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Community shops selling fruits and vegetables is not only convenient for customers and achieve their

is now a lot of people go to work during the day, the evening also need to go back to buy food, even in the home market is still very far away from home, which undoubtedly makes many people feel inconvenient. And I think the small community retail business of fruits and vegetables can provide convenience to consumers, but also to increase the popularity of other shops, driven by sales of goods, the formation of the store all in one service, is a good way to revitalize the shop.

fruits and vegetables is a mass of essential, relatively large consumption of goods. For such goods, many customers have such shopping requirements: affordable, the nearest purchase. If the store in the area of vegetables and fruits and affordable, they do not have to go to the big supermarket to buy, for them to save time and effort. Therefore, there are still a lot of advantages in the management of vegetables and fruits.

community store business strategy is flexible, low operating costs, vegetables and fruits of the purchase cost is not too high, the owner can be based on the store area, customer groups and other characteristics to determine the type and quantity of stock. At the beginning of operation, fewer goods, goods on the ground, reduce the loss, make the products have a good sale, to attract customers’ attention and business community, then gradually increase the stability of the varieties.

Although the

community store has a certain amount of traffic guarantee, but now the number of stores is also increasing, leading to business is also difficult to get better development. In short, the community shop fierce competition, survival difficulties, the operation of vegetables and fruits can not only facilitate customers, but also to achieve their own, I think it is worth a try.

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