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16 projects for the chase industry boost

yesterday, Datong County Government in Xining Economic Development Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, held in Beichuan industrial base and small and medium enterprises entrepreneurship Park project promotion. Good investment environment, preferential investment policies and service commitments, attracting the attention of many investors. There are 16 projects to achieve the signing of the contract amount of $7 billion 980 million. The signing of these projects, will once again lift the new round of industrial development in Datong County, the economic and social development of the chase into new strong impetus.

as a large industrial county in our province, Datong County in the province to seize the favorable opportunity to build 15 billion yuan of industrial base, build environment, create conditions, seize opportunities, strengthen the "main industry, to enhance the park’s strategic task, accelerate industrial development not slack, adhere to industry investment, resources investment, business investment and actively attract foreign investment, accelerate the pace of industrial base in Beichuan and the small and medium business park construction.

project promotion conference focused on signing of aluminum magnesium alloy, 300 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, new energy-saving fireproof materials and development of deep processing, quartz stone international logistics trading center, the Plateau Tibetan medicine research and development of new varieties such as project 16, the estimated total investment of 7 billion 980 million yuan. Participate in the signing ceremony of the investment unit, both well-known inside and outside the Province Chamber of Commerce, but also the industry leading enterprises. (author: Shi Fei)

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