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See the lush kebab brand advanced process

era in the development of social progress. Only know how to adapt to the changes of the times and change, whether it is biological or market or civilization, in order to leave their footprints in the history of time, you must know how to change. Take the food and beverage industry, the traditional food and beverage model has not been able to meet the needs of the people of the Internet age, in order to survive must be transformed. Brand in the choice of transformation or upgrade is actually a test team for the market to understand and judge the important time for the market to determine the current status and expectations must be determined location. At the same time, the need for a more consumer mentality of the selection process gradually invade the user’s choice, and eventually become synonymous with a category.

this is a reflection of the brand upgrade process. In the food and beverage industry competition, most of the winners have a common feature, that is, to have a clear sense of the crowd, market positioning, and from a unique perspective to occupy the minds of consumers. Lush kebab is one of the many brands, catering has been sustained attention recently, a positioning change makes the brand starts to glow the vitality.

end of summer, barbecue industry began to enter the off-season. But it is a good time, making the barbecue industry macro point of view, the current core features of the barbecue industry is still in a brand property is not strong, there is no brand category in the market. For the vast majority of consumers, and did not appear to be a strong brand can capture the hot pot market, such as the sea to allow consumers to serve as a synonym for baked string category. Of course, with the influx of a large number of brands, this pattern is quietly changing.

lush skewers

lush skewers from the beginning of 1991 has been around the "Korean" skewer a deep, the country has more than 50 stores. In the course of the development of its brand, it has experienced a number of advanced brands, including from joining to straight, from the simple emphasis on the string to emphasize the Korean characteristics of these different stages. During this period, lush skewers once renamed Feng Maosheng, and vigorously carry out join efforts, but it lost the part of the user, the part of the store management can not be unified also makes the brand crisis. Now this transformation is around the lush kebab skewers attention for 25 years, the series was delicious mutton "in store decoration is also more emphasis on the file, the tin container style. In many exchanges with lush skewers of general manager Wang Dongsheng, the greatest feeling is that the core of advanced brand positioning has always focused on the product reconfiguration. On the one hand the lamb is on the significance, on the other hand, will also be the core dishes from 12 to 7 reduction, for the improvement of products around the center, to match the brand appeal, decoration style, brand name and crowd positioning adjustment.

lush skewers brand has the following advanced core reason: