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Domestic and foreign travel coffee gathered in Qinghai

in recent years, Ctrip online travel to Qinghai orders are more than 100% growth. This shows that more and more people yearn for Qinghai this piece of pure, magnificent place of the original ecology, in June 24th, Ctrip Raiders community marketing director Zhang Jing said. The same day, Ctrip CTF China travelers conference with a big wave of domestic and foreign travel big coffee held a press conference in Xining, met with Qinghai for the first time.

in April this year, CTF China travelers rally began "meet different Qinghai" traveler network recruitment, including preheat link city driving circuit PK race and Master overseas experience, it is reported that the beauty of Qinghai’s charm, attracted the domestic and foreign tourism Master. Only drive line will attract 4600 people to sign up. Less than two months of the election period, the solicitation of nearly three million votes.


meeting is not the same as Qinghai overseas travel Master also globally from April start, Qinghai tourism as the theme of "meet in Qinghai" video, widely circulated in the overseas network, fueled concern. Activities through the online registration – Auditions – team and other forms of tourism for Qinghai to find the main source of overseas travel. According to the characteristics of the tourism destination in Qinghai, we can customize the diversified experience lines and spread the global tourism resources in Qinghai. Activities eventually received a total of more than 1000 people from overseas more than and 30 countries enrollment, and ultimately selected from Europe and the United States and other places more than a dozen internationally renowned tourist talent, came to Qinghai, the whole experience of the characteristics of Qinghai tourist routes.

It is reported that

, unlike ordinary lines, both at home and abroad the traveler to Qinghai would have their own characteristics and themes, led and participate in the traveler were selected from each team, ensure the traveler can by virtue of their best skill, to travel from different perspectives to the interpretation of the beauty of Qinghai.

6 30, a large number of domestic and foreign tourism and thousands of coffee lovers together, together in Qinghai, Qilian. Participate in the CTF Chinese travelers conference.

from 24 onwards, the the Yellow River Gallery of leisure travel, photography tours, Kunlun Mountains Lake riding driving adventure, and polished road green travel as the theme of the tourism Master car lines officially departed.


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