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nternet cafes money ideas

Internet to make money to us now is not what new thing, but this is not "Internet cafes" "Internet cafes" how "Internet cafes" to make money, a good look at it.

Internet name of Internet cafes in Zhengyang

provider name

golden idea details of average 150~200 rooms, standard rooms above room configuration of Internet service equipment, the cost of Internet investment than inexpensive, easy to manage or "Internet cafes to form one of the.

Internet name of sina Internet

provider name

golden idea details using the existing Internet platform, offer different types of books (network novels and professional books) electronic version, convenient Internet users read online, and can be used for membership, some books, at least to offer membership. You can also configure the printer, the novels, books and other print bound.

name E stars

provider name

golden ideas 1, Internet cafes details arrange, plane, to provide customers free mobile phone, ringtones, pictures, download the appropriate fee or theme. 2, the selection of a kind of online games, contact local players, regularly organized user activities, so that the network reality.

Internet cafe.

provider name Peng Yi


golden idea details whether and China movies or increase the intensity of promotion of Internet cafes in theaters, so that the majority of Internet users become fans of a number of Internet cafes, a conservative estimate of 1 days, 200 people, can become the audience for the film, will bring enormous influence to the owners and the movie industry.

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