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Beijing integral settled policy on January 1, 2017 trial

settled in Beijing accounts difficult problem is expected to be resolved. For the rest of the community has long been settled in Beijing policy will be put into trial on January 1, 2017. The total score to reach the required score of personnel can apply for permanent residence in Beijing.

recently, the "Beijing integral settled management measures (Trial)" officially released, the provisions of education a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, background, living and working areas, constitute integral innovation, tax, age, honors, records of the nine indicators system in law. As a major reform of the household registration management system in Beijing, the integration will become a college graduate graduates, the introduction of talent, relatives to take refuge, after the transfer of work, but also a channel settled in Beijing.

Beijing integral settled policy: 7 years to pay social security needs to meet

"refers to the so-called integral settled through the establishment of index system to quantify settled residence permit holders who apply for the conditions, and given a certain score for each indicator, the total score of the staff to achieve the required score can apply for permanent residence in Beijing." Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said that the city development needs of multi-level human resources support, Beijing integral settled index system mainly around the capital city strategic positioning and development stage of design, mainly oriented to meet the requirements of ordinary workers, focus on solving Beijing a long time, the employment ability of the staff to settle the problem.

Beijing integral settled policy framework can be summarized as "4+2+7". 4 qualifications: hold a residence permit in Beijing City, in the statutory retirement age, in Beijing continuous pay social insurance for 7 years, no criminal record personnel; 2 basic indicators: legitimate stable employment and stable legal residence; 7 leading indicators include: educational background, working and living area, innovation ability tax, age, honors, record of compliance etc..

, according to the latest release of the "residence permit" Provisional Regulations, since October 1st this year, the "temporary residence permits" will be upgraded to a "residence permit", non Beijing residents only need to submit identity cards, recent photo, live, work or study that several elements, such as 15 days to receive.

‘continuous pay 7 years of social security’ is one of the most important qualifications of the 4 conditions, reflecting the priority to address the requirements of the stock." Relevant responsible person said, according to the opinions on the reform of the national household registration system, requirements of settled conditions big city to pay social security age not more than 5 years, Beijing as a large city, in the provisions of payment of social security age is higher than that in a big city. This provision also refers to the practice of other Mega cities.

Beijing integral settled policy: apply for age pushed to retirement before

in December last year, the city of Beijing recommended

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