Environmental protection so that people enjoy more green benefits

green can huimin. Environment is the people’s livelihood, Castle Peak is beautiful, blue sky is happiness. The ecological environment is connected with the quality of life of the people, and is connected with social harmony and stability. To protect the ecological environment is to protect people’s livelihood, improve the ecological environment is to improve people’s livelihood. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau firmly grasp the bid to improve the quality of the environment, adhere to environmental quality and quantity "double control", to promote the reform of the field of ecology and management transformation, efforts to promote environmental management system and scientific and legalization, refinement and informatization, boost the sustainable social and economic development, and strive to provide clean water, fresh air and beautiful environment for people, let the people live a happier life. read more

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Domestic and foreign travel coffee gathered in Qinghai

in recent years, Ctrip online travel to Qinghai orders are more than 100% growth. This shows that more and more people yearn for Qinghai this piece of pure, magnificent place of the original ecology, in June 24th, Ctrip Raiders community marketing director Zhang Jing said. The same day, Ctrip CTF China travelers conference with a big wave of domestic and foreign travel big coffee held a press conference in Xining, met with Qinghai for the first time.

in April this year, CTF China travelers rally began "meet different Qinghai" traveler network recruitment, including preheat link city driving circuit PK race and Master overseas experience, it is reported that the beauty of Qinghai’s charm, attracted the domestic and foreign tourism Master. Only drive line will attract 4600 people to sign up. Less than two months of the election period, the solicitation of nearly three million votes. read more

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Opinions of the province and then reduce the burden on Farmers

In order to implement the spirit of the State Council General Office of the relevant documents, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and herdsmen, maintaining social harmony and stability in agricultural and pastoral areas, the provincial government agreed to, recently, the office of the provincial government to further improve the province’s farmers and herdsmen to reduce the burden of work proposed the implementation of views, to strict management of agriculture related price, specification of a proposed raise fund and labor, to prevent arbitrary charges and levies and other measures for the behavior of farmers’ burdens.

the implementation of the views put forward, the most recent period, a number of areas to reduce the burden on farmers and herdsmen to pay attention to the extent of decline, the intensity of supervision has been weakened, the problem of agricultural chaos charges still exist. In this regard, the province at all levels and relevant departments must attach great importance to strengthen the work of farmers and herdsmen to do a good job to reduce the burden of responsibility and urgency, to ensure that the burden of farmers and herdsmen continue to control at a low level. read more

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ntelligent manufacturing and the integration of Qinghai characteristic industry

Recently, the reporter from the information technology and broadband Qinghai construction office was informed that, in order to promote our province "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing" and Qinghai characteristic industry, competitive industries depth of integration, since last year by the province to build 4 demonstration enterprises and 20 manufacturing enterprises to carry out demonstration and promotion of integrated information technology application, and promote the the transformation of Qinghai characteristic industrial production mode, provides information support services for the development of circular economy in our province, the intensive use of energy and resources, reduce environmental pollution and so on, also makes our province modern manufacturing industry informatization and the depth of integration. read more

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Eastern three rural villagers to send gifts

In January 26th 2015, Chengdong District Science and technology culture and health three countryside activities started in Lu Jia Zhuang village, the city of science and technology, culture, health and other departments to give support to the activities in the area, 15 villages, 12 community wide Village (neighborhood) people won the government sent to the door of the new year gift.

Technology: the area to area 15 villages every village allotment of practical scientific books 200; to small village and 9 community the allotment of 1 rod type portable audio equipment; 10 thousand reusable shopping bag, 10 thousand pieces of technology, 10 thousand small books of popular science propaganda New Year paintings manuals issued to the from all sides rushed to the scene of the village (neighborhood) to the village of 15 people; each allotted a technology environmental protection garbage truck. Culture: send, send books to the countryside in various forms, content rich and colorful, the launch ceremony of the day for the village (neighborhood) people sent a large theatrical performances; organization on the scene for the villagers calligrapher to write couplets on thousands of pieces. Health: the scene to the majority of the villagers issued the national health education program for pregnant and reproductive health and maternal and Child Health Handbook; free blood pressure measurement for the villagers. In addition, the district Communist Youth League, women’s federations, federations, industry and commerce, justice and other departments also came to the scene, face to face to provide advice and services to the majority of the villagers.   read more

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Last year, Xining noise pollution accounted for 110 of the total number of complaints and complaints

December 25, 2009, reporters from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, environmental noise pollution has become a public concern for a few years, the environmental noise pollution last year accounted for 78% of the total complaints telephone 110.

in recent years, with the economic development of Xining and the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection, public environmental complaints have increased year by year. As of the end of November last year, the Xining municipal environmental protection hotline received a total of 110 1456, in which the noise pollution of air pollution (78%), (21%) the majority of complaints, the complaints of water pollution and waste pollution (0.6%) (0.4%). According to the relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department, the most direct harm caused by noise pollution to the people, especially the construction of noise on the normal work, study and rest environment caused by the impact is obvious. In the received noise pollution report, the construction of noise pollution complaints, followed by schools, hospitals, convalescent areas surrounding the production of noise pollution. read more

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Characteristics of green health food market

the development of the food and beverage industry has its own laws, grasp the law in order to quickly win wealth. Looking back on the food and beverage industry in 2013, is really a few happy few worries, but on the whole, the entire food and beverage industry is still in a state of depression. However, there are some food and beverage enterprises gratifying results, showing a fiery momentum of the situation, which is not difficult to find the development trend of the food and beverage industry in 2014.



personality + + benefits = delicious food development king

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Huangzhong cadres on the table than the ability

January 13th, Huangzhong County, the first cadres of the style of the star finals held. As the Huangzhong County construction and promotion of administrative efficiency optimization is an important measure of team quality, to consolidate the party’s mass line of educational practice, the competition with "ability, strong quality" as the theme, fully demonstrated the good spirit of solidarity, the county cadres officer director, do the passion competition. It is reported that the first
, Huangzhong county cadres "Style Star Contest preliminaries, semi-finals and finals three game levels, the county a total of more than 60 cadres to participate in the race, a group of ordinary cadres and cadres group of two teams. After fierce competition, layers of selection, 13 outstanding players to enter the finals. The final interpretation by the government and video synchronization to explain the two links, not only increased the difficulty of the game, but also fully demonstrates the county cadres at all levels of solid business skills. The final scene, the players with their units and the work of the center, the integration of resources of time, the accuracy of showing the core points, combined with video synchronization to explain, demonstrate new plateau beautiful countryside construction, land and other greenhouse of Huangzhong economic and social development, a new way to explain, capable of explaining words, will continue to the final climax. Finally, the county tax bureau Li Jun and other three players won the first prize, the county propaganda department, such as Ma Weiru won the two prize in the county, the county development and Reform Bureau, Wu Chao, and other players won the three prize in the top five, and so on.

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Experts and scholars to discuss The Belt and Road cultural innovation development and cooperation

6 21, Green Fair "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum held in Xining. Forum by the national "The Belt and Road" strategic guidance, vigorously carry forward the tradition and the spirit of the Silk Road, to expand exchanges and work together to create brilliant Silk Road, "for the purpose, invite the relevant experts and scholars to discuss" The Belt and Road "cultural innovation development and cooperation, for Qinghai to build a cultural exchange center of silk the road of economic belt planning for the future, suggestions.

forum invited Professor and director of the academic committee of Communication University of China Culture Development Research Institute Qi Yongfeng, China of city academy of social development and Environment Institute associate professor Zhao Yong, Shenzhen dianjin cultural development limited company general manager Zhao Zhong police, were made to "Qinghai Silk Road" and the national The Belt and Road docking "strategic thinking", "Qinghai culture as a breakthrough into the depth of Silk Road Economic Belt strategy and key tasks", "creative future –" the future The Belt and Road "cultural creative Tour" as the theme of the keynote speech. read more

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At the fork to the Sebei gas field of highway construction

Reporter in July 16th from the provincial highway survey and Design Institute was informed that after the construction of tension, one of the main road China oil in Qinghai oilfield Sebei gas field external traffic of Qinghai oilfield Sebei gas field to fork at the highway project, on the day before the successful completion of acceptance.It is reported that

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