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Creative City Volunteers walk on the streets

words and deeds tree image, every move see civilization. Xining city to create a national civilized city activities into the crucial stage, the city also took action. North of the city, volunteer relay, love transfer practice since the start in March 5th, the streets of the emergence of a number of volunteers, set off a new upsurge of universal participation in the city.

"you slow down, I’ll help you cross the road when the red light is over!" "I’m too old to walk well. Thank you, you are?" "We are volunteers in the north of the city!" Here, Li Jianping a look of pride, wearing a little red riding hood, wearing a ribbon, volunteers hand hit the city propaganda page he had stood on the road for nearly three hours.

March 16th Bridge Street, everything in order. Red light pedestrian was stopped, the driver in the process of answering the phone was persuaded, the old man crossing the road someone helped…… Weekend, out of the office of the north district cadres who took to the streets, start a civilized persuasion volunteer service, and guide the public to consciously abide by the public order.

in addition, in order to create a good living environment, early in the morning, more than 20 volunteers from the community also on the streets of the bridge all the trash can be unified cleaning, replacement of the damaged trash can. In volunteer activities, 62 year old Wang Ping is the oldest community volunteers, but her drive does not lose to others, the children are with their little hands picked up the street plastic bags, paper scraps, become the north area of "volunteer relay, love pass" practice in a beautiful landscape. (author: Peng Na Wang Huijun)

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