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The work of art and Art Association will be held to promote the work

10 31, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a joint conference and the literary work will promote the work. The meeting reviewed and summarized in the general secretary Xi Jinping literary and artistic work forum important speech under the guidance of the development of literature and art work in our province, the deployment of the current and future period.

the meeting noted that the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech forum for two years, propaganda and cultural fronts in our province and the majority of artists as a guide, always adhere to the people-centered creation, pay more attention to the social, literary production continued in-depth, and strive to build a Chinese style, western style, the characteristics of Qinghai literature works jointly explore the road of cooperation, mass cultural activities flourished.

the meeting stressed that the heart of our province the front foot, high enthusiasm, bright prospects for thriving literary career is to be expected. But to turn the prospect into reality, dreams come true, we need to fully understand the advantages and conditions of Qinghai literature and art, cohesion and promote the work of a strong self-confidence. To study and implement the spirit of the speech habits, in order to firmly establish people’s Center for the creation; strengthen the research, scientific planning, the overall advancement of literary work; Qinghai mining theme, to create fine art; deepen cultural reform and consolidate the achievements, continue to inspire art creation; strengthen the construction of the literary position, expand the channels of communication; actively explore the network fusion of literature and tourism, ways to stimulate the development of Qinghai literary potential; strengthen the team construction, to provide personnel support for the work of art.


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