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Huangzhong cadres on the table than the ability

January 13th, Huangzhong County, the first cadres of the style of the star finals held. As the Huangzhong County construction and promotion of administrative efficiency optimization is an important measure of team quality, to consolidate the party’s mass line of educational practice, the competition with "ability, strong quality" as the theme, fully demonstrated the good spirit of solidarity, the county cadres officer director, do the passion competition. It is reported that the first
, Huangzhong county cadres "Style Star Contest preliminaries, semi-finals and finals three game levels, the county a total of more than 60 cadres to participate in the race, a group of ordinary cadres and cadres group of two teams. After fierce competition, layers of selection, 13 outstanding players to enter the finals. The final interpretation by the government and video synchronization to explain the two links, not only increased the difficulty of the game, but also fully demonstrates the county cadres at all levels of solid business skills. The final scene, the players with their units and the work of the center, the integration of resources of time, the accuracy of showing the core points, combined with video synchronization to explain, demonstrate new plateau beautiful countryside construction, land and other greenhouse of Huangzhong economic and social development, a new way to explain, capable of explaining words, will continue to the final climax. Finally, the county tax bureau Li Jun and other three players won the first prize, the county propaganda department, such as Ma Weiru won the two prize in the county, the county development and Reform Bureau, Wu Chao, and other players won the three prize in the top five, and so on.


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