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The expert site of Huangyuan low altitude glacier site

in September 11th, Huangyuan great black ditch low elevation glacier site through expert identification. This is in the Qilian area at an altitude of 3500 meters is rare "ancient glaciers" sites, through the UAV aerial remote sensing system for low altitude, to the area for high resolution aerial, glacier moraine, glacier cirque, composition and distribution, the size of the law, the development of local tourism development provides a high resolution remote sensing information is true and reliable.

geological circles generally believe that 4000 meters above sea level, there is no glacier, the provincial Forest Park of the north of the stone mountain of 3380 meters, but the preservation of the integrity of the glacier ruins. Here the stack of odd shape is Lei rock glacier ice product, dissolved out of the bucket mouth is like a knife back cirque, tongue, a mountain of stone Boulder, and typical moulin. According to Zhang Qiyuan, President of Qinghai geological survey and Mapping Institute, the glacier site for the study of climate change in Qinghai is of great significance, it is possible to enter the geological textbook. Famous writer Mr. Ishi in Huangyuan County, Forest Park, first discovered the ancient ruins of ancient glaciers, the provincial geological survey and Mapping Institute specially sent unmanned aerial vehicles to verify. (author: Zhang Yun)

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