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The ten world outdoor brand rankings

in a variety of sports, outdoor sports are now sought after by people is getting higher and higher. In fact, the history of the development of outdoor products for many years, and with the improvement of people’s living standards, outdoor life more and more common. In a large number of outdoor brands, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out a list of the world’s top ten outdoor supplies, after the intention to start outdoor life friends can refer to.

world outdoor ten brand list NO1- Archaeopteryx

Recognized as the top

. Regardless of workmanship or technology are filled with luxury! Archaeopteryx is Canada’s top outdoor brands, and MountainHardware said the best North American market outdoor clothing manufacturers. Founded in 1989 2002, Canada VANCOUVER, Arc ‘teryx, was acquired by Addidas-Salomon, then, with 2005 Salomon from A-S group split sale to Finland AmerSports group, now Arc Amer’s’ teryx is a subsidiary of Salomon group. But Arc ‘teryx has maintained its independent operations in Vancouver, although some of its subsidiary products have moved to New Zealand, Vietnam and china.

world outdoor ten brand list NO2- North / north face

there are many domestic tour pal called TNF, tnf! One more love is the name of the North face. Needless to say, the international high-end brands! I think it is Chinese of the most extensive international high-end brands, although now affected fake and some negative news, but I’m from the style and quality of its products did not lose the maker style, definitely worth buying!

world outdoor ten brand ranking NO3- Leroy


Germany’s top brands, solid work materials! Originated in Germany in 1935, is a famous outdoor sports leisure brand in europe. July 8, 1935, this is a memorable day. On this day, the world famous outdoor sports brand SALEWA was born. JosefLiebhant was the chairman of the Association for the German horse, equestrian enthusiasts to provide quality harness, registered a harness and leather products manufacturing company based SALEWA. SA means Saddler (manufacturing saddle), LE means Leather (Pi Ji), WA means Wares (product).

world outdoor supplies top ten brands NO4- Bly Ark

BLACK YAK free translation for black yak, solid work materials, but the price is high. Bly Ark (B>)

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