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6500 yuan to join the opening of a tea shop

although there are a lot of people want to join the opening of a milk tea shop, but a lot of investment funds are very large, the average entrepreneur simply can not afford. At the same time, a lot of milk tea stores have said that the cost of investment is not large, six thousand or seven thousand can easily shop. Don’t be fooled by these bad businesses. Today, Xiaobian for you to expose the operation of these bad businesses in Inner Mongolia.

investment warning

" 6500 yuan to open a pearl milk tea shop "? – actually spent forty thousand or fifty thousand!

is responsible for technical training? – just sold all kinds of raw materials, formula " " No comment!

joined the chain to make money? – the general price is high, opened half a year had to close!

case: 6500 into 47000

Hunan Chenzhou Wang worked in Guangdong for many years, accumulated a few million. By chance, she found a headquarters in Hunan, Changsha, ", a well-known " food companies, foreign publicity " 6500 yuan to open a pearl milk tea restaurant ". So Miss Wang would like to return home to open a shop like this. She went to visit the headquarters of Changsha, " fellow " she strongly recommended to her $17000 worth of a package, including a number of machinery and a number of containers, including more than 30 kinds of products. Miss Wang saw only a lot of things, did not want to sign a franchise agreement with the enterprise.

In fact,

, a pearl milk tea shop needs more than more than and 30 kinds of products, after buying the film, fruit and so on, and Miss Wang spent about 20 thousand yuan, plus the rental pavement renovation costs, Miss Wang also borrowed 10 thousand yuan from relatives to put together. Later, she was in Chenzhou to fight for a thriving Street location, but not ideal.

the main problem is the product price is too high, and, although after a technical training, but do not know the recipe, Wang always can not do business demonstration of standard milk tea products. When Miss Wang requires enterprises to reduce raw material purchase price or allow the purchase of cheap material itself, have been rejected by the other party; she also requires companies to send the master at the Chenzhou guide is tuisanzusi. Because the business did not improve, six months later, Wang had to close down.

reporter unannounced visits: found three major problems

according to the company’s online information, the reporter found the company is located in Guangzhou, Tianhe District branch. Just walked into the store, the reporter was surrounded by three men claiming to be the sales manager, listen to their nagging recommended Project >

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