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38 bus opened today

for a long time, leading to the sea lake district bus lines, residents and residents of the area to become the focus of attention. Following the opening of 24 Road, 35 Road, 58 Road, 106 Road, 109 Road, 1 bus line, April 25th, the lake district will add 38 bus lines, at the same time to adjust the line line 3, line 5, the formation of new bus network system wide coverage, adequate site.

April 24th, reporters from the Lake District Management Committee learned that in order to ensure the new passenger travel demand, New Area Administrative Committee and the Xining City Transportation Bureau, the bus company repeatedly coordination, decided on April 25th officially opened on the 38 bus lines, and the adjustment in the near future, line 3 line 5 line operation in the new district. Through this adjustment, the new bus lines into the lake lake area reached 9, about 200 buses. The new bus lines are as follows:

add new line – 38 road

: by the way 6 km road primary school students and the grid, through sea – Wen Jing Jie – Yuen Road, West Main Street – Wenhui Road 54 West Lake Road – – Cold – end point (the provincial radio and Television Bureau () to solve the lake district within the sea, the power of community, Xia Chun Park, Yuen Road, international, world Wenhui Road, Qinghai Grand Theatre, 54 West Road, cold lake road line residents travel demand).

site, Huangchuan middle school, primary school and Sports Center, Wen Jing Jie Xikou, Wen Jing Jie, Yuen Road, road (West Main Street), Pufeng, Kawa Ni, 542, Wenhui Road West, 54 intersection Nishiguchi, Normal University, Cold Lake Road north exit, Cold Lake Road, the provincial radio and television bureau. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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Express News

chase 92 buses and trains will be put into operation

April 23rd, reporters from Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County was informed that, to promote the process of integration of urban and rural public transportation to speed up, improve the quality of public transport services, Datong County raised 19 million yuan, centralized update is reached the retirement age of 92 buses and a car class line.

according to reports, the updated 62 buses, passenger car class line 30 vehicles, bus car models, 7 meters long and 10 meters. At the same time, update all the vehicles for fuel gas vehicles, each vehicle such as two million yuan, the capacity will be increased by more than 1 times. (author: Zhao Junjie)

Huangyuan atmospheric automatic monitoring station put into operation

day before the station officially put into operation in Huangyuan County Air Automatic monitoring. After the operation, the county seat in the air of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and respirable particulate matter 5 parameters and wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological factors all-weather monitoring, accurately and timely reflect the status and changes of county environmental air quality. Monitoring data and Huangyuan county environmental monitoring station, the provincial environmental monitoring center station real-time data networking, providing technical support for air pollution prevention and control work in Huangyuan county. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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