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How to reach the bottom of the resource-based economy

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 14, (reporter Wang Feifei Wang Jinghuai) as a typical resource-based regions, Shanxi in recent years in the development of the crossroads, the coal market downturn, the new economic growth point is pregnant. How resource economy is in supply side reform to break through economic predicament, realize as soon as possible bottoming out?

the most difficult problem lies in the supply side

9, the latest issue of the Bohai power coal price index released, 5500 kcal steam integrated average price closed at 388 yuan / ton, compared with the previous reporting period rose by $3 / ton.

face rising coal prices, the National People’s Congress, Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Youxi is not optimistic. “The decline in coal is reducing prices is hundreds of hundreds, a few pieces of coal prices rose, the only loss an utterly inadequate measure.” Zhang Youxi said, there is no change in supply and demand, overcapacity is still very serious.”

“Shanxi economic woes are mainly rooted in the supply side, the key is the structural problems of the industrial structure, a coal dominant factor structure, too much reliance on resource investment, do not adapt to changing market needs structure.” National People’s Congress, Shanxi provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin said.

Amoy “new baby”

in the sea

Shanxi supply side reform how to change? Shanxi’s answer is: to expand the effective supply, strengthen the quality of supply, create new supply from the sea in the new baby out “”.

Shanxi Lu’an Group made a beneficial exploration in this respect. Lu’an Group in recent years to develop coal based high-end fine chemical products, has developed 4 categories, 27 products, these innovative products cost has obvious competitive advantage, not only can replace imports, also successfully entered the international market.

“like a high melting point wax developed from Fischer Tropsch synthesis in coal, the world’s only three companies can produce.” The National People’s Congress, Shanxi Lu’an Group Chairman Li Jinping said, “now 1 tons of coal is only two hundred or three hundred dollars, but the high-end wax 1 tons can be sold for more than 10 thousand dollars.”

at the same time, vigorously develop coal associated resources. Coal contains lithium, gallium and other precious resources can be achieved by the use of industrial exploitation. After calculation, their potential value is equivalent to the value of coal itself.” Wang Rulin said that Shanxi’s coal has also found a coal amber, which is a rare gem.

we want to bite the coal resources associated with the development and utilization of the goal, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, the potential for the development and utilization of coal associated resources is very large.” Wang Rulin said.

coal heap outside the world more exciting

many people’s Congress believes that a coal alone Shanxi to get out of the current predicament, in addition to doing this article of coal, but also actively develop other industries, do a good job of non coal.

at present, Shanxi determine the cultural tourism, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, food and medicine, modern services and other seven industries as the transformation of a breakthrough, the cultural tourism was in the first place. < /;

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