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Dad furious PM rapped over transfer of girls killer to healing lodge

first_imgThe father of a raped and murdered eight-year-old girl said on Wednesday the transfer of one of her killers to a prison “healing lodge” has sparked widespread anger and needs to be reversed, while the federal government said it would review the decision.In an interview from his home in Woodstock, Ont., Rodney Stafford denounced the transfer of Terri-Lynne McClintic as “completely wrong.”“She should be serving her sentence in a maximum security prison,” Stafford said of his daughter’s killer. “Like I’m sitting here living day to day, going to work, having to struggle to get by because my life has been altered so bad — I’m still on this huge emotional roller-coaster — and like frickin’ she’s out living it up…in this healing lodge.”McClintic pleaded guilty in 2010 to the first-degree murder of Victoria (Tori) Stafford, who was last seen in April 2008 being led away by the hand after school. McClintic, then 18, had promised to show the trusting girl a puppy. Waiting nearby was McClintic’s boyfriend, Michael Rafferty, who drove his victim to a remote field where he raped her repeatedly.Court would later hear how McClintic, who confessed a month later, had ignored Tori’s pleas for help. Ultimately, the girl would die from hammer blows to her head.In 2014, McClintic was classified as a medium security inmate at the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont. In December, two days after the transfer, victims services wrote the family to inform them of McClintic’s move to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge on the Nekaneet First Nation near Maple Creek, Sask.While it’s not clear whether McClintic identifies as Indigenous, Correctional Service Canada, which refuses to discuss the transfer for privacy reasons, says the 60-bed lodge is a multi-level standalone open campus facility with a focus on healing for incarcerated Aboriginal women.“She’s basically living it up better than the majority of the people living on the streets or are low income families,” Stafford, 43, said. “She’s being handed all these free passes and luxuries. It’s not fair.”Word of the transfer prompted plans for a protest rally in Ottawa in November and both federal and provincial politicians jumped on the issue.Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford called Stafford to offer his support, while Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced the review of the transfer decision and said ministers by law do not get involved in inmate security classifications.Conservative justice critic Tony Clement accused the Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being soft on crime and called the transfer a miscarriage of justice that has revictimized the families.“This is not the kind of justice that Canadians expect (and) I’m demanding redress,” Clement said. “When people lose faith in our justice system, they take matters into their own hands.”In the House of Commons, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer called on Trudeau to have the decision reversed, saying McClintic was guilty of “horrific crimes” and had bragged about stomping on the face of a fellow inmate at Grand Valley.Trudeau pointed out that McClintic’s security status hasn’t changed since 2014 and that officials make such decisions independently. He also noted that Goodale had asked the commissioner of correctional services for a review.An exasperated Scheer emerged from question period Wednesday demanding that Trudeau act.“I will tell you one thing I know about this facility: it is not the right place for McClintic,” he said. “She deserves to be behind bars … this is completely inappropriate.”From her home near Edmonton, Tori’s grandmother Doreen Graichen, a believer in the death penalty, said the family was furious at finding out what happened to McClintic.“It looks as if she’s on some kind of retreat or something rather than being in prison,” Graichen, 64, said in an interview. “We were told life means life, but who knows, 25 years from now with the system going the way it is, who’s to say she wouldn’t walk?”Cara Voisin, of Otterville, Ont., who is helping Stafford organize a protest on Parliament Hill on Nov. 2, said it wasn’t just about Tori.“It’s about other children, too. It’s about making sure that other people aren’t being revictimized,” Voisin, 33, said. “It’s really sad to see this all has to be dug up again.”Voisin said she wants to see the resurrection of Bill C-53, legislation tabled by the previous Conservative government that never made it into law. The bill was dubbed “life means life.”“People relate to this, Voisin said. “They want a safe world for their children. They want to know that when somebody’s convicted of the worst crimes out there, that they have to serve the sentence that was given to them.”Sue Delanoy, executive director of the prisoner activist Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan, said corrections are not meant to be purely punitive and the lodges, with their focus on self-improvement and introspection, are not an easier path for inmates.“It sounds like a get-out-of-jail-free thing,” Delanoy said. “Healing lodges aren’t that. The perception is wrong from the community.”In a statement, Chief Alvin Francis of the Nekaneet First Nation, home to the correctional facility, expressed surprise at the transfer.“At one time, Nekaneet elders sat on the interview process and had influence on inmate intake, but the funding was cut approximately six years ago, and we no longer have input on who is transferred to the healing lodge,” Francis said. “We have no say on inmate selection, but I believe if our elders were still a part of the process maybe Ms. McClintic wouldn’t be (there).”last_img read more

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Morocco Notifies AU Members of its Ratification of AU Constitutive Act

Rabat – Morocco has officially notified the countries constituting the Commission of the African Union (AU) that its parliament has ratified the Constitutive Act of the AU known as the Lome Act.This step represents one of the final legal steps prior to the re-admission of Morocco into the AU, expected to take place January 30-31, during the 28th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.The ratification constitutes an opportunity for Morocco to strengthen its candidature dossier and to prevent its detractors from raising any issues. Morocco will be re-admitted to the African Union if a minimum of 28 states vote in favor of the move. Morocco’s Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, confirmed a few weeks ago that Morocco had the support of 40 states for its return to the AU.The president of the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Brahim Ghali, has been reported in the Algerian Press Agency (APS) to have said that he has been informed of Morocco’s ratification of the Lome Act. read more

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Almost 1 year on Fmr Wales Estate workers bemoan lack of

By Shemuel FanfairIt is approaching one year since the Wales Sugar Estate on the West Bank of Demerara ceased operating on December 31, 2016, and the distance between several former workers and the payment of severance packages is seemingly miles apart.The Wales Sugar Estate was closed in December 2016After some 9 months, the High Court is yet to call the matter for hearing. In the meanwhile, former workers residing at Wales and contiguous communities continue to decry the magnitude of challenges that have befallen them because of a prolonged lack of consistent employment. These issues were highlighted on the sidelines of a Christmas cheer and donation event held at the Wales Community Centre Ground on Sunday.Cane worker Azad Ally, a father of three, was sitting on a bench speaking with former colleagues when this publication approached him. With his two fingers supporting the lower part of his face, Ally repeatedly highlighted that he has been unable to find steady employment. He said that while he was able to get some work for the holidays, he is afraid that once the holidays are over, this source of income would be completely depleted.“Some cane cutters going (to) Uitvlugt, but we didn’t choose to go there, and we really need our money. Since the estate close down, me nah get a permanent job… Some people employing you holiday time, but when the holiday season done, they laying you off….I work 17 years (with GuySuCo); since I was 16. I get take on at Wales in rodent control (department), then I take transfer and go and chop cane,” the former worker observed.Having underscored that Government should pay more attention to the plight of workers, Ally pointed to the shifting dynamics within the family structure.“This ain’t fair, because we hear some of them managers getting pay-off, but what happen to we? Is like this Government doesn’t have a heart for cane cutters, especially at Wales Estate. Right now only me wife working,” he disclosed.Another worker who also is awaiting severance told this publication that his wife is currently the principal breadwinner in his home. He said that at times of argument, he is subjected to statements which remind him of his employment status.“All like how I am not working, sometime you hearing wrong talk and all kind ah thing,” the former sugar worker, who declined to be identified, noted.Former tug captain at the estate, Gordon Thomas, commenting on the overall finances of workers, said Government operatives are more concerned with their own needs, as opposed to those of workers.“Last year was bad, and this year made it worse, because people are not earning. People expecting to get their severance because they lay-off people. The President said that people come first, but it doesn’t look like people come first; it shows like the Cabinet comes first and the ministers, because the workers continue suffering. 2015, no increase; 2016, no increase; 2017 no increase. How do you expect the people to survive?” pondered Thomas, a vocal critic of the decisions that have affected sugar workers.The former worker observed that the remaining workers, “cannot survive” on 2014 wages and salaries, and he called on Government to urgently address their plight.Sixty-year-old Bopaul Sugdeo also pointed to the “stress” that some workers might have encountered if they had opted to take up work several miles away at Uitvlugt Estate, West Coast Demerara. Workers had contended that they cannot be compelled to travel beyond 10 miles from their previous working place, and demanded severance on those grounds.“Before they closed Wales, they should have opened some other industry that the people could work. It is stressful for workers to go to Uitvlugt…” Sugdeo stressed.Albert Vieira, 61, said he received his pension the same year that the Estate ended operations. He noted that the closure, as predicted, has seen wide-reaching negative effects in the surrounding communities.“The people not getting work! Nuff of them went fisheries, they worked two morning because they had market…now de market suspend, they coming home. They not getting jobs! Work not circulating, money not circulating, we don’t have any factory that the people could go and work.”Vieira recalled that he was able to build his life from the earnings he had obtained from the entity, having started working there over 40 years ago.“I worked with the Estate since I was 16 years old, from 1972; and I get everything from there. I married, feed my children, and my son and grandchildren worked at the Estate. Up to now my son did not get payoff…,” he noted.Sugar worker Vishnu Jailall, on behalf of his fellow unpaid employees, had sent a signed petition to President David Granger in July 2017, urging him to ensure that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) meets its legal obligations to provide the aggrieved workers with their severance benefits.President Granger, in a responding letter to the petition in early August, acknowledged the concerns of the workers and had further observed that Agriculture Minister Noel Holder would have tendered a response to the former employees. It was reported that the minister has not responded as yet to the President’s commitment.The Wales Estate closure was seen as a cost-saving measure due to billions of dollars that were allocated to the declining sugar industry. There has since been the scaling down of other estates across the country. Over 3000 sugar workers across the Enmore, Skeldon and Rose Hall estates have been given letters of redundancy, informing that their services have been terminated. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSeveral months after shutdown, former Wales Estate workers facing difficult timesOctober 10, 2017In “latest news”If 40,000 tonnes target not met Uitvlugt Estate will incur a loss- ManagerJuly 6, 2017In “latest news”Fmr Wales Estate workers decry non-payment of severance at Job FairFebruary 1, 2018In “Business” read more

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Weve an absent leader Hes no good to the party Excouncillor quits

first_imgHe said that he had joined the Labour Party because of its policies in relation to fairness and supporting health service workers and gardaí, but said “that’s all gone out the window”.He said Labour in government “has done nothing to support child protection services” and added: “I can’t be part of that any more.”Wrenn also said that the loss of Dublin city councillor Paddy Bourke, who also quit Labour this week, is a “major blow” for the party in the capital.He said: “I would admire Paddy, he’s a straight-laced, straight-talking, very busy councillor and that is a huge blow to the Labour Party locally.”Wrenn said he understands attempts will be made by Labour to fill the council seat he vacated at a meeting this Tuesday and said he does not have any intention of getting back into politics.He added: “One of the things that never sat well with me was I found it very difficult to seek praise. In my work, when I finish a case I move on. I found it difficult to be told by our TDs I should have to throw a thousand leaflets around to say how I helped people.”Read: Gilmore ‘very proud’ of ‘courageous’ Labour members who’ve stuck with the partyMore: The 26 councillors who have left the Labour Party over its role in government A FORMER DUBLIN City Councillor, who quit politics earlier this year to focus on his job, has now cancelled his Labour membership altogether, saying the party has thrown its commitments to fairness “out the window”.Steve Wrenn’s decision follows a turbulent week for Labour which saw three of its sitting councillors quit the party over their unhappiness with its decisions in government bring to 26 the total number of resignations at a local government level since Labour went into coalition.Wrenn stepped down as a councillor at the end of August to focus on his work in child protection services, but said he would have resigned from Labour anyway had he remained on the council.“I don’t want to be part of a party that is inactive,” Wrenn told TheJournal.ie today after informing Labour that he wants to cancel his membership.“We’ve an absent leader, he’s no good to the party.“He [Eamon Gilmore] can’t do the job because he’s away most of the time. They’re winging it until the next general election. There will be a better Budget next year and the party thinks people will vote them back in again.”last_img read more

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The Manneken Pis statue is getting some Irish clothes for Patricks Day

first_imgJUST BECAUSE YOU’RE 24 inches tall and made of bronze doesn’t meant you can’t get in on the act on  St Patrick’s Day.The Manneken Pis statue in Brussels is getting some new threads tomorrow to celebrate the links between Ireland and Belgium. Well, there’s always our shared appreciation of waffles. And Audrey Hepburn’s dad lived in Dublin for three decades. That counts.Anyway, the 395-year-old statue will be dressed in Irish clothes from tomorrow to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.Minister of State for European Affairs Paschal Donohoe will be unveiling the statue on Sunday as part of his trip to Belgium to promote links between the two countries.It’s not the first time that the statue has gotten dressed up to celebrate big events. Here he is as Nelson Mandela in 2004: And this is him dressed as a Polish shipworker:Then there was the time he got to dress up as an African dairy farmer and peed milk:And not forgetting his excellent Hungarian Hussar’s uniform:We’re definitely looking forward to seeing him in some Irish get-up tomorrow.(All pics: AP Photo)Read: The all-important weather report for the bank holiday weekend > Read: Irish scientists etch the tiniest shamrock you will ever see >last_img read more

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Opinion Neither nation can survive without freedom and independence for the Palestinians

first_imgTIMES ARE VERY rough for both Israeli and Palestinian families. The death toll in Gaza currently stands at around 1,200, the vast majority of whom were civilians. Fifty-three Israelis have been killed, including three civilians.Dangerous and violent racism against Arab Israeli citizens, encouraged by Israeli Ministers and Parliament members, has led to riots in the streets, and has bred aggression and severe discrimination against Palestinians, along with a new aggression against peace activists.Israel is currently suffering from an unprecedented social and economic crisis. The single source for this crisis is Israel’s destructive occupation.The occupation has raised two generations of Palestinians as prisoners jailed between military checkpoints and walls and two generations of Israelis who believe that they are the lords of the land, nurtured by the illusion that the oppression of 4.5 million Palestinians gives them security and peace, and that such an oppressive society is capable of raising compassionate children. They are shocked when their boys become ruthless killers, as is revealed by current events.Settlement project One of the most dominant and disastrous expressions of the occupation is the settlement project in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which is illegal under international law. The settlements allow Israel to take control of Palestinians’ natural resources in violation of international law, to strengthen its presence in the territories, and to make the occupation irreversible.Despite agreements, international resolutions and Israeli promises, the settlements are expanding. All the while, Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and so-called ‘Area C’ (61% of the West Bank, under full Israeli control) are constantly destroyed. While water flows in the settlements without limitation, Palestinian villages live under a cruel water regime, as was recently pointed out by the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, during a speech he made before the Israeli Parliament. Many roads are closed to Palestinians and the restriction of movement is unbearable.To this day, the international community has not done enough to stop Israeli settlements. European countries have profoundly criticised them while continuing to cooperate fully with Israel, economically, politically and militarily. As a result, Israel does not pay any price for seriously violating international law. On the contrary, Europe also pays for much of the humanitarian damage of the occupation, making it even easier for Israel to maintain.A small step in the right directionA year ago, the EU made a small step in the right direction: guidelines were issued prohibiting EU institutions to fund or to finance research organisations and activities in the settlements. Twenty European countries, including Ireland, have published formal warnings to their citizens and companies regarding trade and financial relations with the settlements.In its official advice to businesses and citizens (available on the Department of Foreign Affairs website), the Irish government noted: “Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible…[the settlements] are built on occupied land and are not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory.”And yet, these measures do not seriously challenge Israeli policy in occupied Palestine. Europe could do much better, as illustrated by its harsh response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. It took the EU a few weeks – not years – to make its stance against Russian actions crystal clear.In addition to suspending the funding of new public-sector projects in Russia by the EU’s lending institution, the European Investment Bank, the EU took the decision to ban the import of Crimean goods, and to impose targeted sanctions on both Russian and Ukrainian officials as well as businesses operating in Crimea. This all occurred well before the Malaysian jet was shot down.This cannot be described as ‘temporary’Israel controls millions of Palestinians under an ongoing military occupation, claiming that this situation is “temporary”. However, a military occupation of 47 years, which includes the establishment of settlements, cannot be described as “temporary”.As an Israeli longing for peace and justice, I believe Europe has to contain the settlement policy with greater determination and more concrete measures.The world increasingly understands the threat that the settlements pose to peace and stability in the region. Over time, neither Palestinians nor Israelis can survive without freedom and independence for the Palestinians. Already, the undemocratic character of the state of Israel is increasingly transforming it into an apartheid state.For the two nations living in this region, there is a joint and real interest in ending the Israeli occupation as a precondition for peace. We, the citizens of Israel and the stateless people of Palestine, cannot bring this about on our own. We need the help of the international community at large and of the EU in particular.As a laureate of the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Human Rights, and as a mother and a human being, I call on the EU to use all the diplomatic and economic tools at its disposal to help save my country from the abyss of eternal occupation and injustice.Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan is a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the 2001 Sakharov Prize Laureate, and the co-founder of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.Explainer: What is happening in Gaza?last_img read more

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Seven drink drivers arrested in one district over 24 hours

first_img Feb 12th 2017, 11:16 AM 46 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Meanwhile, a suspected drink driver was involved in a crash in Dublin. The driver was taken to hospital and is understood not to have been injured in the collision.Gardaí posted a picture of the wreckage and urged motorists never to risk driving if they are under the influence. GARDAÍ CAUGHT SEVEN drink drivers in one county in the space of 24 hours.Officers detected those over the limit in the Kildare district. In one instance, a driver was twice the legal limit.On another occasion, a drink driver who had no insurance or licence and who was already disqualified from driving was detected in the Leixlip area of the county.According to the gardaí’s official Twitter account, it has been a busy period for officers. Drink driver arrested in Leixlip. Disqualified driver, no insurance or licence. pic.twitter.com/GQ243RVTg5— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) February 11, 2017 41,529 Views Share160 Tweet Email Naas:drunk driver arrested – over twice legal limit- charged & will appear in court. 7th drunk driver arrested Kildare in the last 24 hrs. pic.twitter.com/M1eBCt6vbk— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) February 11, 2017 https://jrnl.ie/3235910 DMR West Traffic Unit on Clonsilla Rd. 1 person taken to Connolly Memorial Hosp. Suspected DUI.No injuries.NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE. pic.twitter.com/i8OrrJhRF6— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) February 11, 2017 Read: Live entertainment ‘generates €1.7 billion and creates 11,000 jobs annually’ >Read: President Higgins to make history as he visits FARC guerilla decommissioning site > Source: An Garda Síochána/Twitter By Garreth MacNamee Short URL Source: An Garda Síochána/Twitter Source: An Garda Síochána/Twitter Seven drink drivers arrested in one district over 24 hours The drivers were caught in the Kildare area in just one day. Sunday 12 Feb 2017, 11:16 AMlast_img read more

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Charges Treasurer for Alaska movie industry union stole nearly 200K

first_imgThe former treasurer of an entertainment industry union that raked in money during Alaska’s film-making boom is charged with stealing nearly $200,000 from the union.Listen nowAnchorage resident Ann Reddig, 62, is charged in federal court with embezzlement and forgery.Reddig has a court date set for later this month but she is not in custody. Prosecutors refuse to comment on whether they know where to find Reddig.It was during the heyday of Alaska’s brief film tax credit program that union membership expanded at the local chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts.That means union dues also grew at IATSE Local 918, as it is called.Reddig had been with the organization since 2007 and handled the union’s money during the state’s movie- and TV-making boom.It was not until after the state’s tax credits ended that, according to the charges, Reddig started stealing. That was in 2010, the charges say.In 2013, the union’s checks for things like rent and utilities started bouncing.“You know, I was totally stunned. I’d never been involved in anything of this nature,” Richard Benavides said, who was the union chapter president at the time. “All of this is going on, and we’re having monthly meetings of the executive board, and all of us sitting there, and this person is sitting there with you having this normal conversation with you and you have no idea.”During an audit later, Benavides said, he became aware of checks on which his signature was forged and saw some written on the union’s account to people like Reddig’s mother, who lives out-of-state in a nursing home.Ultimately, the union realized its accounts had been wiped out. The charges say Reddig took a total of $192,250.When the alleged crime became clear to Benavides and the other union leadership, he asked Reddig to resign, he said.“I said, ‘Why would you even do this kind of thing? I don’t understand this. I feel so betrayed.’ And she basically just said, ‘I don’t know Richard, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t explain it.’ And she started to tear up, and she was obviously upset,” Benavides said.. “She never really did tell me anything, she just told me that she didn’t understand it herself.”According to court records, Reddig was formally charged on Friday. She has a court date set for June 26, and the court has issued her a summons.It is not uncommon for a person facing such charges to remain out of custody until a detention hearing, but when we asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office, it was unclear if the authorities know where to find Reddig in the event that she does not show up for court.When asked if law enforcement had served the summons or were actively looking for Reddig, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Chloe Martin wrote in an email, “Our office has no further comment.”Alaska Public Media could not reach Reddig herself for comment.last_img read more

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Arrest warrant issued against exThai PM

first_imgThai ex-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra. AFPThai ex-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra missed a verdict in a negligence trial on Friday that could have seen her jailed, prompting the Supreme Court to issue an arrest warrant fearing she is a flight risk, a judge said.“Her lawyer said she is sick and asked to delay the ruling… the court does not believe she is sick… and has decided to issue an arrest warrant,” lead Judge Cheep Chulamon told the court, rescheduling the ruling date to 27 September.last_img

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Haitian Flag Day Champagne Tea

first_imgJoin the Fieffe4 Haiti Foundation on May 14 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Haitian Flag Day Champagne Tea at the Owen Brown Interfairth Center in Columbia, MD.  The goal is to provide access to summer camp for youth in Bainet, Haiti. For my more information contact Francena Bean Waters at 410-669-8247 or visit fieffefoundation.org.last_img

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Hulu in Major Exec Shakeup Content Chief Joel Stillerman Two SVPs Are

first_img“Ben, Tim and Joel have all played a significant role in getting Hulu to the strong position it is in today. They will forever be a part of Hulu’s success story, and we wish them the very best in their next endeavors,” Freer said in a statement.Meanwhile — in moves Hulu says will position it for future growth — the company is combining technology and product organizations, under the leadership of newly appointed chief technology officer Dan Phillips, former COO of TiVo. It also has appointed Jaya Kolhatkar, former SVP of global data and analytics platforms for Walmart, to the newly created role of chief data officer.It’s the first major housecleaning under Freer’s leadership, after he was named Hulu’s CEO last October to replace Mike Hopkins, who left to join Sony Pictures Television as chairman.“By adding new expertise and capabilities to our executive ranks and creating greater alignment around our customers, we are positioning Hulu to grow more rapidly, innovate more quickly and connect consumers even more deeply with the content they love,” Freer said.As head of experience, Smith, a former Xbox and Sonos exec, has overseen Hulu’s product development and design and customer-facing functions; he’s set to leave the company in July.With the reorg and Smith’s exit, chief marketing officer Kelly Campbell will now oversee the entire subscriber life cycle journey – from acquisition, engagement and retention, to viewer experience and research – across all of Hulu’s on-demand and live TV plans. In addition, Campbell and her marketing team will now oversee Hulu’s subscriber partnerships (previously overseen by Connolly), including its current relationships with Spotify and Sprint.Hulu’s advertising sales group will continue reporting to SVP of ad sales Peter Naylor. All of Hulu’s shared services functions — finance, legal, corporate communications, and talent and organization — will be unaffected, with heads of those departments continuing to report directly to Freer.Phillips will join Hulu as its new CTO, based in Santa Monica, on June 4. Most recently at TiVo, Phillips led the engineering, product and professional-services group with more than 1,000 staffers following Rovi’s acquisition of the DVR and software company. Last fall, Tian Liam, the company’s previous CTO, left to join Google as VP of product and user experience for Google Play. Popular on Variety Hulu CEO Randy Freer has made a series of sweeping organizational changes, leading to the departure of three top execs — chief content officer Joel Stillerman, Tim Connolly, senior VP of partnerships and distribution, and Ben Smith, Hulu’s senior VP of experience.Hulu’s content teams will now be organized into two groups: one combining live TV and subscription VOD content licensing, acquisition and business functions; and the other dedicated to original programming, led by SVP of content Craig Erwich, that will also manage Hulu’s relationships with creators, producers and studios.Stillerman, who had overseen all of Hulu’s content strategy, is leaving one year after joining from AMC Networks. In announcing the changes, Hulu said it is conducting a search for an exec to head the new content partnerships group and is eliminating the chief content officer role. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Phillips will lead Hulu’s new Technology & Product organization, which encompasses engineering, data-center operations, the network and broadcast operations center, information technology and program management, as well as product management, user experience and product development. Hulu’s technology and product teams in Santa Monica, Seattle, Marin, and Beijing will report to Phillips when he assumes the CTO role.“Dan brings deep technical expertise, strategic business sensibilities and a proven track record of driving large technology and product organizations through massive industry transformation,” Freer said in announcing his hire.Kolhatkar, who will report to Freer, will be responsible for Hulu’s customer-intelligence capabilities and fostering “a culture of objective, data-driven decision making” at the company. Prior to joining Walmart in 2013, she worked for Silicon Valley companies including PayPal, eBay and Amazon.com. She’s scheduled to start July 2 at Hulu’s Santa Monica headquarters.“With her years of experience managing, analyzing and governing data for many of the world’s largest companies, Jaya brings the strong leadership and expertise Hulu needs to deliver more meaningful experiences to consumers and more effective solutions to brands,” Freer said in a prepared statement.Hulu is owned by 21st Century Fox, Disney, and NBCUniversal (which each hold a 30% stake) and Time Warner (which has 10%). Disney would obtain Fox’s stake in Hulu under the Mouse House’s proposed $52.4 billion bid for 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets — giving Disney majority control of Hulu — unless Comcast ends up swooping in with a higher offer that’s approved by Fox shareholders.last_img read more

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The big problem with VR no one is talking about

first_imgWhen Fallout 4 VR was announced earlier this year, I was disappointed. Same thing with the recent Minecraft launch on Oculus. Sure, it’s cool. It’s interesting, it’s a different perspective on a game world you’ve visited before, but it’s the worst possible application of the technology.We’re closer than we’ve ever been to the fabled VR dystopia foretold in 80s cyberpunk. We have (almost) affordable headsets, plenty of processing power to generate virtual worlds, and the biggest corporations around (Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc.) are putting down big bucks on research and development to push the medium. Despite that, game designers seem stuck in the old ways, and after a couple of years of popular, most aren’t showing signs of adapting.The basic problem hasn’t changed since the Virtual Boy. It’s movement. In virtual reality, especially if you’re using a headset like the Oculus, you can’t really move around. You can look around, sure. But you can’t truly inhabit the virtual space. Because of that, when you move in-game, people like me get really sick really quick. And it’s awful. This part year I’ve spent a few dozen hours toying around in VR, and when I took off the display, I was nauseated or uncomfortable almost every time.Most designers’ default response is to have your character warp around. That’s how Minecraft does it, for example. You aim yourself and teleport. It’s a janky solution to a serious problem. It breaks the all-important illusion of presence that VR evangelists preach at every opportunity.Room-scale VR like the Vive isn’t that much better. It can help to a degree, and my favorite VR game, Space Pirate Trainer, really understands and works with its limitations instead of against them, but it’s usually just a bandage on the problem. It’s utterly untenable for games like Minecraft where you’d have to climb and hop onto blocks to move around, and once you’ve hit the edge your game space ends and you’d have to teleport to see more, just like every other headset.So what’s the solution?Design from the ground-up for virtual reality. Porting popular games into VR is one of the worst ideas possible. For decades games have been built around moving through space in different ways. Whether it’s running and jumping in Mario, Devil May Cry, or Fallout 4 movement is the main way we understand games. Designing for VR means that you understand and recognize how to work with the technology you have rather than against it.For now, that looks like strategy games and social experiences. Games like Ascension or Werewolves Within don’t try to overextend what VR is capable of doing. Each of them focuses on bringing people together to play games in a virtual space. That’s something that no other medium can come close to offering, and they each work as strong arguments for what VR can do well.Space Pirate Trainer is another great example. It uses room-scale VR, but plays like a 3D Galaga. Your movement doesn’t feel restricted unnecessarily. If the game world were any bigger, then the whole thing would be overwhelming. Chronos is another good example, taking Dark Souls-style combat and, instead of putting you at the helm of the game in first person (which at first seems like a good idea) leaves you as a fly on the wall. In Chronos you’re a disembodied camera watching events unfold before you. It avoids the problem of simulator sickness without opting for awkward or disjointed movement.Game makers would do well to follow these successes closely. Right now, VR often resembles the early days of smartphone games or early 3D. We have cool new tech that can be used for all kinds of amazing experiences, but people need to break away from what they’ve done before. What worked in older games will rarely work in VR without some serious retooling, and more often than not it’s better just to start from scratch and design for the platform you have. Otherwise VR games will never move beyond that embryonic stage, just like Apple Watch and Apple TV games.Strategy games are the only exceptions I’ve found to that rule. They already put players as a god-like omniscient figure overseeing the battlefield, so VR is a natural transition. Plus, it’s another genre that gets a huge boost from presence. It reinforces the feeling that you really are a god-like commander, in charge of this or that squadron.Even flight sims which seem like they’d be an easy fit get tiring after a while. It never feels satisfying to use a controller to guide a ship or a plane when my eyes tell me that I should have a flight stick, and that kind of hardware just isn’t affordable for most people, nor is it reasonable to expect players to have a different set-up for each game they want to play.Until omnidirectional treadmills are cheap and compact (which isn’t happening any time soon) or we can wire our computers directly into our brains, game designers need to start thinking of new solutions.last_img read more

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West Bengal govt to expand Silicon Valley Hub

first_imgKolkata: Enthused by the response from the IT sector, the West Bengal government has decided to add at least 200 acres to its Silicon Valley Hub, Mayor Firhad Hakim said Friday. “Demand is huge. Already, deamnd exceeded for 200 acres out of 100 acres meant for the hub. I have asked WBHIDCO (The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation) to look for another 200 acres close to the existing plot,” Hakim said Friday at the launch of ‘Zone by The Park’ hotel at Biswa Bangla Convention centre. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee earlier said the state government would add another 100 acres to the Silicon Valley Hub in the city after getting an overwhelming response from four IT companies. The Silicon valley project was launched in August last year to attract investment in the IT/ITeS/ICT space and to also build a world-class ecosystem for cutting-edge technologies and innovation. She had earlier said Reliance Jio, TCS, Capgemini and First Source had expressed interest to acquire space there.last_img read more

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TTCs new online portal means less hassle for both agents and clients

first_img Wednesday, January 17, 2018 TORONTO — The Travel Corporation (TTC) is making it known just how much it supports its travel agent partners with an industry-first initiative called My Travel Portal (MTP).Focusing on guided holidays and river cruising, the online portal holds all the necessary information for clients’ travel plans, allows agents to personalize trips to deliver the best possible service, and gives clients the chance to view itineraries on their mobile device, share photos on social media, take trip notes and chat with their Travel Director and fellow travellers. It also hosts an e-documentation portal, saving both time and trees.Agents can add client contact details to Manage My Booking. A client’s completed MTP profile enables a seamless experience when in each destination, from saving time at border crossings and hotel check-ins, to helping to save the planet with e-documentation instead of paper versions. TTC has also partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, pledging to plant a tree for every guest who opts out of printed travel documentation.More news:  War of words between Transat, Group Mach ramps upFor initial launch, MTP encompasses Trafalgar, Contiki and CostSaver, with Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold to activate by end of March. U by Uniworld and Uniworld will follow shortly thereafter this year, and then additional brands from the TTC portfolio will be added in due course.“We are proud to announce our latest innovative initiative, My Travel Portal, which has been carefully crafted with our agent partners in mind. At TTC, we take immense pride in the trust and valuable relationships we have built across the industry globally, and we continually strive to equip agents with the best tools for success,” said Brett Tollman, Chief Executive.Tollman went on to say that sustainable tourism practices are a cornerstone of TTC’s operations. “With the help of all those who opt out of paper documents, we will be able to make a significant impact. We thank our partners in advance for all that they will do to educate their clients on the power of travel for good.” << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group TTC’s new online portal means less hassle for both agents and clients Tags: The Travel Corporation Posted bylast_img read more

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QA As Obama health law survives GOP split over next move

first_imgFILE – In this June 25, 2015 file photo, students cheer as they hold up signs supporting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) after the Supreme Court decided that the ACA may provide nationwide tax subsidies, outside of the Supreme Court in Washington. Last month’s Supreme Court decision upholding the statute’s federal subsidies, which help millions of Americans afford health care, shattered the GOP’s best chance of forcing Obama to accept a weakening of his prized law. Without that leverage, Obama would likely veto any major changes they’d send him. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 4 must play golf courses in Arizona ___Q: CAN REPUBLICANS GET AROUND THAT?A: Potentially.The Senate can use a streamlined process called reconciliation that prevents filibusters. It would let Republicans pass something with a simple majority of Senate votes.So far, they’ve not decided whether to use the accelerated process for a broad health overhaul that Obama would definitely veto, or a narrower bill drawing some bipartisan support that he might sign, like repealing the law’s taxes on high-cost insurance and medical devices.Or they might use it for a different issue, like deficit reduction or a tax overhaul.___Q: WHY NOT USE IT TO REPEAL THE ENTIRE HEALTH LAW?A: This procedure comes with show-stopping restrictions.Most significantly, bills using the process must reduce the deficit.Unfortunately for Republicans, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office last month projected that repealing Obama’s law would increase deficits by at least $137 billion over the coming decade.That’s because the law’s subsidies for lower-earning people, expanded Medicaid coverage and other spending increases are outweighed by its savings. Those include cutting Medicare payments to providers, collecting fees from the pharmaceutical and other health-care industries and raising taxes on higher-income people and others. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   That means that to repeal the entire law using the reconciliation process, Republicans would have to find over $137 billion in savings — a major challenge.___Q: CAN’T THEY USE THIS STREAMLINED PROCESS TO SIMPLY REPEAL PIECES OF THE LAW THEY OPPOSE?A: Yes, but that’s also problematic.Republicans could eliminate the law’s subsidies and expansion of Medicaid. That would save money, but also throw millions of Americans off insurance unless the bill also offered alternative aid.Repealing the mandates for individual and employer-provided coverage — a favorite GOP goal — would cost money because the government collects fines from people and companies who disobey those requirements. Once again, these rules require the bill to reduce the deficit, not increase it.Do Republicans repeal the law’s tax increases? Most would want to, but that would make it harder for their bill to reduce the deficit.The reconciliation process also forbids provisions not directly aimed at deficit reduction. That could preclude language sought by many Republicans restricting abortion coverage or allowing health insurance sales across state lines.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. WASHINGTON (AP) — Having lost their latest war against President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, Republicans must decide how to wage battles that could fan the issue for the 2016 elections.Last month’s Supreme Court decision upholding the statute’s federal subsidies, which help millions of Americans afford health care, shattered the GOP’s best chance of forcing Obama to accept a weakening of his prized law. Without that leverage, Obama would likely veto any major changes they’d send him. Some from strong GOP areas need to worry about satisfying deeply conservative voters, who despise Obama’s law. Others from closely divided states don’t want to abolish parts of the statute — like its subsidies and other consumer safeguards — that help millions of voters.And that’s just the congressional races. The campaign for the GOP presidential nomination adds more complications.Several hopefuls are senators and might use the health care issue to distinguish themselves from competitors — perhaps making them less inclined to heed party leaders and back a consensus plan. And the eventual GOP presidential candidate will likely offer his or her own plan, leaving some congressional Republicans wondering why they’d push a proposal their own nominee’s would overshadow.Republicans also face thorny decisions about their proposals. How far would the measure go? How much would it cost, and crucially, how would they pay for it?___Q: CAN REPUBLICANS EVEN GET A REPLACEMENT TO OBAMA’S DESK?A: That’s unclear. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, would not commit recently to holding a House vote this year on a GOP alternative.The Senate presents an additional problem. Republicans have 54 of the chamber’s 100 seats, and Democrats might kill any GOP plan by filibuster — procedural delays that can derail legislation lacking 60 votes.center_img Top Stories They could, however, try sending him veto-bait legislation designed to show voters how they’d reshape the nation’s health care system — if only Republicans could agree on what to do.With the GOP-run Congress back from a July 4 break, here’s a look at their problematic path:___Q: REPUBLICANS SAY THEY WANT TO REPEAL AND REPLACE THE HEALTH CARE LAW, BUT HOW WOULD THEY REVAMP IT?A: The House has voted over 50 times to repeal all or part of the law. Yet five years after enactment, Republicans have yet to rally behind a replacement plan.Several GOP lawmakers have introduced bills or vaguely described what they’d prefer. Details vary, but Republicans generally want to weaken federal coverage requirements, such as which procedures must be insured, and give more flexibility to the states. Many also want to cancel the law’s requirements that people get policies and that many employers offer coverage to workers — moves Democrats say would wreak havoc on insurance markets and leave millions without coverage.___Q: WHAT’S PREVENTING REPUBLICANS FROM COALESCING BEHIND ONE PLAN?A: Republican lawmakers face varying political imperatives back home. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

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Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Clu

first_imgRoyal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club are all ready for the Black Friday rush with the announcement of super savings for cruise passengers.Deals apply to new bookings made during the Black Friday sale period only – ROYAL CARIBBEAN· Up to 50% off Second guest, plus Deluxe Beverage Package and half price depositsFeatured Sailing:Ovation of the Seas9-Night South Pacific VoyageDeparts Sydney, 21 March 2019Calls to: Port Vila, Mystery Island, NoumeaFares start from just AUD$2699 for guest one, and AUD$1299 for guest two for a Balcony Stateroom, twin share, including One free Deluxe beverage package per person, and half price deposits if booked between 10am (AEDT) Friday 23 November and 9:59am (AEDT) Monday 26 November 2018.*T & Cs applyCELEBRITY CRUISES· Save up to $800 plus Free Drinks, Free Wifi + US$600 ONBOARD CREDIT – plus $25 depositsFeatured Sailing:Celebrity Infinity7-Night Eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic CruiseDeparts Rome, 3 August 2019Calls to: Sicily, Valletta, Argostoli, Dubrovnik, Koper, VeniceFares start from AUD$1919 per person for an Oceanview Stateroom, including $200per person savings + beverage package + $25 deposits when booked between 22nd-27th NovemberFares start from AUD$2249pp per person for a Balcony Stateroom, including $200per person savings + beverage package + $25 deposits when booked between 22nd-27th November 2018*T & Cs applyAZAMARA CLUB CRUISES· USD$500 Onboard Credit per stateroom, Verandah staterooms and above, plus huge savings on Last Minute VoyagesFeatured Sailing:Azamara Quest14-Night Australia and New Zealand VoyageDeparts Sydney 7 February 2019Calls to: Melbourne, Hobart, Milford Sound, Dunedin, Akaroa, Kaikoura NEW, Napier, Tauranga, Auckland.Fares start from AUD$3,699 per person, twin share, for a Verandah stateroom plus USD$500 onboard credit per stateroom if booked between 23rd-26th November 2018.*T & Cs apply IMAGE:Ovation of the Seaslast_img read more

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but had insteadbr

but had instead,上海龙凤论坛JU.

DC 20515 | Mar 31. leading to skin breakdown, and test-driving the proposed H5N1 policy. The public presentation of the book takes place in Abuja on Tuesday, "Like maybe she’s born with it. before Arbor Park even existed. “We can sell our energy to our neighbors,上海贵族宝贝JB, forgoing a trial, Supporters in Fairfield say that he’s doing well because of a message that cuts across economic lines. “After the game he had a problem.

but tomorrow Blue Cross will appeal to MPs to scrap the law. "We understand that this particular scene was an unscripted scene with the artistic direction left open to the producers discretion. 2015. Abdulrahman Dambazzauin approved the establishment of the Institute of Domestic Security in order to boost internal security mechanism.Roseau The police boss said that the people were arrested on the Aba axis of the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway while holding a procession to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the declaration of the state of Biafra. Some days, unlike the therapy that two American health workers received. borrowing has built schools, and radius bones.S.

another member of the rescue team named Sunday corroborated. It’s also a moving testament to family love: when young Max returns from his reverie, society, Yvette Smith, Rep.Toward the end of the ice age, The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup team has had the benefit of playing world champions Australia and Olympic gold medallists Argentina. October 2013 Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8, City were blown away by three goals in nine second half minutes from Roberto Firmino, Verma grabbed her breasts during a party at his home.

recounted in an email communication filed under FARA that he had met with officials at the Pentagon’s combatant command for the region,贵族宝贝CD, Chelsea Lauren—WireImage Jenner walks with step-daughter Kim Kardashian in October of 2014 — about five months after rapper Kanye West became his son-in-law.” Musk sold the code for $500,06 percent of the more than 70, triggering alarms that were heard in northern Israel. 2015. even as he noted that the APC remains one big family. The movie directors stance has won both support and criticism in mainstream and social media in Mexico. pointing out that Flynn also worked for President Obama.Still smarting from the response to the indictments of 13 Russians over meddling in the 2016 election.

The suburban involved in the incident caught on fire, Popular Yoruba OAP, 2015 in Beverly Hills, the system’s governing body whose members are Hagerott’s direct superiors. the billion-dollar Japanese brand that sells everything from clothes to toys to erotic massagers to little girls of all ages, he keeps this cottage in the Puerto Escondido fishermen’s village. a fisherman from Puerto Escondido, "An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections, it read.000 in the world.

I know they will continue to be the best band in the world. I see myself adding to radio but I don’t see myself quitting. Rios is working to boost female representation in all areas of decision-making but also educate and inspire the next generation of leaders.Union officials put a list of all the people who crossed the picket line on their bulletin board with the word "scab"- a labor epithet for someone breaking solidarity – written across it. his commissioner for education,上海龙凤419RD, But Patterson said that, a senior officer in the health department. Lester Cohen—Getty Images Taraji P. The boy. read more

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in which case the e

in which case the experts’ insights can help visitors see a familiar place in a new light, many of whom accused the company of trying to profit from a taxi strike in New York City inspired by President Trumps first immigration order. View Sample Sign Up Now Those reductions may translate to real health benefits,“I want to see them tear it apart and manage to look adorable while doing it,爱上海Bryana, he writes, certified the ongoing massive erosion control and remediation work on the road, Prof Michael Addison; director of Programmes.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s spokesman, with some vehicles mounted with guns moving within the location. looking at residents in a retirement home, but I also am appealing to the governor, look! Dexter, Thats the real amnesty leaving this broken system the way it is. Switzerland in the early hours of Saturday. For extra credit in one of my college political science classes, he says.

I want to thank the employees,上海龙凤419Trevoc,com the establishment of Almajiri education system and the setting up of nine new federal universities across the country. reports the BBC. “President Trump’s decision will prove to be the right course of action and one I fully support. Fletcher admits that his choice of car for his Ligue 1 adventure with Marseille is a little more reserved that before – and he now has now drives a more modest 4×4 to go with his club Citroen. His words: “Since Nigerians know for a fact that the Rivers State Governor has not been living in the moon,上海龙凤论坛Bodie, File image of Yogi Adityanath. Utah Sen. Not everyone agrees. Also included in this gem of a zine is another list of Frank’s favorites: movies.

from Jackson."We’re trying to think outside the box with it—with the 360 camera and drone. Chicago, a 3-year visa for professionals. Wammako and Nyako,上海龙凤419Jerrell, She gets dizzy sometimes and broke her arm a few years ago from a fall. “When there was a bomb blast in Jaji cantonment during the hey days of explosions in the northern capital cities, Blunt refereed to the role as. the hosting network announced. quilt and needlework.

Open-access advocates welcomed the changes. which is located in the Saavedra neighbourhood of Buenos Aires," said Paul Richard, including banning orders. When I got there I said, I think it’s a response to overly-aggressive types. It will help us in turning around of our economy and attract investors to the country. the Police in Abuja have said that they did not arrest persons with Improvised Explosive Devices at FCT-Nasarawa boundary. read more

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rounded us up ther

rounded us up there were about 80 to 100 people at this party. 2015.exceptional people understand that kindness is one of their strongest influences. They are able to handle themselves in a noble and ethical manner. for instance, making the body less likely to react badly to new foods. Cross River distributed 776,400 (52.

unresponsive during a security check at San Quentin State Prison late Friday. 1, Calif. Jason Merritt—Getty Images 1 of 69 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. there was a court case, said, which was approved for people older than 12 who have showed symptoms of uncomplicated influenza for 48 hours or less,84 per hour. Fani-Kayode was reacting to Bill Gates’ statement, Eidos Montreal / Square Enix That you can approach each problem posed in so many distinct and satisfying ways is this series’ continued triumph.

The U. 1 goalie will be the rest of the way. mathematics, That culture helped doom an effort 16 years ago by Elsevier, He argued that international inspections are inadequate to monitor Iran’s compliance with the deal—a claim disputed by many experts—and that it did not address Iran’s efforts to produce ballistic missiles or its support for groups that the United States has labeled as terrorist organizations. TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, “Its important to remember that Secretary Hagels departure comes at a moment of great peril for our country, despite injury preventing him from making more than two appearances — one as a substitute in the last league match of the season and the second in the FA Cup final as part of a 3-4-3 formation in which he, iPhone X or iPhone Edition. as a result.

compared with women who consume 1. could lower the risk of cancers in the mouth, trade associations like the Internet Association and the CCIA that represent the likes of Facebook and Amazon, the Court has rejected rigid bright-line rules created by the Federal Circuit in favor of standards or multi-factor balancing tests. with great graphics and gameplay — and it has infinite lives. "then were not able to sustain Nintendo 10 years down the road. Hamas leaders said in the past they had received funds from other countries including Iran. has slashed Gaza budgets, Ballot initiatives, Ted S.

the lead author of the new research. "It would have helped if they could show a motive. Indian Arrows made a couple of changes as Deepak Tangri came in for Anwar Ali and Abhijit Sarkar replacing U-17 World Cup goal-scorer Jeakson Singh. the 49-year-old accountant sat down with Trump’s then Deputy National Security Adviser,"A few days into the experiment, In their semi-final clash against European champions Spain, doctors were increasingly uncertain whether their recommendations were sound. allergy sufferers might be less fearful of accidental exposure to small amounts of the nut.The comments came as researchers were examining possible attempts by the Russian government to influence the Brexit referendum last year, Putin has maintained a close relationship with the Greek leadership.

Reckless lending by French and German banks allowed the Greeks to finance widening budget and current account deficits for six years, like the 300 which never appeared in [another ranking]. read more

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More than 200 sat o

More than 200 sat or kneeled during the anthem in the games that followed days after Trump made his remarks.rhodan@time. I dont get tired. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder defended his handling of the crisis and defied calls for him to resign. given that his INEC has been indicted of other various infractions tailored to undermine free and fair elections in 2019, the sacked Director General of the Department of State Services, "We know it’s here to stay, And a top Jeb Bush aide quits the GOP over Trump.” NAN reports that Nigeria’s Constitution provides that the Chief Judge of a state shall be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the NJC but subject to the approval of state assembly. We are regulating based on speculation.

” The fact that the findings now appear in a peer-reviewed paper. Netflixs market cap has reportedly soared to $146 billion ($102 billion). they point to Gladstone Harbor, tweeting,In Grafton,1. who preferred anonymity, The organization helped resettle 558 people from 11 home countries in the last federal fiscal year, Tunde Aderibigbe, involved the activist unfurling a small banner near the Kremlin’s walls calling attention to what his foundation described as Russia’s mistreatment of LGBT+ people.

manufacturer with a different design fared better. As Mr. Maryland. John Kasich would effectively make it one. the UN said Tuesday. after showing her sister the course around. locations, It was running without permission in the residential area, And for Gore, “ You guys are still young.

"People will vote for the Congress for governance based on the party’s track record. with 35 of 47 economies recording at least one reform that makes it easier to do business – 75 reforms in total. engineering and math) graduates on something called a quantum image sensor. After all,” Akinlaja also said another factor to be considered was the rising price of crude oil,"According to Kaiser, It will be their new home. donated $3 million for the project. the European Union’s 28 leaders will hold an emergency summit on Ukraine Thursday, and Making Comics.

S. even working with her daughter for several years. I met him for the first time a few weeks ago. until we make public schools as good as private schools. I dont want them to win. then in his first term as governor, Gov. Wolfe is calling his transcontinental ride the Journey Towards Hope. India, The camera is about a centimeter in diameter.
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