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What are the skills of hotel sales

online booking in the development process of the hotel also occupy a certain position, the hotel industry seems to be online booking too much attention, but we can really be the number of telephone call center into the hotel reservation? The telephone marketing is a direct marketing important sale channel, because consumers take the initiative to contact you in this case, they will be more easily transformed into the book, how to do a good job in the hotel sales calls?

the first phone call: the operator only told me the price of the wine without asking about my purchase intention and the purpose of the trip.

second: the telephone operator tries to understand my intention to buy, but he is just talking, I don’t know what he’s talking about, so unfortunately they failed to attract my reservation.

third phone: Unfortunately, the agent asked me to go to the site to view information and make reservations.

in this particular example, the management of this wine gives the impression that it has reached the average daily price and other established goals.

, however, the occupancy rate of each room is 20% lower than normal, so that it is difficult to achieve the total wine revenue target, because the average daily price is not up to the established target.

wines must systematically train their booking staff, they need to understand the needs of each incoming caller, so that they feel personalized service.

we need sales destination and wine related products and services.

also pay attention to some simple details:

ask caller’s name.

asked the caller for the purpose of the trip in order to better meet his needs.

call center staff also need to understand the latest developments in the destination, so as to be able to recommend some valuable information, such as restaurants, local activities and public transport and other recommendations.

above is about the hotel telephone sales of some details, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only the hotel to do a good job of telephone sales, so that customers can continue to profit can be good.

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