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Shanghai city will intensify supervision of the whole – Electronic Police

electronic police in Shanghai, said the international metropolis, must not be strange, but also spread over a number of electronic police, you know? If you have a little bit of violation of traffic rules, will be attracted by the eyes of the electronic police fire, so drivers friends have to be careful.

however, the exit lamp frame of the electronic police has been the scene with the complete video recorded, and formed 4 photos to fixed evidence, white Iveco will by failing to alternate traffic violations to eat 200 yuan ticket.

in January 28th this year, installed in the Yixian elevated inner ring elevated sections for export of electronic police equipment to capture "not according to the provisions of alternating traffic" is used to capture the illegal behavior of the second sets of electronic police capture has been illegal since 33.

it is understood that Shanghai has y opened a new round of construction of electronic police work, this year is expected to add about 700 sets of electronic police, the number increased, the content of electronic police law enforcement will be further expanded: in addition to the pilot implementation of the capture has not required alternating line "," motor vehicle line "is not required it is expected to be incorporated into the electronic police capture range.

and in December 15th last year, the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference has come to the news, Shanghai is ready to build 18 thousand sets of electronic police, the real traffic violations of the coverage, zero tolerance".

from the old driver needs to install their own "electronic sniffer dog" electronic police today announced the location, range, increase the number of expansion functions, becoming the indispensable electronic police Shanghai such a large city traffic management tool. However, this also caused public controversy on electronic police: they do not worry, the electronic police police enforcement effect, the widespread use of electronic police will let the driver consciously abide by the law, and the "selective" traffic management is too dependent on technology.

electronic police has a variety of functions, not only enhance supervision, more function is to remind the driver friends, in the process of driving the car, must be Caution!, do not violate traffic rules on the road, it will bring serious negative effect to people.

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