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Environmental protection so that people enjoy more green benefits

green can huimin. Environment is the people’s livelihood, Castle Peak is beautiful, blue sky is happiness. The ecological environment is connected with the quality of life of the people, and is connected with social harmony and stability. To protect the ecological environment is to protect people’s livelihood, improve the ecological environment is to improve people’s livelihood. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau firmly grasp the bid to improve the quality of the environment, adhere to environmental quality and quantity "double control", to promote the reform of the field of ecology and management transformation, efforts to promote environmental management system and scientific and legalization, refinement and informatization, boost the sustainable social and economic development, and strive to provide clean water, fresh air and beautiful environment for people, let the people live a happier life.

Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest responsibility in ecology, the greatest potential in ecology. We are under the leadership of the provincial government, and enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, implement the general secretary Xi Jinping four solid major requirements, accelerate and promote the "four changes", is a good green account, good green card, take the green road. Adhere to the ecological protection priority, in accordance with the main function zoning, good ecological protection red delineation and floor work, adhere to the development, protection in development in the protection, increase environmental protection scientific knowledge and advanced the concept of propaganda, raise public awareness of the environment, the government, enterprises and social linkage to promote ecological protection, promote the mode of production and life the consumption change to a civilized and healthy direction; firmly establish the "landscape forest lake is a community of life philosophy, to co-ordinate the implementation of the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention action plan and home beautification" action, make Qinghai the sky bluer, more green, water cleaner. Adhere to the most stringent environmental protection system, by strengthening environmental protection supervision, promote the implementation of environmental protection of the party with responsibility "and" yigangshuangze ", strengthen the administrative law enforcement and justice, promote the formation of environmental governance system of government, enterprise and public governance. Adhere to the ecological environmental protection in Qinghai into the national overall situation, in the implementation of the "The Belt and Road strategy in the protection of the ecological environment as the supporting point, and strengthen the province of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the Lancang River Basin cooperation in ecological environmental protection, to carry out exploration of river basin ecological compensation. Relying on science and technology to promote environmental protection, strengthen the study and application of control technology in the protection of the ecological environment, promote green organic product certification and energy efficiency labeling management, build green organic production base of product supply chain system; positive study on Industrial Park ecological industrial production organization mode and mode of development, efforts to improve the level of green industry. – provincial environmental protection department director Yang Rukun

clean water project:

is also a handful of people water

[Green Welfare]

"clean clear water, moist air, people seem to be exposed to the Jiangnan Water Village," "now the scenery is pleasant, can be regarded as Xining’s’ the Bund’"…… Once the minds of the people in the Huangshui River (Xining section) is to subvert the impression! Along with the urban section of the Huangshui River water ecological comprehensive control project in Xining City, promote the implementation of the sea, lake bridge to bridge the Huangshui River not only changed the newspaper;

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