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Datong to provide relief funds for difficult workers

recently, the author from the Datong County union learned that this year, to carry out the warmth activities for the workers in difficulties during the two in Datong County Federation of trade unions, issued a total of 934 thousand and 500 yuan of funds assistance, assistance and relief of the 763 workers in difficulty. It is reported that since the development of
, as the difficulties workers send warm activity, Datong County Federation of trade unions according to the current situation of the county enterprises and workers, enterprises and the difficulties workers home in the field visits and investigation, investigation thoroughly, and strive to work to expand the coverage, not omission. On the basis of the work procedures to do the grassroots trade unions reported in accordance with the actual, the county Union home investigation, filing, helping carry out. The work of helping the county enterprises shut down, production companies and public welfare jobs for tilt, for workers in minority workers, single workers, especially single women workers, disabled workers to focus on helping.
the event, received aid difficult County Department of transportation Luqiao company difficult worker Yu Guoliang said happily: "there are 5 people in my family, my mother has been sick, the difficulties of life, in the Spring Festival approaching, I received 1500 yuan relief funds, it is timely assistance."

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