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Three district construction year as a result

On the morning of January 13th, mayor Wang Yubo hosted the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting, study and implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, arrangements for the deployment of a quarter of the key work in the five. Wang Yubo stressed that the members of the municipal government party must take the lead in-depth study and understand the spirit of the five plenary meeting of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, closely combined with the actual work, the major strategic task of the provincial government to reflect the annual work plan, to reflect the specific work arrangements, reflected in the work of innovation, with the actual the effectiveness of the deployment work hundred-percent to implement the provincial government and requirements.

Wang Yubo stressed that adhere to the correct direction, we must seriously study and understand the spirit of a series of important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, loyalty, China socialist theoretical system and road, study and understand the central deployment on major work, carry out the implementation of the Work Committee of the provincial government and the Municipal provincial requirements, to implement the central and provincial the government decision to deploy do not hesitate, do not doubt. The problem on major issues issues of right and wrong stand firm and clear-cut, Every order is executed without fail. To deepen the reform, we must be in accordance with the requirements of "false start, rather than backward", with a more active attitude, more effective as combing, planning, practice of the reform tasks, not only slow, not chaos, to ensure that the planning and exploration in the forefront of the province, plays a leading role in the demonstration. Strive to create "three areas", we must firmly grasp the characteristics of the situation, adhere to the cycle of development, green development, harmonious development, is committed to improving people’s livelihood, in response to public opinion, to win the hearts and minds in the construction of the "three zones" on every year, every year as a success. The construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, we look at the long-term goal, strive to do at present, conscientiously implement the "Xining City District as a unit to build a well-off society action plan", and constantly enrich the city and County Comprehensive completion of new ideas and new measures to ensure the full completion of a well-off society, every work in the social process of small health initiatives, the whole year progress.

Wang Yubo, the municipal government party members should continue to uphold and improve the government work and meeting system, scientific decision-making, effective implementation, to bear a good development of responsibility, the responsibility, the responsibility of stability and security responsibility to perform their duties, promote major reforms, key projects, important people’s livelihood and important work. The meeting of the board, a good step, do a good job in the first quarter of the work and the Spring Festival before the relevant arrangements for the work and requirements.


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