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Our investment Brown sugar cake can be obtained which support

a lot of people in the catering industry investment began his entrepreneurial path to join form, so choose the reason of course is mainly because the franchise investment can provide a more solid foundation for your business, for novice entrepreneurship can also provide a lot of support and guarantee to join. Take cake Square to join, a lot of people are very optimistic about the Brown sugar cake cake this brand, because he can provide strong support for investors.

– Brown division from the United Kingdom, its sugar cake turned from three hundred years of court craft, called the cake in the art of nobility. Is Chinese high-end Fondant Cake Art brand, is a leading British Art Fondant Cake chain, with the famous British Sugar Brand Co operated, led the British engineers team, will be popular in the British aristocracy in Sugar Art of the perfect introduction to bring senior gift cake custom service most of the quality of the people, y embodies the the unique taste of consumers.

investment Brown sugar cake can get what support?

Brown cake join to support

a store planning support:

1. to join the business to provide a complete franchise and unified visual image design, combined with a variety of promotional methods to enhance brand awareness;

2. to assist the franchisee location, with the provision of shop decoration design, and guide and follow up the progress of the store renovation;

3. from the site to start operations, the headquarters will be standardized and standardized operation mode to guide the franchisee management.

two training support:

1. provide continuous management and operation training system, regularly or irregularly sent to each franchisee for communication and management guidance;

2. initial appointment of professional technicians to shop for technical guidance and production supervision work;

3. each store excellent cake designers and technicians can get the headquarters of the organization to go abroad to visit, study and learning opportunities.

three operations support:

1. to provide trademark licensing and brand related qualifications for the franchisee business promotion;

2. provides a sound logistics management system and supply chain;

3. provides a unified brand promotion, event planning and market development;

4. R & D team and creative team to provide creative works for franchisees