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Liquor sales to improve what to do

as a result of national policy control, and now the liquor business is not good to do, want to improve sales, said simply, but it is difficult to do. But if you can grasp the relevant methods to enhance the sales of liquor is not impossible. In the current economic downturn in the situation, how to break through the bottleneck to enhance the sales of liquor, stealing that, to do a good store, cut, push, commitment, ready to work, etc..

The so-called "

store" that is in place while the flagship wine promotion activities, the time interval of actual sales to seize the opportunity with the annual and promotional activities, there are plans to have a predictable under the ruthless hand, the amount of stock, be prepared against want.

so-called cut that is in a special period of the sale of some of the bad taste of wine, try to sell the local brand drinks. This kind of liquor sales, manufacturers to display sponsorship. If some miscellaneous wine placed in a more prominent position, the customer into the store will produce this shop is not cooked wine feeling.

called the "push" means to encourage customers in the wedding banquet, each desk placed 2 bottles of liquor, this is a good double good wishes, and for customers to make manifest the landlord’s face, luxurious atmosphere. You can promise to the customer in advance, cannot drink as long as no free packaging does not affect the second sales can be a full refund.

so-called "bear" is the unconditional redemption of all the customers for the wine bottle cap, medals, whether or not in the shop to buy drinks. The nature for customers but also their Duijiang finish sales of at least a bottle of wine, for customers in the lottery has won a good reputation at the same time, also for the store to save enough popularity and reputation.

The so-called "

ready" is in the Spring Festival season sales night overtime will be set on a lot of wine packaging bags, second days early in the shop doorway piled the most prominent position, do some wine packaging maintenance and health work, the convenience of customers rushed to the home of relatives and friends will pay New Year’s call at the same time, shopkeepers are busy and avoid miscalculation the wrong change.

do a good job of liquor sales, improve product sales is not impossible, even in the current situation and the current situation of liquor sales is not optimistic, but also can help many operators to create a high sales. So, if you are a business operator, at the same time you want to improve liquor sales, do you know what you can do?

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