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Bazhong RS tax incentives to help migrant workers Entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship has become a topic of concern to the whole society, the relevant departments at all levels of government within the scope of their responsibilities to provide help for returning entrepreneurs. Bazhong City, Sichuan IRS tax service for migrant workers, so that returning home more smoothly.

The State Tax Bureau of Bazhong city of Sichuan Province during the Spring Festival

the system selected "first secretary" and village cadres as a link, to actively mobilize village power, establish a compulsory tax propaganda team, to the village households for rural residents and migrant workers in the promotion of entrepreneurial knowledge and agriculture related preferential tax policies, enhance their entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Cumulative distribution of promotional materials 30 thousand copies.

the implementation of tax incentives are entitled to enjoy, let entrepreneurs at ease. Strict implementation of Small and micro businesses tax relief, tax rebates, tax exempt agricultural products enterprises increase the preferential tax policy, to maximize the return of entrepreneurs to make full use of the preferential tax policy. Active trade unions at all levels to determine the location of vocational training is recommended to return home to participate in vocational skills training, free of charge to return home to provide preferential tax incentives special counseling. Establishment of preferential tax policies to track the supervision system, regularly check the implementation of preferential policies to ensure that the enjoyment of up to 100%.

should try to optimize the tax service, let entrepreneurs warm heart. Open home business "Easy Access", to provide personalized guidance and booking, delay service, active site service to remote rural areas, the tax is not convenient for taxpayers. As the backbone of the business coaching, help returning entrepreneurs bylaws, familiar with the business tax.

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