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Cost killer Zheng Nanyan’s success

saves the cost, can make your net profit more, this is like countless entrepreneurs are a little pursuit, but in multiple consumer, a lot of people is difficult to achieve, but Zheng Nanyan was successful, but also a very high reputation, let’s see how successful he is.

Zheng Nanyan file:

1992, founder of labor industry computer company; 2000, general manager and vice president of Ctrip Travel Network Chinese area; in 2005, founded the "7 days" hotel chain, chief executive, known as the cost of the youngest head of Econo Hotel, the hotel industry.

2005 in March to create a "7 days" Hotel, just two years, the number of stores exceeded 100, and plans for the year reached 150, in the city center Econo Hotel has become saturated today, such a rapid development speed amazing. The chief executive officer of commercial secrets revealed Zheng Nanyan’s trip to Chengdu, it sounds simple but mysterious.

4, Zheng Nanyan held a low-key media conference in Chengdu, announced that it will develop 10 stores in Chengdu. The data show that Chengdu currently has more than and 130 star hotels, all kinds of Econo Hotel, hotel, guest house, the more than 1 thousand and 500. Experts said that by the end of the year, Chengdu city Econo Hotel will reach saturation. Choose such a period stationed in Chengdu, the industry on how to make a living is very concerned about.

"7 days" without opening

"" 7 days "without opening ceremony, because the costs to be included in the cost management." Zheng Nanyan said he would never go to the scene before the opening of the new store, the most busy during the opening, if the owner also make time to receive, it is also a waste, cost management from the start of the count."

"7 days" cost control in some aspects of subtle to the unthinkable, >

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