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West justice fair harvest justice

in recent years, under the correct leadership of the west district and the higher hospital, West District People’s Procuratorate adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and

"Three Represents" as the guide, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, firmly establish the concept of socialist rule of law, closely around the strengthening law

law supervision, maintaining fairness and justice, the procuratorial work theme, earnestly fulfill the procuratorial functions, to further promote the three key tasks, and strive to maintain the jurisdiction of

district social harmony and stability, in the realization of the procuratorial work in the process of scientific development has made new progress, has been superior leadership and the people

approval. In September 28th, the province’s procuratorial organs held the eighth "double first" commendation meeting, the hospital was awarded the provincial procuratorate first class merit, the hospital

Deputy director of the anti corruption Bureau in

, kakuun was awarded a personal two.

perform duties

security development significantly

adhere to the scientific development of the overall situation of service, maintaining social harmony and stability in the first place in the procuratorial work, and constantly increase the intensity of law enforcement investigators, strict

severe crimes against black and evil forces, serious violent crimes and other serious impact on the safety of the masses of criminal offenses.

adhere to the serious investigation and prevention of job-related crimes in a prominent position, and constantly increase the investigation of corruption and bribery, dereliction of duty, such as dereliction of duty

The work of major crimes in


adhere to procedural justice and substantive justice, and constantly increase the intensity of criminal prosecution.

• earnestly implement the chief prosecutor’s Day reception system and the first office responsibility system, the implementation of the reception of prosecutors double hanging work mechanism, smooth the expression of the aspirations of the masses

channels to properly resolve conflicts and disputes, and constantly enhance the sense of security of the people, to serve the western region’s economic and social development, and maintain social

harmony and stability has made important contributions.


services livelihood multi pronged

* to better promote the work of crime prevention work carried out in depth, the establishment of the prevention of job-related crimes workstation, carried out a joint venture to build low-cost


action, the establishment of a joint conference system to prevent job-related crimes and cooperation mechanisms.

* set up the province’s first community correction procuratorial room, the delivery of community corrections, supervision, and other aspects of the implementation of the termination of the implementation of full supervision

, can effectively prevent the non custodial penalty criminals off pipe, drain pipe, and the promotion of probation and community correction work according to norms of conduct.

* make full use of the characteristics of the community closely linked to the masses, the establishment of a community of people to the city of procuratorial work station, people’s livelihood legal service workstation, etc.,

and community cadres contact card system and regular receivers, telephone booking reception work mechanism, listen to the voice of the people, grasp;

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