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After operation three Analysis

during the Spring Festival, the store business simply do not worry, just need to do a good job of customer reception. However, after the Spring Festival, store crowds obviously see less hot scenes. Retail customers how best to continue during the festival business momentum, the following three may wish to learn about:

a, keep the festive atmosphere. After a little light Business Festival, might as well use their leisure time to clean up, focusing on cleaning up the dust on the holiday decorations, so as to continue to play a festive atmosphere. In particular, the face of a happy no less, the service also can not be discounted. Some customers feel that after the festival business is not busy, you can relax, the results of quality of service decline, the delivery is not sent to the customer to promote the momentum of goods is also small. This will not only affect the immediate business, but also affect the image of the store.

two, timely processing of inventory goods. Some of the packaged food products, for a long time, the quality of the goods and sell will be greatly reduced. Once the quality problems, it will lose the trust of customers. Therefore, the festival should pay attention to inventory inventory in a timely manner, to deal with the holiday season during the sale of goods, the discount discount, the profits of the other. This is not only conducive to the timely return of funds to carry out new business, but also to maintain the store popularity, improve the credibility of the store.

three, refused to accept the gift of wine and tobacco. After the festival, some consumers will begin to deal with some of the gifts they do not need. At this time, our retailers not because of cheap or entrusted acquaintances to recycle these gifts, otherwise it may suffer a great deal. Because during the holiday gifts are particularly high, high-grade cigarettes and may be false. If you buy to the customer, the customer will not only smoke after the discovery, but also may be complaints, and will have a negative impact on future operations.

festival market is no longer hot, however, the market demand is also huge, therefore, if you can grasp the skills of the festival shop operators, the store will also have a very big business to help. 2017 Spring Festival has just passed, if you are a retail store owner, such action may have a look.

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