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nheriting the culture of Southern Song Dynasty by undertaking

talk about innovation, always make people feel should be full of fashion. A group of college student entrepreneurs, they act in a diametrically opposite way, innovation in tradition, history and culture and make feelings revitalized in innovation mode.

this is recently in Zhejiang University of finance innovation and occupation planning competition, "the feelings of the mouth of the judges" project. Put forward the protection and development of their creative solutions to the Hangzhou area of historical and cultural sites, such as 3D animation reduction combined with modern image picture, painted wall renovation method, product advertising, and its sales, to form a profit model. At the same time, it will be able to read the book in the cultural history of the more vivid display in front of people, arouse people’s love for traditional culture and national self-confidence.

a chance, the initiation of ideas

The team name is

"at the beginning, many people think that we project a powerful and unconstrained style, unrealistic." Hu Danni said, but the preliminary survey, about 84.7% of the tourists in Hangzhou for such a historical culture tourism route support, there are many foreign friends of the Southern Song Dynasty culture showed great interest.

to feel the old Hangzhou life, every day from morning to Steamed Buns Xiasha mountain

in the preparation process, the team encountered many difficulties, one of the biggest difficulties is recommended

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