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Experts and scholars to discuss The Belt and Road cultural innovation development and cooperation

6 21, Green Fair "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum held in Xining. Forum by the national "The Belt and Road" strategic guidance, vigorously carry forward the tradition and the spirit of the Silk Road, to expand exchanges and work together to create brilliant Silk Road, "for the purpose, invite the relevant experts and scholars to discuss" The Belt and Road "cultural innovation development and cooperation, for Qinghai to build a cultural exchange center of silk the road of economic belt planning for the future, suggestions.

forum invited Professor and director of the academic committee of Communication University of China Culture Development Research Institute Qi Yongfeng, China of city academy of social development and Environment Institute associate professor Zhao Yong, Shenzhen dianjin cultural development limited company general manager Zhao Zhong police, were made to "Qinghai Silk Road" and the national The Belt and Road docking "strategic thinking", "Qinghai culture as a breakthrough into the depth of Silk Road Economic Belt strategy and key tasks", "creative future –" the future The Belt and Road "cultural creative Tour" as the theme of the keynote speech.

speech, held a cultural industry investment projects signing ceremony. Xining City, the West District of Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Co. Ltd., Qinghai Kumbum Monastery cultural tourism resources development company in our province 6 units and enterprises respectively with the Ningbo equity Cci Capital Ltd, Beijing St. cloud Lily carpet Co. Ltd., Beijing Tianyu Culture Development Co., Ltd. 6 units and enterprises, tourism and cultural integration the characteristics of cultural products production and processing, the cultural industry park construction of 6 investment projects were signed, the contract amount reached 730 million yuan.


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