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Cool summer tourists packed with Xining

would like to come to Xining to enjoy the cool, I am afraid to find a good place to live. Now Xining major hotel occupancy rate has reached more than 100%, more than four star luxury hotel already full. July, cool Xining into more and more foreign tourists, a total of 2 million 103 thousand and 200 passengers and tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 9.39%. Total tourism revenue 1 billion 724 million yuan, an increase of 30.43%.

natural air conditioning leads the national summer holiday

days ago, Li Baoguo of Beijing, a line of 4 people to meet in Xining for the summer, the morning of August 6th arrived in Xining at noon, and couldn’t wait to get to the attractions of tourism. Li Baoguo said: "in this period of time in Beijing did not dare to go out, but the climate is cool in Xining, you can play everywhere!"

to Xining for summer tourism is not only a Li Baoguo, from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, many tourists. Reporters to the Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Kanbula, Dan Junggar mountain, such as the ancient city of Qinghai famous scenic spot interview, found everywhere crowded scenic area. Only in July, the Kumbum Monastery, the sun and the moon, the ancient city of the city were tourists 345 thousand and 800 passengers, respectively, 46 thousand and 900 passengers and 45 thousand and 400 passengers.

sell cool Qinghai spent a lot of effort

for Xining tourism golden season, provincial, county tourism administrative departments at all levels and the relevant departments and the tourism enterprises, ahead of plan actively, make the summer of Xining is not only cool and fresh, more lively rich, also let visitors feel the charm of the plateau city.

With the opening of the new airport in Xining Cao Jiabao and the opening of five new routes to facilitate the convenience of tourism in Xining has greatly improved, the proportion of overnight tourists outside the province increased significantly, accounting for about 80% of the city’s overnight tourists. Since July the city major festivals around the race, continuously: FIRST Youth Film Festival, Qinghai International Halal Food Festival, Xining fair city, Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival and other major festivals to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

more and more tourists in the countryside to enjoy

reporter learned that the rural eco-tourism has become the main force of summer tourism in our province. Since April, Huangnan, Haidong, Hainan and rural tourism reception point of the business is booming. In particular, into July, the city’s surrounding rural tourism reception point business is very hot, the average attendance rate of over 80% of the weekend. The rapid development of the new type of ecological tourism, such as greenhouse picking, farming experience. Only north of the city of interest in the ecological park in July on the reception of 240 thousand people, to achieve revenue of $750 thousand. (author: Sheng Nan)


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