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Gifts to choose the wonderful

in order to be able to attract more customers, so that the business of the store can be developed, and now the major stores will have a gift such a business strategy. And in order to better attract customers, I generally give the goods or some of the goods in the shop back to the customer. According to my experience, gifts should be given "wonderful".

"Miao" in the match. Send Ms. cosmetics trial outfit, she will be very happy to send children toys, children will be filled with joy.

"Miao" in reason. I used to give some glasses as gifts to customers. The original provisions of the purchase of 20 yuan a glass of a gift, but some customers said: this time the money is not enough to bring $20, often to buy things, but also to a pair of bar!" Is the village folks, looked up and saw no way, had to give a pair. This does not, everyone followed, not to whom, who are not willing to. So I will this provision in writing, resolutely implement the strong, we actually feel shy.

wonderful in different. In the past new year, I was sent to the calendar, other shops also sent, some customers have a few home. I am going to send a group to do their own shopping bags this year, printing my name and cartoon pattern, beautiful and durable, economical and environmentally friendly. Let the customer carrying shopping bags with my name in the streets around, did not give me free advertising?

a lot of times, although the owner is given a lot of gifts, spend money, but the effect is not good, this is the improper choice of gifts. So, if you want to make gifts really play a role, to attract more consumers, but also need to choose the wonderful, so that it can really attract more consumers, so that the store business development.

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