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The shop to do business should pay attention to the way of speaking the whole

the same sentence, the same road, for a statement, for consumers will have a different feeling. So, if you want to do their own business to do the fire, naturally also need to pay attention to the way to speak, so that you can get more consumer recognition, so that the business of the shop to achieve booming.

a few days ago, I went to a supermarket to buy grapefruit. I picked up a grapefruit, a look at the skin has been some rotten, I casually said: "this skin is broken." But in the side of the sales staff is very impatient, said: you do not eat grapefruit skin, you tube it rotten rotten!" I was very unhappy at once.

I am also a retail shopkeeper, encountered such a situation, mostly from the customer’s point of view. One day, a customer came to buy cookies, and the outer packing of the box was damaged. This time, I said with a sincere face: "big sister, I am sorry, the rest of the box. When I bought that day, accidentally fell to the ground, so it broke. If you wait until tomorrow, the new goods will arrive tomorrow." After listening to my words, the eldest sister said: "it does not matter, I do not eat the box, just a decoration, no use." She bought it outright.

almost encountered the same problem, but because of the different ways of speaking, the resulting solution has such a difference. Therefore, in the shop operation, we must pay attention to the art of speaking, consider the feelings of customers.