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Guizhou how to develop tourism in Ethnic Villages

in life because of China’s vast territory, resulting in a lot of Customs has great features, has become a popular tourist area at present. Traditional village is the home of national culture, but also a colorful Guizhou card. In the development of rural tourism in the moment, how to take into account the protection and inheritance of village culture? Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress, Congjiang County Cui Li Yao Zhuang township party secretary Mo Nanping said: the ethnic village tourism development not blindly cater to tourists.

"a lot of ethnic villages because of the development of their own national culture to the destruction of the ethnic villages in my country you open what cafes, bars, and build a number of entertainment projects with national culture from the."

has been concerned about the small population Ethnic Village Development on behalf of Mo Nanping in the research found that the development of tourism in ethnic villages, the influx of a variety of entertainment, tourism products are also similar, brick houses all over, these are the representatives of the heart of mo. She always believes that the development of tourism must hold the root and soul of national culture, can not let the national culture with the tourists into the assimilation, can not blindly cater to tourists. In the course of the development of tourism, so that the national culture has been excavated, development, rather than because of the development of tourism, the national culture to distort the national culture to the side."

The Cui Li Yao Zhuang Xiang

on behalf of Mo Nanping, with the new opportunities of Guiyang Guangzhou, Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail ushered in the development of tourism, also let the villagers look forward to the change of life, "the traditional village funds are limited, without protection, then the life and culture of the people after the material demand growth and he is sure to remove old."

how to develop ethnic village tourism in Guizhou? In order to meet the needs of tourists at the same time, we can not blindly usher in the psychology of tourists. It is worth emphasizing to development and protection go hand in hand, Mo Nanping representative, the government and the villagers need to work together to strengthen the protection consciousness of "one of the villagers, let them realize their national cultural self-confidence, I think I am very unique, not to yearn for the city’s architectural style, the city government should play; the introduction of some measures to protect the village culture to encourage a certain, from the thought, from a policy compensation."

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