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How to deal with the stall vendors

put the stall is very hard, is not an easy thing, especially in the face of urban management, may be rushed to the. However, due to the force of life, many people have begun to get used to living without regularity. Urban management has always been the biggest worry placed stall vendors, in order to increase the point of income among the stall is not easy to spread. Now that you are on the road, you should go to the city.

has been chased and street vendors are some of the more popular topic in society, the news also reported more inspectors and traders have trouble news. Now, though, it’s not a well-off society. But there is still a lot of pressure on society, and in this age of soaring prices, there is a lot of pressure. I believe it is not the original intention of many vendors.

when the inspectors in the stall in front of the gathering in crowds and groups of traders, traders must have consciousness, not to openly resist, this will only be a disadvantage to. A bear is calm, step back and everyone is as boundless as the sea and sky, not to cannot but do not work for each master hurt, tear the skin after all is not good, so when the inspectors or inspection should be positive to cooperate with the work of the inspectors, we can leave when chased in the stall, although some embarrassment, but sometimes life is to make you embarrassed.


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