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How to join the buffet Buffet

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in the form of catering business is welcome to the cafeteria, how to say the world or middle-income mass consumer groups are facing such a consumer group, you need to cater to their economic benefits for the consumer demand, the cafeteria is undoubtedly so a popular form of consumption demand. The buffet, many people now are very love to eat buffet leopard, leopard International Group is Taiwan’s largest catering entertainment group, accumulated 18 years of experience, in October 2003, for the first time in Leopard international delicacy management mode of landing Shanghai Parkway catering market, the successful opening of the international composite cafeteria precedent.

In October

2005 Beijing Asian Sports Village store opening, once again the leopard to another peak in the development of the catering business, leopard for China mainland most specialty food business philosophy, and in April 2006 in the Forbidden City beside the famous scenic spot – Wangfujing opened second Parkway, followed in March 2007, and foreign embassy in Beijing gather and launch the place toward the store, business diversification and internationalization direction. More than 400 kinds of different flavors of international cuisine and fully open kitchen has been a warm welcome to the capital diners, but also for the establishment of an important milestone in the leopard meal. What about the leopard buffet?

how about the buffet? How to join?

this is a very good restaurant, consumers and franchisees are very good reflection of the brand, the brand’s joining process is as follows:

1, consulting matters, do pre funding and market research and other preparations

2, and the company’s investment department to communicate and obtain relevant product information

3, fill in the application form, to understand the policy of

4, the company sent an appointment to discuss specific policies, conditions, and field visits

5, after a comprehensive assessment of the formal signing of the authorized contract

6, pay a certain brand margin, the company issued a certificate of authorization

7, the company training and guidance to dealers before opening

such a good brand, it is worth joining you, if you are interested, please leave a message on our website.

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