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Xining Bridge Street office the elderly dying community care

April 22nd, the staff member of the Xining Bridge Street office Tian Guiqin holding a good stew of meat from home, rushed into the north of the city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ward.

March 19th, the newspaper published the "warm love, the old man’s heart" reported, after a lapse of more than a month, the 79 year old widowed king, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, may at any time to leave the world. In April 22nd, the reporter saw the old man is playing bottle king in the room, the old man lying in bed, his face has been swelling. "We are dedicated to the elderly please the care, care of the elderly living every day." According to the new century community director Hua Chengze introduction, the elderly sick, get the help of the small bridge office and the Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau, the elderly medical expenses and living problems have been resolved to a certain extent.

recently, the Xining Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to the elderly under the notice of death, after receiving the notification of death, the civil affairs departments and hospitals to provide convenience for the elderly, the elderly will have a good meal." Bridge Street Office of social affairs department chief Zhang Dong said, now, the staff of the community turns to deliver meals to the elderly every night by the nurse to take care of the old man’s life.

it is understood that the north area of Bridge Street office area there are 5 such as Wang in the elderly, "although the office and community in manpower, material resources and financial resources are very difficult, but the king old man in this community, or think of ways to solve for the elderly." Zhang Dong said.


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