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North Green worship hold beautiful home

planting trees, placed flowers…… In the whole society to create a ritual of fresh air is a scientific, healthy and civilized, the Tomb-sweeping Day Chengbei District, held a new "religious civilization, planting focussed Qingming Festival in unitary hill, so that the public had a green, low carbon, environmental protection Tomb-sweeping Day.
with flowers and plants mourning
people find everything fresh and new religious civilization came from Beijing came to the grave of the parents told reporters before the grave, always in front of the tombstone burning a lot of money, not only pollute the air and there is a great security risk, burned paper flying ash, makes us ash soil faces, very distressed. This home is another grave new feeling, instead of paper money changed into the flowers and plants, as well as specialized burning paper money worship tower, not only to avoid security risks, more let everybody feel the fashion, civilization, low-carbon concept of worship. Everyone should advocate such religious civilization, with flowers and plants instead of burning, a force for wonderfull life environment.
everyone hold the beautiful home

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