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Xining City area propped up food and drug safety umbrella

restaurant demonstration street, you can see in the lobby Houchu, business households of Hot pot bottom material for publicity, pharmacy business documents are complete and standard management…… This is the staff in the district health and food and Drug Administration recently part of the area restaurants, canteens, pharmacy visits, the results obtained. Reporters followed the interview found that the current urban areas, food and drug market operating order is good, strict management norms, a food and drug safety umbrella has been propped up.

strengthen supervision level

escort health

[people feel] more and more people are willing to eat in the Nanshan Road food service food safety demonstration street. Public reflection, a better way to eat a better environment, better service, food safety and more assured! Many of the operators on the street also said that today’s customer turnover rate is high, the business is better!

in recent years, the rapid development of the third industry in the city, especially the catering industry, has become a major feature of the city’s tourism service industry, especially the development of small food and beverage industry in the city are representative. The city of catering industry for more than 80% of all dishes, snacks, farmhouse, nurseries canteen and other small catering service units. To ensure food safety of the masses, in the area of health and food and Drug Administration from standardized supervision and management, to develop "Chengzhong District small catering food safety regulation and standard implementation plan" and "Chengzhong District tableware assured project implementation plan", and hold regular departmental joint working meeting, set up and to improve the management mechanism of the main sub regulation, strengthen the supervision of different varieties are complementary, small catering food safety supervision level, the urban area has become a characteristic catering service center in our city has "set, refined, special" four advantages.

in March last year, the region launched activities to create a food service food safety demonstration project, the monitoring and evaluation of disinfection tableware in catering units of the regular street demonstration, the demonstration Street catering unit tableware disinfection qualified rate has remained above 95%. Demonstration Street large and medium-sized catering units were installed Houchu monitoring system, the food safety management of the more advanced and effective management of the kitchen.

through the unremitting efforts, the city area of Nanshan Road and three catering units to achieve the "rational layout, facilities, perfect system, health standard" demonstration street and the model stores the work target, Nanshan Road, Xining city won the first food service food safety demonstration Street on 2012 award.

increase supervision

to protect food safety

[people feel] after special rectification, the city’s business households at the end of the ingredients are hot pot publicity, and promised to the majority of consumers for a one-time pot, no recovery. Ms. Zhang people applauded, she said happily: "now no longer eat Hot pot always on tenterhooks."

in order to effectively protect the health of the masses, to prevent illegal add non food;

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