North Green worship hold beautiful home

planting trees, placed flowers…… In the whole society to create a ritual of fresh air is a scientific, healthy and civilized, the Tomb-sweeping Day Chengbei District, held a new "religious civilization, planting focussed Qingming Festival in unitary hill, so that the public had a green, low carbon, environmental protection Tomb-sweeping Day.
with flowers and plants mourning
people find everything fresh and new religious civilization came from Beijing came to the grave of the parents told reporters before the grave, always in front of the tombstone burning a lot of money, not only pollute the air and there is a great security risk, burned paper flying ash, makes us ash soil faces, very distressed. This home is another grave new feeling, instead of paper money changed into the flowers and plants, as well as specialized burning paper money worship tower, not only to avoid security risks, more let everybody feel the fashion, civilization, low-carbon concept of worship. Everyone should advocate such religious civilization, with flowers and plants instead of burning, a force for wonderfull life environment.
everyone hold the beautiful home
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Central Youth to talk about the responsibility of the stage

March 20th, Chengzhong District second "young talent" forum held in the District Education Bureau, 30 youth representatives from government agencies, the district departments and subdistrict office participated in the forum, we focus on the theme of "youth responsibility", a responsible youth opinion on how to do. And at the forum called for the majority of young people to "take responsibility, make a difference".

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Floor chain store location to pay attention to what

floor chain store location to pay attention to what? With the improvement of the quality of life in our country, the full expansion of unlimited business opportunities, the floor market blank, the prospect of good, easy to operate can be a profitable venture investment projects, look forward to your joining.

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16 projects for the chase industry boost

yesterday, Datong County Government in Xining Economic Development Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, held in Beichuan industrial base and small and medium enterprises entrepreneurship Park project promotion. Good investment environment, preferential investment policies and service commitments, attracting the attention of many investors. There are 16 projects to achieve the signing of the contract amount of $7 billion 980 million. The signing of these projects, will once again lift the new round of industrial development in Datong County, the economic and social development of the chase into new strong impetus.

as a large industrial county in our province, Datong County in the province to seize the favorable opportunity to build 15 billion yuan of industrial base, build environment, create conditions, seize opportunities, strengthen the "main industry, to enhance the park’s strategic task, accelerate industrial development not slack, adhere to industry investment, resources investment, business investment and actively attract foreign investment, accelerate the pace of industrial base in Beichuan and the small and medium business park construction. read more

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Arts and crafts products 2015 annual sales growth over the previous year, an increase of 22%

April 15th, statistics from the Provincial Department of culture, press and publication statistics show that as of the end of 2015, the province’s arts and crafts products sales reached 2 billion 991 million yuan, an increase of 22.13% over the previous year.

According to the provincial press and publication department of the person in charge of

, arts and crafts products are the leading products in the province’s cultural industries, in recent years, the rapid development of. Up to now, the province’s existing arts and crafts products a total of 8 categories, 63 categories, more than 8000 varieties, industry enterprises, shops, a total of 3305 individual workshops, more than in 2014, a new home, employing up to 102 thousand people. "12th Five-Year" period, the arts and crafts industry in our province adhere to green development, innovative handicraft varieties, through multi-level, all-round development of market players, the formation of the arts and crafts industry enterprises, individual workshops and common development pattern, the establishment of the "company + farmer" and "company + school" and the independent research and development, design, production and processing mode the industry, enterprises and employees has expanded each year, arts and crafts products continue to increase. The arts and crafts industry in our province adhere to the "going out" strategy, driven by large enterprises and the market guide, formed a relatively complete industrial chain, accelerate the arts and crafts industry market, scale, specialization and branding process, to further expand the market share. At the same time, actively cultivate the characteristics of Small and micro businesses, guide the traditional arts and crafts enterprises characteristic development road, with the characteristics of the main line of development, promote industrial agglomeration, cultivate independent brands, Huangnan Regong Art, Tibetan carpet, Guinan Tibetan embroidered features arts and crafts, rely on the good foundation for the masses, out of a traditional handicraft driven the masses of the road to riches, the realization of industrial cluster development; Yushu, Guoluo area such as the arts and crafts industry show the new energy green environmental protection industry, broaden the channels for farmers and herdsmen to get rich. read more

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Accelerate the construction of water conservancy in Xining

reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, this year, Xining water conservancy construction plans to invest 1 billion 400 million yuan, the focus of investment is the livelihood of water conservancy, ecological water conservancy, water conservancy and water conservation society.

this year, the city will fully implement the project driven strategy, continue to accelerate the construction of key water conservancy projects, to build a high standard flood control barrier. The construction of flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project plan, the implementation of the urban comprehensive regulation project of the Beichuan River, Nanchuan River upstream (Xie Zhai bridge to Nanchuan river reservoir) comprehensive treatment project, Xining flood control and drought early warning command center information system platform for comprehensive management of construction engineering; continued Huangshui River in Beichuan county and Huangyuan County Datong River comprehensive management of river engineering; strive to build Huangyuan County rouchard River comprehensive management of large ditch and pull Huangzhong County watershed comprehensive management of disaster gully control project, water conservancy departments with the provincial yindajihuang West trunk canal water diversion project, efforts to solve the problem of shortage of water resources in the south. read more

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Environmental protection so that people enjoy more green benefits

green can huimin. Environment is the people’s livelihood, Castle Peak is beautiful, blue sky is happiness. The ecological environment is connected with the quality of life of the people, and is connected with social harmony and stability. To protect the ecological environment is to protect people’s livelihood, improve the ecological environment is to improve people’s livelihood. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau firmly grasp the bid to improve the quality of the environment, adhere to environmental quality and quantity "double control", to promote the reform of the field of ecology and management transformation, efforts to promote environmental management system and scientific and legalization, refinement and informatization, boost the sustainable social and economic development, and strive to provide clean water, fresh air and beautiful environment for people, let the people live a happier life. read more

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Domestic and foreign travel coffee gathered in Qinghai

in recent years, Ctrip online travel to Qinghai orders are more than 100% growth. This shows that more and more people yearn for Qinghai this piece of pure, magnificent place of the original ecology, in June 24th, Ctrip Raiders community marketing director Zhang Jing said. The same day, Ctrip CTF China travelers conference with a big wave of domestic and foreign travel big coffee held a press conference in Xining, met with Qinghai for the first time.

in April this year, CTF China travelers rally began "meet different Qinghai" traveler network recruitment, including preheat link city driving circuit PK race and Master overseas experience, it is reported that the beauty of Qinghai’s charm, attracted the domestic and foreign tourism Master. Only drive line will attract 4600 people to sign up. Less than two months of the election period, the solicitation of nearly three million votes. read more

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Opinions of the province and then reduce the burden on Farmers

In order to implement the spirit of the State Council General Office of the relevant documents, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and herdsmen, maintaining social harmony and stability in agricultural and pastoral areas, the provincial government agreed to, recently, the office of the provincial government to further improve the province’s farmers and herdsmen to reduce the burden of work proposed the implementation of views, to strict management of agriculture related price, specification of a proposed raise fund and labor, to prevent arbitrary charges and levies and other measures for the behavior of farmers’ burdens.

the implementation of the views put forward, the most recent period, a number of areas to reduce the burden on farmers and herdsmen to pay attention to the extent of decline, the intensity of supervision has been weakened, the problem of agricultural chaos charges still exist. In this regard, the province at all levels and relevant departments must attach great importance to strengthen the work of farmers and herdsmen to do a good job to reduce the burden of responsibility and urgency, to ensure that the burden of farmers and herdsmen continue to control at a low level. read more

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ntelligent manufacturing and the integration of Qinghai characteristic industry

Recently, the reporter from the information technology and broadband Qinghai construction office was informed that, in order to promote our province "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing" and Qinghai characteristic industry, competitive industries depth of integration, since last year by the province to build 4 demonstration enterprises and 20 manufacturing enterprises to carry out demonstration and promotion of integrated information technology application, and promote the the transformation of Qinghai characteristic industrial production mode, provides information support services for the development of circular economy in our province, the intensive use of energy and resources, reduce environmental pollution and so on, also makes our province modern manufacturing industry informatization and the depth of integration. read more

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