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Significant achievements in environmental protection work in Chongqing

The constant acceleration of the

economy has led to extreme environmental damage. Many media and newspapers are often published due to environmental pollution, leading to a series of problems, such as the breeding of various diseases, disease age younger and younger, serious air pollution, water pollution, etc..

Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress recently listened to consider the report of the municipal government on environmental protection work. The report notes that the main city air quality days reached 292 days, an increase of more than 86 days since the implementation of the new standard in 2013.

report pointed out that in the implementation of ecological environmental responsibility on the part of the county, there are still heavy economic, light environmental awareness, the implementation of the newly revised environmental law, part of the county environmental violations cases transferred to public security is zero, to reinforce administrative supervision, environmental damage responsibility, environmental inspectors patrol system urgently needs landing to accelerate the progress of promoting the supervision and enforcement of vertical management monitoring.


report in 2016 the main goal is to continuously improve the ecological environment quality, the number of days of good air quality in urban area and strive to reach 300 days, up to the national water quality target assessment requirements, the radiation environmental quality remains good, prevent serious environmental emergencies and ecological damage occurrence.

for environmental protection, every one of us is the life of the people on the earth’s bounden responsibility, for our own health, in order to allow the next generation to have a beautiful home, it is urgent to protect the environment!

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