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Do you qualify for a high temperature allowance

autumn has come, seeing the end of the summer, has already seen government requires payment of high subsidies, but many people’s seemingly no such ideas, which makes many workers puzzling. Am I not eligible for a high temperature allowance? So many companies do not violate the rules?

high temperature allowance is a special compensation for workers engaged in economic construction and enterprise production and operation activities under high temperature conditions. The purpose is to ensure the payment of the summer season under high temperature conditions for economic development and enterprise production and management activities, safeguard the enterprise workers in the labor in the production process of safety and health.

state regulations, the employer arrange workers under high temperature (daily maximum temperature reached 35 degrees above), outdoor work and can not take effective measures to reduce workplace temperature to 33 DEG C, and shall pay to the employee high temperature allowance. Currently, all around the adjustment of high temperature allowance standards, Beijing’s high temperature allowance announced in July 7th to double. July 3, 2015, the Ministry of human resources and social and other four departments issued a notice requiring all localities to grant high subsidies.


is well known, when the body temperature of more than 37.2 degrees will appear fever symptoms, when the body temperature more than 39 degrees belong to high fever. When the outside temperature more than 37 degrees, the body will feel uncomfortable, easy to heat stroke, when the outside temperature is higher than 40 degrees centigrade, the body metabolism, regulation function will be affected. Hot weather, sitting motionless will be a sweat, if you want to work outdoors, it is easy to be dizzy. Therefore, in addition to some special industries can not be shut down, the government departments should be hot weather legislation, forced to stop outdoor operations during the high temperature period, in order to protect the health of workers.

high temperature allowance is to ensure that the summer season under the high temperature condition of national economic construction and enterprise production and management activities, a wage compensation to protect workers in the high temperature operation of the extra labor consumption or additional expenses for.

said that some local governments in order to protect the rights and interests of workers of goodwill, indeed issued some hot weather forced shutdown, but due to a legal basis, no unified standard, so that these provisions into their goodwill workers yourselves".

According to

‘s labor protection in high temperature operation, or in July 1, 1960 by the Ministry of health, labor department, the National Federation of trade unions jointly formulated the "Provisional Regulations" measures to sunstroke, and only applicable to high temperature operation industry, transportation industry and basic construction site and the hot season of the open-air operation "and" field work ". Only on the prevention of dangerous consequences caused by the high temperature operation for fuzzy provisions, did not specify how many degrees Celsius temperatures reached can be shut down, which trades should be shut down.

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