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Which brand is good – the whole of tire

development of the automotive industry, driven by the continuous progress of automobile tire industry, for people, car tire quality, can make the car more smoothly, now many owners love choose high-quality tires, so tire which brand is good? The whole will bring tire brand rankings for everyone, to help entrepreneurs better choose a brand.

said Michelin tire card is known to every family, friends is not the first thought of rice fat label on the LOGO for Michelin? Also value rather China market, in 1988 on the establishment of the sales company in Hongkong, founded in 1995 by the end of the Michelin Shenyang Tire Co. Ltd., 2001 Michelin (Chinese) Investment Company Limited was established in Shanghai.


Compared to the big three and

mentioned above, the German horse brand tire (Continental) the more distant history, also known as the continental tire, the tire belonging to the continental group, the group was founded in 1871, it is worth mentioning is the world’s first band pattern of the automobile tire is developed by the company.

Familiar with

and Chinese market soon to Pirelli from 2005 to set up factories in Shandong to open.

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