug Administration recently part of the area restaurants, canteens, pharmacy visits, the results obtained. Reporters followed the interview found that the current urban areas, food and drug market operating order is good, strict management norms, a food and drug safety umbrella has been propped up.

strengthen supervision level

escort health

[people feel] more and more people are willing to eat in the Nanshan Road food service food safety demonstration street. Public reflection, a better way to eat a better environment, better service, food safety and more assured! Many of the operators on the street also said that today’s customer turnover rate is high, the business is better! read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a mobilization of the style building activities of the gen

April 20th morning, Xining City Education Bureau held a mobilization meeting in the work style construction, learning to convey the "opinions" of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on the style of construction activities, read the "Style Construction Bureau of Xining city education activities implementation plan", deputy party secretary of bureau of Comrade Ma Shengqing on behalf of the bureau Party committee made a mobilization speech. All personnel attended the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that all the staff should fully understand the significance of the change of work style, strengthen the consciousness of developing style of construction activities; fully understand the existing problems in the construction of work style, enhance the style of construction activities carried out targeted; clear style construction general requirements, improve the effectiveness of style of construction activities; implement to ensure the effectiveness and style of construction activities. At the same time, the leading cadres should take the lead role; all the staff should actively participate in and innovate constantly; open the door and find out the problems. In order to create a new breakthrough learning organ, a new breakthrough in the work of innovation, in the development of new breakthroughs in research, new breakthroughs in improving the efficiency of office work, a good image of total tree of educational administration. To closely combine the key work in 2007, the arrangement of the activities of the construction of the year, to ensure that the work carried out. (author: he arrow) read more

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Provincial leaders held a meeting of leading cadres

6 29, the Qinghai provincial Party committee held a meeting of leading cadres. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Jiang Xinzhi attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Wang Guosheng chairman of Qinghai Provincial Committee, secretary; Comrade Luo Huining no longer serve as the Qinghai provincial Party committee, standing committee member, and another appointment.

Luo Huining presided over and spoke, Wang Guosheng, speech, Mr. Hao Peng.

in the warm applause, Luo Huining made a speech. He said that the adjustment of the main leadership of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of Qinghai fully affirmed and caring, I firmly support the central decision. Comrade Wang Guosheng’s political consciousness and overall situation consciousness, leadership experience, ideological emancipation, vision, hard work, honest, pragmatic and pragmatic style. Comrade Wang Guosheng has done a lot of fruitful work in Hubei, and Qinghai will be able to join the team members to promote the cause of a new level. I hope that the cadres and masses at all levels of the province, like me, support Wang Guosheng’s work. read more

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This year added 5722 individual industrial and commercial households


  a) to actively create a favorable environment for the development, continue to stimulate the vitality of social entrepreneurship, this year the city market supervision and management departments will continue to earnestly implement the national and provincial and municipal services public entrepreneurship, innovation of preferential policies and measures for the completion of the municipal government, a new round of market development plan of doubling the get the end of the year, individual industrial and commercial households increased to 5722 households, 4465 households increase enterprises.

it is reported that last year the city market supervision and management departments focus on changing functions, decentralization, unified registration conditions of approval, to further promote the "after the first photo card reform, the full completion of the" three in one, a photo of a code registration system reform. Through a number of reform initiatives, effectively stimulate the vitality of social entrepreneurship and innovation, the formation of the main body of the market continued rapid growth in the new normal volume. Last year, the city’s newly registered enterprises 6103, an increase of 11%; newly registered individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 6%. As of the end of last year, the city’s total of 27497 types of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households of 96692, farmer cooperatives, the total market players reached 127 thousand households. read more

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Xining City East District 37 poor students funded

The morning of August 21st, the eastern area of Xining City 2012 "poverty alleviation, dream university education of Poor College Students Aid release ceremony, 37 students received a grant of 102 thousand yuan. Funded by 37 students, admitted to the University of the province’s 28, each student grants of $3000, the province’s 9 students, each received $2000. (author: Zhang Yaning,)  

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Total retail sales of social consumer goods over 8 billion 100 million

Xining people eat, wear, live, all kinds of goods are willing to spend money. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, 1-2 months of this year, the city’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 8 billion 110 million yuan, an increase of 11%, still maintain the growth of the figure of two, an increase over the same period last year slowed by 2 percentage points.

1-2 months, in the city’s total retail sales of social consumer goods, the city achieved 7 billion 340 million yuan in retail sales of social consumer goods, an increase of 10.8%; rural social consumer goods retail sales of $770 million, an increase of 13.1%. Watch industry, wholesale, retail sales of 1 billion 110 million yuan, an increase of 8.9%; retail retail sales of 6 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 11%; the lodging industry retail sales of 110 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%; catering industry retail sales of 120 million yuan, up 9.3%. From the main retail goods accounted for a larger proportion (see above), food grain and oil rose 16.9%, clothing shoes hats and textiles fell 0.8%, daily goods increased by 1.6%, household appliances and audiovisual equipment fell 2.6%, Western drug class growth 11.7%, 16 growth in furniture times, petroleum and petroleum products grew 10.3%, car an increase of 9.6%. read more

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The expert site of Huangyuan low altitude glacier site

in September 11th, Huangyuan great black ditch low elevation glacier site through expert identification. This is in the Qilian area at an altitude of 3500 meters is rare "ancient glaciers" sites, through the UAV aerial remote sensing system for low altitude, to the area for high resolution aerial, glacier moraine, glacier cirque, composition and distribution, the size of the law, the development of local tourism development provides a high resolution remote sensing information is true and reliable.

geological circles generally believe that 4000 meters above sea level, there is no glacier, the provincial Forest Park of the north of the stone mountain of 3380 meters, but the preservation of the integrity of the glacier ruins. Here the stack of odd shape is Lei rock glacier ice product, dissolved out of the bucket mouth is like a knife back cirque, tongue, a mountain of stone Boulder, and typical moulin. According to Zhang Qiyuan, President of Qinghai geological survey and Mapping Institute, the glacier site for the study of climate change in Qinghai is of great significance, it is possible to enter the geological textbook. Famous writer Mr. Ishi in Huangyuan County, Forest Park, first discovered the ancient ruins of ancient glaciers, the provincial geological survey and Mapping Institute specially sent unmanned aerial vehicles to verify. (author: Zhang Yun)
  read more

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The most warm and most powerful helping hand — Xining City District to help enterprises, steady gro

came to Xining City, when the curtain wall company, is at noon, Ma Jianming, general manager of the company is still running business". More than half an hour later, the horse always rushed back, his face sweat, panting to us, said: just signed a two million ‘big orders’. Enterprises are now bigger and bigger, last year’s annual output value of more than 4000 yuan, this year’s output value will exceed 120 million yuan, is expected to double next year. Now our products have opened the door to Gansu, Xinjiang, the next step we will enter Xi’an and other places." Ma Jianming’s face was filled with joy when he said it.

then, Ma Jianming took us to visit the workshop side sighed and said: "the first half of 600 thousand yuan reward funds to support the Ministry of science and technology, the second half of the year and labor-intensive enterprises 50% discount loans 2 million yuan. In addition, the report of the new development of energy-efficient HY sealed open door project funds have been publicized. This month, we feel the most is the government face to face, heart, honest to our help." read more

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Xining city to create three districts and counties, units (departments) activities

to carry out the "no major mass incidents, no major non normal petition events, no major security incidents" to create activities, efforts to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems, social stability in March 30th, the county city a large-scale promotional activities carried out in the street.

according to the Municipal Committee of the person in charge, through the "three counties, units (departments) to create activities to further strengthen efforts to resolve social conflicts and disputes, and eliminate the unstable factors of disharmony, major mass incidents happen to prevent serious harm social stability. By strengthening the mass petition work, interests of the masses demands unimpeded channels, so that the legitimate aspirations of the masses to solve the petition, total control, repeated letters and visits decreased gradually, to prevent the province went to Beijing and other major petition events; to further improve the social security prevention and control system, effective regulation of outstanding security problems and security areas, severe blow serious crimes, the innovation of social service management, to prevent the harm social stability of the major public security incidents of public safety and effect. To create activities from now until the end of this year, the municipal Party committee and government at all levels and the member units to strictly implement the responsibility to promote the "green Xining" continued to carry out the construction, efforts to promote stability work by the state of emergency to normal construction, efforts to promote the all-round progress of the political and legal work, to ensure social harmony and stability, long period of stability. read more

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Traffic police illegal people can call to report

reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, with immediate effect, the detachment will carry out a period of 60 days of education and rectification activities, the public found that traffic police can call to report violations.


education and rectification activities mainly for law enforcement on Road Post, post and post accident handling chariotest pipe. Road law enforcement will focus on: to detain the vehicle, driving license, driving license is not issued certificate administrative coercive measures; not to issue a "decision" or "not just fill in the penalty decision" dealing with traffic violations; Xieqin auxiliary personnel to replace police issued a penalty decision to participate in the enforcement of law enforcement in behavior; the traffic violations of vehicle driving attitude is simple, rough, and even banging on the window, on the hood of the vehicle; the use of his position to "chinakayao"; to deal with the accident of post, focus on large incidents, the cases are put in the hands of the long, the opportunity to profit; compulsory accident damage to the vehicle to the designated location repair or inspection appraisal agencies designated traffic accidents, to reap benefits; receive the accident party bad attitude or improper methods, no way More, resulting in conflicts, trigger (letter) to visit or group events; site survey and fill out the responsibility confirmation is not careful, do human case, accident injustice; the focus of the chariotest management positions, using for a vehicle or driver for the property management business to the party or with illegal intermediary collusion to provide the paid service charge; driving coaches, training institutions, the applicant property; for the vehicle does not comply with the laws, regulations and national standards of the license or without inspection or inspection unqualified motor vehicle inspection marks issued in violation of the provisions; for the examination unqualified personnel qualification examination results without endorsement; inspection of motor vehicles according to the provisions of the project according to the content; the prescribed time limit for business. read more

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Huangzhong investment 6 million solutions to the urgent needs of Education

Students "car difficult" phenomenon still exists; campus long-term lack of formal security personnel; mountain kindergarten preschool education needs to be improved…… In the face of such as not, the province can not be a series of livelihood education urgent need, recently, Huangzhong County, the party’s mass line of educational practice to spend about 6000000 yuan, focused on solving the urgent needs of several aspects of education.

to purchase 10 new school buses to ease students ride difficult: following last year on the five basic Zhuang Zhen, Gonghe town and other remote mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas with 10 boarding school bus, county finance invested 2 million 600 thousand yuan this year, a new car for the purchase of 10 school compulsory boarding school, relief students focus on time to ride difficult problem, to solve the boarding students go to school far away from the hard drive, transportation cost is high. On this basis, the establishment of a long-term mechanism for school buses, to provide students with safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient school bus service. 80 school full-time security guards one after another: financing of $2 million 440 thousand, for the county’s key schools in the unified with 85 full-time security, which has been in place for the last time on the job, and the remaining 60 are being trained in the 20 in. A $1 million 300 thousand improvement at preschool kindergarten conditions: preschool education mainly located in remote mountainous areas have no formal kindergarten, in the county in recent years to increase financial support, and overcome the shortage of funds this year, arranged 1 million 300 thousand yuan of special funds, the purchase of the disinfection cabinet, cooler, freezer, pumping, bedding, broaching machine toys and other equipment for the 63 County preschool education, preschool education makes the county all point to realize the "five no", to improve the teaching quality of foundation.   read more

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24 billion 300 million real estate investment to enhance the quality of housing

in 2014 the city’s real estate development and construction investment will reach 24 billion 300 million yuan, the development and construction of more than about 15000000 square meters. With the end of last year, a number of well-known real green, the sea bright, Wanda real estate development company and project settled and expansion, quality has become a feature of this year’s real estate development is more obvious, this reporter recently from the city property management department learned.

in addition to the Shangri-La commercial complex, Xining New Hualian Plaza, wells Lane Central Business District, a New Millennium International Plaza, a number of construction projects carried forward, this year the city will start the construction of family plots, the provincial radio and Television Bureau Wanda Plaza, Hailiang daduhui more than 40 construction projects, of which, such as sun Heng Salzburg, wells Xiang business district and a number of high-quality projects this year will be the construction of real estate development highlights, and for the majority of the people of Xining to bring high-quality living environment. Currently Wanda Plaza, most of the construction projects have been started construction. read more

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Glasses store profit is how to earn

although a lot of people are now aware of the glasses store can earn high profits, however, this profit is how to earn, for many laymen is still a question. So, glasses store profit is how to earn? And let Xiaobian for your analysis, to see if you understand the industry.

glasses industry annual output value? Say it scary, 30 billion! Most of them are glasses store profits. According to statistics, there are about five hundred million people wearing Chinese or buy glasses, according to conservative three years change a pair of eyes to calculate the annual market demand is close to two hundred million, this is not tainted glasses glasses. It is clear that the glasses market is a huge cake, and for outsiders to be a bit confused: the glasses store profits come from?

outsiders can not understand is that we usually go to the optical shop, feeling the customer is not much, then why the glasses shop can make money? How do you make millions of dollars a year? read more

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Eastern two sessions fruitful closing

I learned from the East District, in January 31st, the East District, two sessions victory closed. Yang Fengjie was elected director of the Standing Committee of the Seventeenth National People’s Congress in Chengdong district; Yang Jihong was elected vice chairman of the eighth CPPCC National Committee of the East district.

it is understood that all the representatives and members during the meeting to political enthusiasm, earnestly fulfill the duties on behalf of members, careful consideration of the report, focus on the region’s overall work, put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions, reflecting the large number of Representatives and members of high political responsibility and good spirit. After the meeting, the deputies and members have said that closer ties with the masses, understand the people and reflect public opinion, give full play to the role of deputies and CPPCC members, forge ahead, work hard, and contribute to creating a new situation in the eastern development. read more

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How to sell new cigarette

some old brands of cigarettes, although it is already open the market, just put it inside the shop, you do not need to do what you can sell a good sales. However, the profits of these cigarettes old brand is almost transparent, the store if you want to increase revenue, is not easy. So, as a retail store owner, if you want to increase revenue, naturally need to sell new cigarettes. However, the retail store how to sell new cigarettes?

As a retail store,

is a special commodity, and it is also an important source of profit. With the development of tobacco industry, cigarette brands are more and more. Cigarettes are generally divided into old brands, new brands, can also be divided into Shun brand, tight brand. The old brand is already recognized by the customer brand, and the new brand is a need to nurture, need to go through our recommendations in order to allow customers to recognize the brand. read more

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City Commission for Discipline nspection leaders came to Datong County to inform the implementation

recently, Zheng Xingjian, director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the law enforcement and his party came to Datong County, 3 counties to inform the implementation of the guidance system.

director Zheng line to form to Changning conducted a thorough investigation of the town, Datong county administrative approval service hall and other units to inform the system implementation view. By viewing the whereabouts of this card, issuing questionnaires, and the work of the masses to form a detailed understanding of the implementation of Datong to inform the system, Zheng Zhuren affirmed this system in Datong County to implement, for inspection found in the direction of this card is not timely set specific requirements. One is to directly in the organs and institutions serving the masses work window units and township public service hall, close the county administrative approval service hall and other kinds of social and public relations, direct services to the people of the window should be fully implemented to inform the system to set up to inform the board, clear staff whereabouts. The two is to inform the system into a long-term mechanism to further strengthen the implementation of the system. The three is to strengthen supervision and inspection, will inform the system with the "governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered activities together, take the form of a thorough investigation, periodic inspection, to ensure the implementation of. read more

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Creative City Volunteers walk on the streets

words and deeds tree image, every move see civilization. Xining city to create a national civilized city activities into the crucial stage, the city also took action. North of the city, volunteer relay, love transfer practice since the start in March 5th, the streets of the emergence of a number of volunteers, set off a new upsurge of universal participation in the city.

"you slow down, I’ll help you cross the road when the red light is over!" "I’m too old to walk well. Thank you, you are?" "We are volunteers in the north of the city!" Here, Li Jianping a look of pride, wearing a little red riding hood, wearing a ribbon, volunteers hand hit the city propaganda page he had stood on the road for nearly three hours.

March 16th Bridge Street, everything in order. Red light pedestrian was stopped, the driver in the process of answering the phone was persuaded, the old man crossing the road someone helped…… Weekend, out of the office of the north district cadres who took to the streets, start a civilized persuasion volunteer service, and guide the public to consciously abide by the public order. read more

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