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Tailor made wedding market

to get married this sacred moment, a lot of people in life only have once, so have a wedding dress has become a common practice of many people now, but if you go to the store to buy it, there is always this or that the shortcomings, so now has become tailored countless people’s choice, bring the development of the market and the new industry.

with intention to become the most beautiful bride, is every girl’s dream. A few years ago, to have one’s own wedding dress is a very luxury thing, but now with the improving of living standard and the change of consumption concept, the wedding is coming into the young fashion crowd wardrobe, but witnessed great life the most wonderful moment.

so, future wedding consumption from the "rent" to "buy" a huge market potential. With the new people "to buy a piece of their own wedding" concept gradually spread, data show that in each dress 500 to 1000 dollars, plus accessories and other related industries, only from the bride will form a market of billions of dollars every year.

some of the big wedding dress can be customized, large stores also sell wedding dress, but the price is significantly higher. Among them, the high cost of rent and other important reasons. No shop business costs greatly reduced, the price of the wedding is more natural than other places.

09 because the meaning of a long long time, the phenomenon of marriage get together obviously, a lot of brides to pick up less than satisfied with the wedding and worry. The most expensive is not always the best, but the best is the best! Tailor made wedding shops are a popular selling point. Each to buy wedding dress customers, can get the most suitable for their body shape, color of the dress.


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