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Provincial leaders held a meeting of leading cadres

6 29, the Qinghai provincial Party committee held a meeting of leading cadres. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Jiang Xinzhi attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Wang Guosheng chairman of Qinghai Provincial Committee, secretary; Comrade Luo Huining no longer serve as the Qinghai provincial Party committee, standing committee member, and another appointment.

Luo Huining presided over and spoke, Wang Guosheng, speech, Mr. Hao Peng.

in the warm applause, Luo Huining made a speech. He said that the adjustment of the main leadership of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of Qinghai fully affirmed and caring, I firmly support the central decision. Comrade Wang Guosheng’s political consciousness and overall situation consciousness, leadership experience, ideological emancipation, vision, hard work, honest, pragmatic and pragmatic style. Comrade Wang Guosheng has done a lot of fruitful work in Hubei, and Qinghai will be able to join the team members to promote the cause of a new level. I hope that the cadres and masses at all levels of the province, like me, support Wang Guosheng’s work.

Luo Huining said with deep feeling, in May 2003, I came from the Yangtze River to the snow covered plateau, to participate in and witnessed the tremendous changes in Qinghai. In the youth of 13 years, I have a sincere and awe, do not slack off, and you work hard together, share the joy of success. These two days, my mind has emerged some scenes. Unforgettable together we take the General Secretary Xi series of important speech as a guide, the flag orientation, solid work, and constantly enrich and develop the green governance governance ideas, for the Chinese socialism in Qinghai to provide strong guidance and good development. It is difficult for us to firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, and effectively take up a major responsibility to create a leading area of ecological civilization has made breakthrough progress. It is difficult for us to explore and grasp the law of economic development, initially out of a green cycle of low-carbon development, the creation of the first zone of circular economy development presents a bright future. It is difficult for us to carry out the party’s ethnic and religious policies, focus on building a modern social governance system, and create advanced areas of national unity and progress. It is hard to forget that we have a strong sense of reform and the rule of law to promote the work of thinking, for the spectrum of the Chinese dream written in Qinghai chapter has injected inexhaustible power to provide a solid guarantee. It is difficult to forget our common people’s yearning for a better life as a goal, do everything possible to promote the livelihood of the people, the people of all ethnic groups get a growing sense of. We cannot forget to jointly promote the comprehensive strictly, showing a positive political environment delicate gas. It is difficult for us to carry forward the socialist core values, hard work, selfless dedication, generations of people continue to build the spirit of Qinghai heights, is inspired by the children struggling to move forward plateau.

Luo Huining said, in 13 years, in this piece of land of hope, I devoted all feelings and effort into all joys and sorrow and joy. These 13 years, is the most precious time in my life, is my work in the most experienced journey. In the fight, and stay together morning and night comrades breaking up,;

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