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Why Home Furnishing Meike settled in Chengdu old Mall

Home Furnishing brand as a professional high-quality, highly popular Meike Home Furnishing headquarters, in order to further expand the market, actively expanding of Chengdu area! In the consumer’s impression, home shopping has always been located in the periphery of the city, and preferred cluster development. But recently, Meike Home Furnishing owned stores and Markor chose located near the core city in Chengdu city in the old mall Renhe Spring Zongbei as new. Recently, the reporter went to the mall, said a staff member whose property market, in the first half of 2016 on "sell" to Markor. But for what is to lease or self-sustaining form stationed in the mall, Meike Home Furnishing did not respond.

it is worth noting that, in recent years, the growth rate of the number of Home Furnishing Meike Stores Co., from 2015 to 2016, the number of new stores and closed upgrading roughly flat. In addition, the company in 2016 planning non-public offering to raise funds of 1 billion 600 million yuan and put into a production line expansion project.

Home Furnishing said, from the furniture manufacturing industry chain integration, marketing wholesale to retail brand is the future development path. But many industry insiders told reporters that although the industry chain integration is the main trend of Home Furnishing industry, but the route or the need to invest a lot of money, not only may add heavy asset risk, is not suitable for every one of the stores subject.

– Markor will replace Renhe Spring

recently, Chengdu veteran mall Renhe Spring Zongbei faces closure, and the new white party alleged Markor.

1 17 morning, the reporter visited the mall. At present, only a few stores in the mall on the first floor of the clearance sale promotion, the second to the four floor because of the withdrawal is not allowed to enter. A staff member said that the mall from June 2016 began to inform businesses gradually withdraw, 24 this month, the mall will be officially closed.

in the shopping site, a number of staff also confirmed that the mall will be on January 24th officially opened the news, but also said Renhe Spring Zongbei will be taking over run by Markor, which will approach the decoration in 2017 after the spring festival.

later, reporters call the certificate on behalf of Home Furnishing Meike, but people with "Markor in China, there are so many stores, we may not know each store’s situation as an excuse to reply to a reporter’s inquiry.

Why choose

for Home Furnishing stores located in the traditional district, President of the Sichuan building materials furniture decoration chamber of Commerce Yang Wensong told reporters, "Markor should fancy customer and brand advantages accumulated under the old mall."

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