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A smile has become business development Assistant

in the process of business development, we can take a lot of strategies, so that the development of the business has a lot of assistants. Among many business assistants, "smile" is a very useful tool. In the morning, dominating the area adjacent to Bai Yi operating department stores Sister Li with of sleepy pouch hands hold door rattles up, roll the world outside the gray clouds dragon general All sounds are still., slowly creeping, the sun on a corner of the sky bright white belly, everything seems to return to the original moment.

Sister Li took a clap on the dust, glanced at the store pattern, eyes stay in the new orange smoke cabinet, with sleepy eyes suddenly grew vivid, Sister Li skilly opened the scan code system, a simple cleaning smoke cabinet, cabinet back covered the night dust. Everything ready. A new day, give it a smile.

won’t smile

screen broke back, time flows into the river, until the stay in the 2013 equinox. In the evening, near the Harbourside District, bleached the shop, with a thick dust on the shelf, the old yellow walls, green smoke cabinet, tired people.

a customer came, Lee sister dragged tired body, expressionless to open the glass door of the cigarette cabinet, touch a pack of Yuxi light thrown on the cigarette cabinet: "22."

customers look at the attitude of Li sister, some angry, and left his mouth and said: do not laugh what business!" So put the money on the cigarette cabinet, picked up Yuxi turned away. Sister Li also understand that this attitude is wrong, but the day accumulated, with less flow, business in light, there is really no profit scanty, energy and motivation to consider the feelings of the customer. Sister Li also has a dream of living on the petty bourgeoisie. But on the current situation, this dream is getting farther and farther away.

Sister Li mind seems to be contemplating what things, and looked at the Harbourside area at the entrance of a bite on the streams of people busily coming and going of the crowd, hammer down.

on the second day Li Jie put Harbourside area next to the economy is not the grocery store to the pavement plate down, after more than a month of twists and turns, again for the tobacco retail license, and finally in the area at the entrance of the large flow of people by firmly settled. Sister Li looked at the bustling crowd, as well as a little renovation of the store, I think the business is booming sooner or later things, think of this, Lee sister that night to sleep more than a month to the first practical sense.

for a large flow of pavement, the Department of the department store business benefits than before a little better, Lee sister’s face has gradually restored some of the.

but good scenery